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KevinBorg 2 days ago

Great article, thanks. I'm still humming and haring about whether to upgrade my current i9 9900X / Rampage 6 Extreme MB / 128GB DDR4 3600 / RTX 2080 / SSD 980's to the new: i9 14th Gen 14900K CPU / Maximus Dark Hero MB / GSKILL DDR5 7600 128GB / 3 X SSD 990 PRO's / 1200WATT PS / RTX 4090 / OR wait! till the New Intel i9 CPU's arrive later this year with the new AI Chip in it. Which will have new MotherBoards. My gut is telling me to wait till later this year so I can advantage of the New Tech coming, otherwise I am still Buying Old tech if I buy now with the 14th Gen. And lets face it, the 14th Gen i9 are only a few % percent faster, but hotter and it is old tech now with the new AI Chips coming out; What would you do HW? Thanks Kiwi EDIT: I am Not an Over Clocker or Gamer, I am a graphic Designer working from home

LeighC2 1 year ago

Why ship on the 13th?

Hey, the manufacturer warranty is 12 months, and we don't expect any delays in shipping pre-orders from the 13th June.