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Hi there, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced on your phone. Please file a return via https://www.pbtech.co.nz/returns or bring it back to PB Tech St Luke's and we'll be happy to further investigate these issues. It should all still be covered under warranty. Thanks

ChoinD 26 days ago

Huge wifi chip failure rate that cannot be fixed. India is sueing Asus over the wifi failure issue. The wifi literally dies and needs a new motherboard or new phone. It just happened to me. I brought from pbtech St Luke 3 months ago. Asked if there were any known issues. All said no. But there was. Now i have to apply for warranty claim and buy interim phone. It also overheats but i have the Asus fan which works well. The s version has the same issue? So tell me can you swap my Asus ROG 5 for the s version or any version? It's the same price at moment. I need a phone now with a working wifi and not other problems. (Just look at the zenphone asus support site for how many issues there are) So can you help as this is a very serious issue for the entire Rog line of phones. If you can help be a great Christmas and pbtech promotion points. Or will pbtech try and avoid this whole serious and disgustingly known of issue? There should be a recall which is what India is demanding. Swap phone should be standard I'd say. But will that be normal as this is a known real problem? But please can you swap this today, tomorrow? I can pay a difference altho there is none at present.

JohnH184 3 months ago

How comfortable are the straps on the Mi? They look like the rubber band-like material I've written for other purposes which would always painfully pull at the hairs on my wrist. I'm hoping that's not the case here