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Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated April 20th, 2022
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In the past, I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of just buying the classic presents for Mum on Mother’s Day; flowers, chocolate, wine and a hastily written card because I forgot that my sister had moved to a different country and wouldn't be able to help me. But this year is going to be different, I’m going to be ORGANISED. Now you can’t really go wrong with the classics, but they can leave a bit of desire for something more or at least more of a surprise. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of cool tech gadgets that will show your mum just how much you appreciate her by being awesome and solving her problems! WIN WIN!

Mum, let's take care of you for once

You’ve got to start with the personal care stuff, it’s a pretty safe go-to type of present. Since massages and bath bombs aren’t really reusable we had to have a think about what might last and be practical. There are some pretty cool products that can do that. What about wrapping up a bath bomb AND an electronic body brush that she can use to exfoliate in the bath for soft and radiant skin, or an illuminated cosmetics mirror she can use on her bedside table while you’re busy hogging the bathroom? Or maybe instead of making her pull her hair out, get her an ion detangling brush that will easily and painlessly detangle her hair while fitting perfectly in her handbag.

Blankets as warm as your hugs

Is your mum constantly telling you, you’re making her feel cold by not wearing a jacket? Help her forget her woes, and survive the upcoming wintry months with a snuggly heated blanket. Beurer’s options come in a selection colours to match her interior design stylings and are packed full of nifty features, though the most important is the super comfortable fleecy surface making it uber-snuggly! Or if she’s got a sore back from lugging the kid’s stuff around all the time, or from giving you a leg-up in the property market, check out this stomach and back heater, perfect for helping to minimise the pain that comes from back pain, cramps or just to keep warm. And remember, this is for her, not for you to steal for your room later.

Since I'm a pain in the neck

Is your mum always on the hunt for a massage, but won’t splurge on herself for a professional one and you’re over getting sore hands? Well, massage devices are a pretty cool option for those mums that are into exercise or just de-stressing. There’s a big selection, from small ones that are perfect for spot massaging, to seat covers that will let your mum sit back and unwind after a big day, or even premium massage guns for those that like to keep active. Check out the full range of health equipment.

For when I forget how to life

It's no secret that Mums often end up with the worst phone, so if you want to help her take even better accidental videos of her pocket, or give her the premium smartphone experience without breaking the bank, Xiaomi’s Redmi 9T is an awesome option. It comes in a great range of colours and is packed to the brim with features, some of which you won’t even get with the top-spec smartphones. Its battery is one of them, with a battery life that is up to 25% longer than any other smartphone. You’ll also manage to get a fingerprint sensor, which can be rare nowadays and mean that you can’t buy stuff on her credit card or change her lock screen to that one picture that really pisses her off.

Is your mum as excited about tech as you are? Then there’s also the option of future-proofing your mum for the rise of 5G by grabbing the even better 5G model, this one comes with a few improvements over the standard 5T, while also allowing for dual 5G sims. This makes it a great option if your mum wants to have two blazing-fast sims, whether that’s because she travels often or needs it for her work.

If neither of these options quite sound right for your Mum, check out the range of smartphones for plenty more to choose from.

A phone case just in case

Now if she treats her equipment a bit rough or you just want to give her some peace of mind, there’s also a lot of phone cases to choose from. Whether she just wants something simple like a clear case, or something with heavy-duty protection, or one that doubles as a wallet, or maybe just one that looks nice, you’ll be sure to find something she’ll like!

Time to show you how much I love you

If your mum complains about you ignoring her calls, but when you ring her phone is on silent in her handbag or at home while she's out walking the dog, a smartwatch is a great way of making sure she knows you need to get in contact. Often smartwatches are just seen as another extra for a smartphone, and while you do need a phone to set one up, smartwatches are packed full of features to make them worth her while. From all the convenience of a regular watch to advanced fitness tracking, to better direction guidance, there are far too many features to list here. Check out a great list of the top smartwatches we compiled here.

Since you're so shady

If your mum is really into her gadgets, get her something truly unique. Bose Frames are stylish pairs of sunglasses that have been paired with Bose’s revolutionary Open Ear Audio™ technology. “It's a jaw-dropping experience that leaves you free to engage with the world around you, all while discreetly listening to music.” So now she can go strutting around in her activewear and pretend to listen to her bestie going on and on AND on while discreetly listening to Michael Buble via her sunglasses. Although make sure if you’re asking for something important, she’s not wearing these sunnies.

So you can discretely read 50 Shades

eReaders are the perfect gift for a mum who likes to read, capable of storing thousands of books, and some of the more feature-rich ones can show graphic novels or textbooks, making them pretty versatile devices. There are two main brands to choose from, Kobo and Kindle. Kindle is the biggest name in the industry and has a strong ecosystem because of it, but there are some benefits to Kobo, such as the ability to add your own books as well as Overdrive, a service that allows you to borrow books on your eReader, check out more about Kobo here.

So you don't need to wear glasses in bed

Does your mum enjoy consuming media on her phone, but struggle with the smaller size? Is a laptop a bit too expensive, bulky and unnecessary? A tablet is a perfect choice in this scenario. The convenience of a tablet is undeniable, and if she has a smartphone, you can typically grab a tablet that uses the same operating system. There’s also a broad range to choose from, check out some of the most popular below. Want to know if a Tablet or an e-Reader is the best option for your mum, check out our buying guide!

GG Mum

Is your mum into high-quality computer accessories? Or is she just big into pwning noobs? I know mine was back in the day with Wolfenstein 3D, but gaming gear has come a long way from the beige beasts back in the day. So if she’s looking for an upgrade, there are some pretty awesome options she can choose from. Whether that’s a sleek white aesthetic, or leaning into some sick pink gear!

Gaming keyboards are always an awesome option, they are often mechanical, so they'll give your mum that satisfying typewriter feel as she taps away at anything from reports to switching weapons in DOOM Eternal!

A good mouse is not only integral to the use of a computer, it also has an impact on wrist comfort. If anyone is going to have comfortable mice designed for them, it's going to be gamers, as not many people spend as much time intensely using a mouse as a gamer. So even if she isn't regularly logging in to CS:GO or Valorant, she might appreciate the comfort of a gaming mouse, or maybe at least the pretty lights.

Gaming headsets are, once again, super comfortable, but more importantly, have great surround sound audio and mics. So if she needs a great headset to hear and be heard in conference calls as she works from home, or to avoid disturbing anyone while browsing the web, or to hear any quiet footsteps in Warzone, a gaming headset is a nice choice.

A gift to make you smile

If your mum loves capturing memories, like that time you were extremely unimpressed about going to school, or snapping a pic of the family pet licking food off your siblings face, a camera is perfect. To make these moments more tangible than just a picture that sits in your smartphone library, grab an Instant Film Camera. A brilliant rework of an old classic this shot of nostalgia will make her a little misty-eyed. Although her parents probably wouldn’t let her have one at the time so now is as good a time as any!

So you can see that I care

Now whether your mum is eagerly awaiting the second season of Bridgerton (Phwoaah) or can’t wait to see what happens in the final ‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode’, she’ll be thankful to have some form of casting device, especially if she’s still rocking a ‘Dumb’ TV. Chromecast makes for an awesome choice, with a super-easy setup, making it easy no matter how tech-savvy she is. There are a few other options too, Apple TV is perfect for those within the Apple ecosystem, NVIDIA shield is a pretty awesome device for mums who are into a bit of gaming, or maybe Vodafone TV, for a more tailored NZ experience.

For when you need to drown out my whining

If your mum loves jamming out to Jack Johnson or French jazz as much as mine, a portable speaker will show her you care, even if you don’t care for her taste in music. There are a lot of different styles, with lots of great colours and prices! UE BOOM’s are the classic portable speakers you see, but there are plenty of other brands to choose from in different form factors and different uses.

Better and cheaper than a dog

Is your mum concerned about home security? How about making her house as smart and automated as possible? Mine sure is, so I know anything Smarthome will not only make her life easier but also less stressful. There are lots of options to choose from, beginning with entry-level products like Smart RGB WiFi lights and Smart wall sockets, all the way up to Smart Locks and Security Cameras. So if you want to keep your mum feeling safe and sound, check out a few popular selections below.

Now that you are armed with all of this new knowledge, we hope that you can give your mother dearest something a bit more unexpected this year. There’s a broad selection to choose from, meaning there’s something from yummy mummies to older souls. Feel free to let us know if there are any cool presents you think we’ve missed out down below! Otherwise, as we all know, mum does know best. So if you think she'd be better off picking her present herself, check out the selection of PB Tech Gift Cards.

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