Samsung Galaxy Flip Z 5G - Coming to NZ this October

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 22nd, 2020
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It’s a 5 star phone upgraded with lightning-fast 5G speeds, making the new Galaxy Flip Z 5G some of the hottest tech in 2020.

The Samsung Z Flip 5G is a smartphone with full screen functionality, but it can fold to become a dual screen device, and fold further to fit in your pocket. This is all possible thanks to Samsung’s impressive flexible display, and it’s changed the shape of future smartphones by improving on a popular design much beloved in the past.

Using Samsung’s proprietary bendable UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), this Galaxy Flip Z 5G has a sleek, premium look and feel that exceeded expectations.

Functional in all states, closed, standing upright, you’ll not miss a text, call or reminder. Get real time notifications so you can easily answer a call without unfolding or respond to a text by simply tapping the notification and unfolding Galaxy Z Flip. You can check the date, time and battery status at a glance on the cover display, without even opening the device.

Picture of the back of the Galaxy Flip Z Phone fully extended
Unflipped, it's a similar size to most smartphones
Picture of Galaxy Flip Z Folding the screen
Samsung’s proprietary UTG allows the display bend without breaking
Picture of Samsung Z Flip folded
Adjust the angle to use the phone as it's own stand
Picture of Samsung Flip Z folded phone
Fully folded it's a wonderfully portable device

A centered forward facing camera at the top is great for video calling, and equally impressive as a pop-up mirror for quick touch ups. Unfolded it becomes a spectacular 21.9:9 ratio display, this one’s ready for cinema-ratio 21:9 shows and movies. Enjoy a versatile camera with 4K and super steady video recording. Galaxy Z Flip offers great battery life and can be quick-charged both wired and wirelessly.

The hinge is a work of great engineering, small but sophisticatedly designed to ensure every flip and fold is smooth and stable. Galaxy Z Flip can stay open at a range of angles, like a laptop screen. The Hideaway Hinge system also integrates Samsung’s new sweeper technology, which uses nylon fibers crafted by micro-height-cutting technology to repel dirt and dust.

When Galaxy Z Flip unfolds, it can stay open at multiple angles, unlocking opportunities to use the phone while hands-free, the more you use it, the more useful it becomes. Samsung worked closely with Google to design Flex mode - a custom-built user experience for Galaxy Z Flip’s unique forward folding form factor. When the device is free-standing, the display automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so you can easily view images, content or videos on the top half of the display, and control them on the bottom half. So we can easily watch on the top while searching below for other videos, reading descriptions, or writing comments below..

Capture stunning Night Hyperlapse videos or vivid low light shots with Night mode – no flash needed. Just open your device and place it on a table. When closed, quickly capture one-handed high-quality selfies using the rear camera without unfolding, it’s such a great little feature that makes taking selfies quick & fun.

As a Galaxy device, Galaxy Z Flip brings the Galaxy ecosystem into its brand new foldable experience. It boasts flagship-level performance and features across camera, display, battery and security as well as services like Samsung Health, for wellness tracking and monitoring, and Samsung Pay for using your phone as a secure payment method - it’s super handy to have. Plus, with the Wireless PowerShare feature, you can wirelessly recharge other devices, such as Galaxy Buds or the Galaxy Watch, while you’re out and about.

The new Samsung Flip Z 5G is a great super-modern phone, check out the latest in the Samsung Store today!

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I don't see the flip phone style going anywhere. I have great memories of the old ones but If you are going to spend that kind of money, why not get the one that unfolds into a bigger screen. My money is on the Galaxy Fold being the future of mobile phones. What do others think?

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I personally think phones are already big enough but it really does depend on use case. The Samsung fold is a better value option at this sort of price, but I would need to feel the weight in my hand to know if it's really going to be a usable device.

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3 years ago Reply Report


Have a play with one in-store. I tried the Huawei Mate X in-store and they are lighter than you think.

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3 years ago Reply Report


Comment removed

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3 years ago