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Hi Alicia, great question! HTC says this about their range - 'Most gla,sses fit inside the headset. If you wear large prescription gla,sses, adjust the lens distance to increase the space in the headset.' And HP Reverb has said something similar, just make sure your gla,sses don't touch the lenses of the headset. Otherwise, you can get some third-party prescription lenses online for your desired headset so you can see without the need for any eyewear. Hope this helps :)

(Ps... I spelt Glas,ses this way as I could not post my comment with a word using the 3 middle letters as site thinks I'm using a swear word a fraise commonly used as a term for a donkey or as a word someone's Bottom/Rear-end, or to describe a persons behaver. such a funny bug

(Q1) What type of VR headset is best suited for someone that wears proscription glas,ses? (Q2) What types of glas,ses are the best suited for using with a VR headset {Frames, Size's, Shapes, Styles, Colours & Materials}?