8 Reasons To Use Dual SIM: Benefits of Using a Dual SIM Smartphone

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 16th, 2024
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One thing you might notice about the range of smartphones at PB Tech is that there are plenty of dual SIM options! While most people get by with a single-sim phonethere’s no denying the added flexibility and practical function most could benefit from when using a dual SIM smartphone. Dual SIM smartphones have been around for some time now but recent advances in technology means they’re better than ever, with manufacturers putting out some really great options on the market. Put simply, dual SIM means two SIM cards in one phone, and the operating system of a dual SIM device allows you to quickly switch between the two SIMs and two numbers, without switching SIMs in and out. But why would you need two SIM cards? There are a lot of great reasons for dual SIM. Here are just some of the reasons you might want a dual SIM smartphone:

  • Have two numbers at once - perfect for work and play!

    Dual SIM phones are fantastic for anyone who has more than one number, making them perfect for work and play. You no longer need to carry two separate phones or switch between SIM cards. What’s even better is that dual SIM phones can actually differentiate between the two different SIMs, so it’ll let you know whether an incoming call is coming from your personal SIM or your work SIM.

  • Get reimbursed properly for your work calls.

    By separating your personal and work phone calls, you’ll be able to see what calls you need to be reimbursed for without having to get out the highlighter and calculator. No more slaving over phone bills trying to pick-out all of your work calls.

  • Take advantage of the best deals from different networks.

    One network might have better call plans, while another network might have better data plans. Rather than having to settle on just one network and one great plan, why not have both? Dual SIM smartphones will let you take advantage of great deals from two different networks!

  • Better coverage makes dual SIM ideal for emergencies!

    Another advantage of having access to two different networks is you maximise coverage, especially useful in areas where one network may be weak. You've likely experienced it before - finding yourself struggling to get service at a large event or rural location while your friend on another network has no issues (and vice versa). Backup SIM to the rescue!

  • Don’t miss another call!

    With dual SIM smartphones, you can be talking on the line on one number, and still receive calls from the other. Rather than having to let one go straight to voicemail, you can simply put the first call on hold to answer the other.

  • Great for travellers!

    Dual SIM smartphones are a great option for those who travel often. Keep your regular SIM card in your phone while you’re in your home country, and simply switch to your travel SIM when you step off the plane without having to take SIMs in and out.

  • Take advantage of cheaper overseas rates.

    Having a travel SIM will let you take advantage of better rates in the country you are visiting too and avoid those large roaming bills!

  • More storage.

    Even if you don’t have the need for two different SIM cards, you can still benefit from a dual SIM phones as you can use the second slot for a Nano SD card so you can have extra storage, or backup!

With all of these great benefits, why not choose a dual SIM smartphone for your next phone! Check out PB Tech's great range of dual SIM smartphones online or head in stores.

If you've already got one and are looking to purchase an addition SIM card, click here to buy a new SIM.

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