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AaronM8 22 days ago

Why oh Why would I "Pay" for an AV that's only as good as the built in Windows Defender which is free and gets a Top Product award from AV-Test.org. But what's that I hear you say oh it has a pword manager and it optimises windows for games (actually all it does is turn on Windows 10's own game optimisation service so yeah big deal there NOT) but what about the pword manager that's gotta be worth something well actually no it's not considering there are absolutely free ones to be had see here > https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/the-best-free-p___word-managers/ , so you can see everything you need is free not a yearly subscription for a waste of SSD space

ElijahP39 2 months ago

Astro is Owned by Logitech who are also on the list so its clearly not rigged enough :P

SamS463 2 months ago

Still no ASTRO, rigged haha