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SimonK254 14 days ago

There are two parts to set up, start with and this will guide you through VIVE + STEAM installation too. The 'long stare method' is how to select menu items with no controllers at all, use this to launch into your racing or flight sim then just use the wheel/stick once you’re in. There are voice commands too, but I have not used them much.

LarsarneA 14 days ago

I just got a new headset only. I am not able to set it up. When I install I don't get any options for no controls. I can skip it, but that decision seems to hunt me. Tried to view a film in VIVE but only a grey screen appeared. Can anyone direct me to setup instructions for the Cosmos-Elite-VR-New-Headset-Only-Option?

ElijahP39 2 months ago

Astro is Owned by Logitech who are also on the list so its clearly not rigged enough :P