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DavidM112 2 days ago

I bought my Aftershokz Aeropex in late 2020 from Torpedo7 & they have remained my daily driver headphones constantly ever since. Although expensive & nowhere as good audio as in ear or over ear alternatives, the open ear design means that Aeropex is better for social interactions, in office & at home and significantly safer when on the move, be it biking, commuting or running, and I find at low level volume better for my ears & can use them all day without it setting off tinnitus.

Hey Rich, the open design of AirPods 2nd Gen means base is not their strongest point. As Shokz vibrate the sound into your head, the base here – especially on the OpenRun Pro – is significantly better. Base you can feel! We’ll have demos set up at select PB branches soon so you can test them out for yourself.

Rich43 26 days ago

These sound really cool! How does the base compare to something like the 2nd gen Airpods?