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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated May 30th, 2023
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GPS has revolutionised navigation and most of us use this technology quite regularly when we drive. But any time you divert your eyes from the road, you might be putting yourself and others in danger. Particularly if your eyes need to dart all the way down to your cup holder or to your lap. A way to mitigate this risk is to mount your phone at eye level; this way you can get navigation instructions while still having an eye on what's in front of you.

But with so many different types of cars, and so many different smartphone car kits out there, which one is right for you? To help narrow down the range we've grabbed some of the most popular phone car mount options found on the PB Tech website and taken a closer look at the fitting and features for each. 

Best Value - Spigen Kuel® QS11 Car Mount Holder

The Kuel® QS11 Car Mount Holder is Spigen's signature car mount for a reason. The QS11 is an air vent mount that's extremely compact and uses a strong magnetic attraction to hold smartphones securely in place. Because of how it works, this car mount is completely universal and will work with just about any phone. Simply attach the magnet onto your phone or case for a force that's to be reckoned with (note: metal plates can hinder wireless charging capabilities). The mount easily rotates and can be positioned in any orientation, whether that's vertical or horizontal. 

If you prefer a non-magnetic option, we recommend checking out the 3SIXT Universal Car Mount instead. This one won't require your phone to have a magnet on the back, making it widely compatible with the smartphone of just about anyone who is using your car - you simply need to clamp it in. Additionally, rather than attaching to your air vent, this one will adhere to your windshield using a strong suction cup. 

Best Features - Mi 20W Fast Wireless Car Charger

This one does more than just holding your phone while you drive. It's also a wireless car charger that offers your phone 20W high-speed wireless charging! Xiaomi's Mi 20W Fast Wireless Car Charger will clip in any phone up to 81.5mm wide. With a built-in hidden infrared sensor, the arm will automatically expand and lock when the phone is put in. It also has multi-angle free adjustment so you can easily fix the phone according to your habits. 

Once it's clamped in place, if your phone supports wireless charging, it will automatically begin charging it as well. With 20W of power, that could take a phone like the Xiaomi 9 from 0% to 45% in half an hour! Additionally, it offers dual heat dissipation, foreign object detection, and protection for temperature, short circuit, power and overvoltage. Sure, it costs a little more, but if you're looking for something that can charge your phone at the same time, this is a fantastic choice!

Best for Windscreens - Spigen Kuel AP12T Car Mount Holder

If you prefer keeping your eyes further up and closer to the road, this is the option for you. Spigen's Kuel AP12T Car Mount Holder can be attached to your windscreen or dashboard to give you the best view of both your navigation and the road as you drive. Using one-touch technology, the mount instantly locks your phone in place and a telescopic arm adjusts to desired lengths of up to 6.5-inches. The design provides a low, bulk-free profile that steers clear of your driving view. Then, you can adjust and rotate your phone at 360-degree angles for the perfect viewing experience. 

Please note, that this mount will not work with leather dashboards.

You can check out the various types of car kits in our YouTube video hands-on review below, and shop the full range of phone car mounts available today!

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