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Keyboards are the unsung heroes of our tech life. Whether you're a gamer, a writer, or someone who spends a lot of time browsing, a good keyboard makes all the difference. Choosing a keyboard with features that tailors to our needs can help us achieve better productivity, ergonomics, gaming performance, or whatever your priority might be. There’s a huge market for keyboards designed to suit a range of uses, whether it's for work use, school, gaming, or entertainment. In this article, we've compiled some of our popular and most trusted keyboards for you to consider! We've included both wired and wireless keyboards, as well as those with different feature sets to suit every type of user.

What to Consider When Choosing a Keyboard

The purpose of this article is to offer some of the best options available so you don’t have to spend too much time wading through the hundreds of keyboards on the market. That being said, it does pay to keep several factors in mind as you consider these options, so you know whether it’s the right choice for you. These include:

Usage: What type of user are you? This is one of the key factors to consider. Are you a gamer, a writer, or a casual user? Gamers may prefer a keyboard with mechanical switches and programmable keys, while writers might lean towards a keyboard with comfortable keys and quiet switches.

Wired vs. Wireless: If you don't like having clutter on your desk and prefer a clean, minimal set up, a wireless keyboard will be better for you. However, a wired keyboard can offer a more consistent connection (though, a reliable wireless keyboard should be able to offer this too), which can be critical for gaming or professional use. If your device doesn't have Bluetooth support, you'll want to get yourself a wired keyboard too. 

Size: Keyboards come in various sizes from full-sized models with numeric keypads to compact tenkeyless or 60% models. The right one for you will depend on your space constraints, features you need, and personal preference. Full-sized keyboards are great if you often use the number pad, while tenkeyless and compact provide more desk space and are more portable — it all depends on your needs and workspace. 

Ergonomics: Typing for extended periods can cause discomfort or even repetitive strain injuries. An ergonomically designed keyboard, with features like a split design, a gently sloped shape, or a wrist rest, can help maintain a natural hand position and reduce stress on your wrists and fingers. If you type a lot, keyboard ergonomics is something you should definitley consider. 

Key Switches: The feel of the keyboard can drastically affect your typing experience. The switches under the keys determine how a keyboard feels to type on. Membrane switches are quiet and require less force, but offer less tactile feedback. Mechanical switches offer a notable tactile bump or audible click when the key is activated. Mechanical keyboards offer a variety of switch types to accomodate preferences for responsiveness, noise level, and tactile feedback. 

Connectivity: Some keyboards can connect to multiple devices at the same time and easily switch between them. If you often type on multiple devices, such a feature could be very useful. This can add a tonne of convenience!

Budget: Keyboards range greatly in price. Determine what you’re willing to spend and try to find the best keyboard in that price range, considering all the above elements. By carefully taking these factors into account, you'll be able to find a keyboard that matches your needs and enhances your computing or gaming experience.

For a bit more detail on some of these, check out our Keyboard Buying Guide. Now that we've got the key considerations in mind, lets get onto our Top Keyboard picks!

Best Value Keyboard - Logitech MK220 Wireless

Let’s start things off with Logitech’s MK220 Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo - our Best Value pick. This keyboard and mouse combo offers great functionality without breaking the bank. It hooks up wirelessly, allowing for a clean, clutter-free workspace. It has a robust wireless connection which allows you to work or play up to 10 meters (33 feet) away. Thanks to its advanced wireless capabilities, you won't experience virtually any delays or dropouts in the connection.

Another fantastic feature is the size of the keyboard. It's about 36% smaller than standard keyboards! Its compact size doesn’t compromise on functionality, however, and the keys offer a satisfying typing experience. In terms of power management, the Logitech MK220 is a true winner. The keyboard boasts a whopping battery life of 24 months, while the accompanying mouse offers a respectable 5 months. Short on space, but long on reliability, Logitech MK220 is an excellent choice for users working in smaller spaces or those who simply prefer a minimalist approach to their tech setup.

Top Business Keyboard - Logitech Signature MK650

The Logitech Signature MK650 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo is a top choice for business users. This keyboard and mouse duo has been crafted with the modern professional in mind. With shortcut keys for increased efficiency and a mouse with programmable buttons, this combo is engineered to keep up with demanding workflows. The first thing to note is its sleek design — a professional, polished look that means business. But the MK650 offers more than just looks. The keyboard has been designed to support a natural typing experience. Its curved keys match the shapes of your fingertips effortlessly, significantly reducing noise and offering a fluid typing experience. The built-in palm rest and adjustable keyboard tilt angle add that extra layer of comfort, making it easier on your hands even after long hours of typing. 

As for the mouse, it boasts a hyper-fast scroll wheel and precision laser tracking, allowing you to navigate swiftly and with pinpoint accuracy — essential for all the high-speed tasks that a busy workday can throw at you. The MK650 also features an impressive battery life, doing away with the interruption of frequent battery replacements, a feature busy people will truly appreciate. It's also wireless, giving your workspace a clean, clutter-free look. Its design simplifies tasks, increases comfort, and takes some of the strain out of those long workdays — everything a professional could ask for in a keyboard and mouse combo.

Top Performance Keyboard - Logitech MK850 Wireless

The Logitech MK850 Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse Combo is a great choice for those desiring peak performance and a seamless work experience. This combo is more than just a tool for typing and clicking; it's specifically designed to enhance your productivity. The keyboard layout with mappable keys provides a customisable work environment, allowing you to tailor your keyboard to suit your specific work style. Plus, the keyboard features an integrated cushioned palm rest to ensure maximum comfort during long work hours. The adjustable tilt legs offer the flexibility to select the best angle for your comfort. 

When we mention comfort, we can't overlook the ergonomically designed mouse that fits perfectly in your hand, offering precision control. Alongside this, the MK850 features easy-switch technology allowing you to connect and switch between different devices effortlessly – a dream come true for multi-taskers. Its advanced wireless connection ensures that there aren't any interruptions in your workflow; and long-lasting battery life also helps keep interruptions at bay. Built for comfort, productivity, and high performance, the Logitech MK850 Wireless Desktop Keyboard & Mouse offers a superior computing experience, making it our standout performance pick.

Top Compact Gaming Keyboard - Razer Huntsman Mini 60%

Moving into the realm of compact gaming keyboards, the best pick here goes to the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard. In the gaming world, where speed and precision are king, this keyboard reigns supreme. The Huntsman Mini stakes its claim as a top-notch compact gaming keyboard with its compact "60%" form factor, meaning it provides all standard keys but in a significantly smaller size. This makes it a perfect fit for gamers with limited desk space or for those who value a minimalist setup. But don't let its small size fool you. This keyboard is packed with features designed to improve your gaming experience.

It comes with Razer's acclaimed Optical Switches, which provide instant actuation, ensuring that every keystroke is registered instantly — vital in high-paced gaming scenarios. Backlit keys with customizable RGB lighting let you add a personal touch, and because it's a Razer product, it plays nice with a wide array of games and software. The sturdy aluminium construction ensures durability, even in intense gaming sessions. For its class-leading speed, space-saving design, and robust build, this keyboard is our top compact gaming keyboard pick.

Top High-End Compact Keyboard - ASUS ROG AZOTH 75%

Shifting gears to the high-end bracket, the ASUS ROG AZOTH 75% Wireless Keyboard takes the crown as our top premium gaming keyboard. If you're after the cutting-edge of gaming keyboards, look no further. The AZOTH ushers you into a realm of gaming luxury. Its 75% form factor strikes the perfect balance between compactness and functionality, packing all essential keys and features into a streamlined design that fits comfortably on any gaming desk. This keyboard is wireless, providing freedom of movement without sacrificing lightning-fast response times. It boasts a highly reliable and swift connection creating an environment where delays and lags are virtually nonexistent - a quintessential feature for high-stake gaming sequences.

The ROG AZOTH is the epitome of precision and customisation, backed by its hot-swappable switches. It means that you can tailor the keypress feel to your liking, for either a soft linear feel or a tactile clicky experience - the choice is yours. The per-key RGB lighting further allows you to put a personal touch on your gaming station, while the robust aluminium frame makes it a durable companion for your gaming marathons. Premium not just in price but also in performance, the ASUS ROG AZOTH 75% Wireless Keyboard truly elevates your gaming experiences, balancing compactness with functionality, customisability with durability, and style with performance.

To see more gaming keyboards that we're a fan of, check out our Top 5 Gaming Keyboards article.

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Hopefully, you’ve finished this article with a better understanding of what the right keyboard for you may be. If you are curious about other options, check out the full collection of keyboards at PB Tech.

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