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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated June 26th, 2023
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In today's fast-paced digital world, you may be considering adopting the remote work lifestyle. We’re not surprised - it’s quickly becoming a new norm with more office workers opting for remote jobs or jobs that have hybrid work-from-home options available. Embracing remote work and the productivity benefits it offers is all about having an effective combination of essential tools, tech and tips. We're here to introduce some of these key tech products and tips that will make your transition a breeze.

With essential components like a reliable high-speed internet connection, home office setup, video conferencing tools, collaboration apps, and useful project management platforms, you're setting yourself up for success. Stick with us as we dive deeper into the must-have products and tips that will empower you to master the remote working game and enjoy newfound flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance.

If your company is requiring you to work from home, chances are they’ll be able to provide most of your work from home setup. Get the tools they provide you with first and then let them know what else is needed.

Your Home Office Set Up

Recreating your current workspace at home is not an easy task. We don't all have spare rooms that can be turned into an office and that's okay - there are technology solutions to suit a range of set ups whether that’s an all-out productivity workstation or something that’s more portable!

The Full Workstation

A full Desktop PC setup is ideal and there are a range of powerful PC builds available in all sizes and price ranges to suit. Alternatively, a laptop and docking station with a full-sized keyboard, mouse and monitor serves a similar purpose, while also being very easy to set up and put away when needed.

For ultimate productivity, you’ll want a dual monitor setup or an ultrawide monitor (and perhaps even a monitor mount if you want to maximise your desk space). Adding a standing desk can be a great way to give your productivity and health an extra boost, especially as you hit those afternoon slumps. Take a look at some of these Ergonomic Workstation Solutions from Loctek.

The Portable Workstation

If you’re limited on space and/or frequently work on the go, then you’ll need a setup that’s more portable. A high-quality laptop is a must and ideally, a docking station too. You’ll also want a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. With a smaller workspace, a 24” - 27” monitor will likely be the best fit for you and if you’re out and about often, perhaps even a portable monitor.

Alternatively, an All-in-One Desktop PC is another space-saving option, with the computer built into the monitor. And then, all you need to add is a mouse and keyboard. If you don’t need portability, this could be a great solution for you.

Your Internet Connection

Regardless of the size of your workstation, you will need a reliable internet connection for working remotely. In cases where your home office lacks strong wireless coverage, a WiFi Range Extender or Powerline Device could be the perfect solution. If you have a larger budget and/or need a whole home Wi-Fi upgrade, then you could even consider a Mesh Wi-Fi system. Check out our Tips for Boosting Your Internet Speed.

Remote Working Tech Essentials

Dual or Ultrawide Monitors for More Screen Real Estate

Whether you’re using a laptop or desktop PC for your home office hub, to maximize productivity, consider investing in one or more large screen monitors. You’ll typically see two 24-25” monitors in many office setups, or alternatively, explore ultra-wide screen monitors. These provide ample space for side-by-side applications, making multitasking effortless. And for the ultimate ergonomic experience, don't overlook a monitor arm with VESA mounting compatibility to ensure comfortable positioning for those long workdays at home.

PC Peripherals for Maximum Productivity

For many office workers, the company provided laptops are 13-inches. Those short keyboards and tiny mouse pads can be a real detriment to your productivity so of course, adding PC peripherals to your home setup will give you a real boost. You’ll get more stuff done with PC peripheral essentials such as a full-sized keyboard, mouse, headset and monitor.

Headset or Headphones for Calls & Music

For some, finding a quiet space to work at home can be challenging, especially in shared areas. To minimise disturbances, opt for a high-quality headset or mic-enabled headphones or earphones. These versatile devices can also be used to enjoy your favourite music to get you in the zone, as well as take video and conference calls. Look for ones that offer noise-cancellation features, perfect for blocking out potential distractions. With the right pair of headphones or earphones, you can maintain focus and a professional atmosphere, no matter what interruptions may arise.

Webcam for Remote Video Conferencing

A good webcam for video conferencing can help to maintain more personable connections with colleagues and clients when working from home. While it doesn't replace face-to-face meetings, it offers the next best thing. If you anticipate frequent virtual meetings and want a high-quality option, consider the Logitech BRIO Webcam - it boasts stunning 4K video quality, 5x digital zoom, HDR, and more. This feature-packed webcam delivers an exceptional video conferencing experience that’ll be sure to impress those on the other side.

Desktop Microphones for Clear Communication

Although many modern headphones, earphones and headsets already provide great mic quality, if you want the absolute best quality audio (or if your headphones or headset doesn’t have good mic quality) consider adding a desktop microphone to your set up. There are a lot of great options to suit a wide range of budgets. Many of them are USB microphones making them super easy to use and set up - simply plug and play. Take a look at some of our Top USB Microphones for Video Conferencing.

Chairs and Adjustable Desks for Maximum Comfort

Setting up a dedicated workspace is crucial for productivity. As mentioned earlier, a height adjustable desk (aka standing desk) can be a great way to boost your productivity, while also receiving health benefits. You don’t need to buy an entirely new desk either - you can up for a Deskalator that you can add to a regular desk or table. You won’t be standing all day so a high-quality ergonomic desk chair is also a must-have. We highly recommend a height-adjustable chair so that you can ensure you’re sitting at the right level for the best ergonomics. Your line of sight should sit around the top of your monitor screen.

Power Boards, Charging Hubs and Cables

It’s not something that immediately springs to mind when you’re considering a home office setup, but definitely essential - power boards, extension cords or USB charging hubs. Essentially, we’re talking about whatever you might need to ensure all of your tech can be plugged in and powered up. Power boards are super affordable so it’s easy to ensure you always have enough power points. Where possible, we recommend picking up a model with built-in surge protection.

Printers, Toner and Ink

Every home office needs a decent printer. If you’re mostly printing documents with little need for image-printing capabilities, we recommend a laser printer. Laser printers cost more upfront, but they provide the best performance, are more convenient to use, and in most cases, have an overall cheaper running cost (as long as you’re not printing a lot of images). If you plan on printing pictures or in colour as well, we recommend an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers are fairly affordable with plenty of options for a wide range of uses and budgets. Learn how to choose the best printer for your home printing needs here.

Need a Laptop Upgrade?

Although it's the most important part of a work from home set up, we're putting it last because it's probably the first thing you got sorted. But if the laptop you're using is lagging and not keeping up with the grind, then it might be time for an upgrade. The good news is that PB Tech has a huge selection of laptops for you to choose from. 

Top Tips for Working From Home

Set Up a Designated Workspace

Having a designated area for work, preferably separate from your relaxation spaces, helps maintain focus and sets boundaries between work and personal life. Ensure your workspace is ergonomically set up, with proper lighting, a comfortable chair, and necessary equipment to minimise distractions and discomfort.

Establish a Routine

Establishing a daily work routine will help you build discipline, maintain productivity, and ultimately, stay on track. Rather than rolling out of bed and heading straight to your workstation, allow yourself some time to get the day started ahead of your work schedule and begin the day with a consistent morning ritual. Work during set hours, schedule your tasks and breaks, and wrap up work at a consistent time to keep a balance between work and personal life. 

Stay Organised With Various Tools

Keeping your tasks in order is key to staying efficient while working from home. Use tools like to-do lists, scheduling apps, digital calendars, and project management platforms to plan your tasks and deadlines. Break big jobs into smaller tasks, regularly review your progress and adjust as necessary. Some popular tools to consider if you aren't using them already include OneNote or EverNote for note-taking, Asana or Trello for project management, Google Calendar for planning and timeblocking, and Notion for all of the above and more! Sometimes, however, all you need is a pen, a notepad, and a written list to work your way through!

Minimise Distractions

Stay proactive in noticing and minimising potential distractions during work hours, such as social media, chatty family members or flatmates, or the TV. Use methods like noise-cancelling headphones, turn off unnecessary notifications (or put your phone in an entirely different room if you don't need it for work), using blocking apps, or time-blocking techniques to maintain focus and minimise interruptions.

Stay In Touch With Co-Workers

While working remotely, clear and regular communication with your coworkers and managers is essential. Use a combination of video calls, instant messaging platforms, and emails to stay connected, provide updates on your progress, ask questions, and share relevant information. This collaborative approach helps avoid misunderstandings and keeps everyone informed. 

Gear Up To Work Remotely

We're glad to help you build the best work from home office, and we'll keep sharing the latest advice, guides, and product highlights. Just a quick tip before we wrap up – if the kids get home at 4 pm and you're still working until 5 pm, a set of noise-cancelling headphones could quickly become your new best friend! Stay tuned for more updates and head over to PB Tech to see our full range of tech products.

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Nothing beats a pair of 4K monitors for work from home ;)

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If you are looking at a 49" and you have a Macbook as your work device, just need to be careful with compatibility; a lot of the monitor manufacturers don't mention it but some do have compatibility issues and will not work with particular models (I believe the display resolution is the issue). Having a 49" ultrawide for home is really great for spreadsheets though! (and gaming) Just need to try and secure one for the real office now...

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3 years ago Reply Report


Nice summary. Tried a 34" widescreen over lock down instead of my normal 2 x screen setup and would never go back. Doubled down with USB C power from the display that means one plug and everything is connected. Crazy good.

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3 years ago Reply Report