Why you should consider a SuperMicro server

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - July 6th, 2015
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Why you should consider a SuperMicro Server

SuperMicro, a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of end-to-end green computing solutions. They are a brand known for their environmentally friendly, cost-effective and efficient performance. This agile company offers the latest server technology and is investing heavily in new product development, resulting in one of the widest ranges of server products in the industry. SuperMicro is a 22-year-old company listed on the stock exchange, is financially sound and experiencing phenomenal growth. Some of the key benefits of SuperMicro servers are reduced energy costs, high-quality components and excellent performance and decreased total cost of ownership compared to other well-known server brands.

Save money on energy costs

SuperMicro has leveraged advanced technology and expert system design to reduce the power consumption of their range of server storage systems. Addressing escalating data centre operational costs is considered a serious priority to SuperMicro. Companies currently spend ever-increasing amounts powering their server infrastructure, leveraging SuperMicro's optimised design for thermal and energy-efficient servers you have the opportunity to enjoy significantly lower energy bills and as a result lower operating costs.

High quality and performance

SuperMicro's reliable servers are ideal for supercomputer clusters, enterprise databases, front-end server applications and more. They provide consistent high quality designed motherboards as well as excellent components and production expertise. In terms of delivering cooling subsystems, they include intelligent temperature and power management such as advanced technology heat sinks and pulse-width modulated fan speed controls. SuperMicro also work with almost all generic components so the need to purchase proprietary RAM or hard drives is not necessary, as it would be with many other vendors. SuperMicro are also regularly first to market with the latest technological advances.

Highest compute performance with extreme low latency

With its compute speed and memory bandwidth capabilities and the ability to provide enterprise-class reliability for mission-critical applications, SuperMicro offers world-record performance. Recently introduced is SuperMicro's low-latency product line. This ultra-platform combines record-setting performance from hyperspeed technology and provides flexibility, density and simple manageability. SuperMicro's improved hyperspeed technology, which provides lockstep hardware acceleration of the CPUs, memory and PCI-E network controllers ensures maximum performance with mission-critical reliability. It is the only enterprise-class acceleration solution on the market.

Enterprise-class highest reliability

Designed with the highest quality server-grade components, hyper-speed ultra-servers ensure reliable and efficient performance when operating in hyper-scale environments. Solid thermal stability is also established using easily managed air cooling infrastructure and optimized system layout.

Wide range of products

SuperMicro offers a wide variety of products with many unique solutions which other vendors are not offering. Blade systems, multi-node rack-mount servers and high-density storage JBODs are some of the options you have to choose from, each with its own advantages. By having this range of products available, you have the freedom to select a product that best suits your business requirements.

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