Unlocking the Galaxy S24: A Real-World Review of Samsung's Flagship Series

Sergio Filho By Sergio Filho - April 12th, 2024
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As a diehard Samsung Galaxy user for over a decade, I’m always hyped to see what Samsung brings to the table with each new release. It feels like a big leap forward, but the Galaxy S24 Series? It’s in a whole other league. 

For the past month, I've been putting the S24 through its paces, integrating it into every aspect of my day. 

After the Galaxy S24 Series stole the show back in January this year with its launch, we were flooded with specs, features, and mind-blowing AI promises. But here's the thing: how does that all translate to your day-to-day life?

I'm putting down the tech specs microscope and picking up the Galaxy S24 for a real-world spin. Let's see if these phones live up to the hype and become the sidekicks your pockets have been waiting for.

Galaxy S24's Compact Design is a Comfort Revolution 

Upgrading from the Galaxy S22 Ultra to the Galaxy S24, the first thing that struck me was the design and size. It took a moment to adjust, but in the best way possible. The S24 feels incredibly sleek and comfortable to hold, thanks to its more compact design. 

This is a major win – my previous phone constantly wrestled for space in my pocket, and let's be honest, comfort matters! Now, the S24 tucks away effortlessly, leaving me with a phone that's both stylish and practical.

A welcome change from the Galaxy S23's sharper edges is the S24's flat frame with rounded corners. This small design tweak makes a big difference in everyday use, providing a secure grip, preventing accidental slips, and the flat frame allows the phone to rest comfortably on a table for hands-free viewing. 

It's these subtle improvements that elevate the user experience – and Samsung knows how to do it quite well. 

Bright and Ultra-Fast Display + Smooth Design

The Galaxy S24 boasts a larger display, jumping from 6.1 inches to 6.2 inches. The overall phone size remains practically identical to its predecessor. But to be honest, screen size isn’t my top priority when selecting a smartphone. 

The advancements in display technology caught my attention on this new Samsung phone. The OLED display boasts an impressive peak brightness of 2600 nits so even under the bright, shining sun, I don't have to squint to view any content.

As someone who enjoys spending time in nature, I was impressed by the quality of the content I captured on my outdoor adventure. The vibrant colours and enhanced visibility were a joy to capture and even easier to appreciate on the phone’s stunning display. 

Also, the scrolling experience is much better with the S24, the device ensures buttery-smooth motion on screen with its 120Hz refresh rate. 

To cap it all off, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the S24 series—it's seriously impressive. Genius move. This thing is crazy-fast – the fastest I've ever seen in smartphones. I even managed to register both sides of my thumb under one print, and it unlocks no matter how I slam my finger on it.

When it is raining (because, you know, New Zealand), this phone's got an IP68 water resistance rating, so unlocking is a breeze and no more fumbling in a downpour.

Simplifying My Daily Routine with Galaxy AI

There are numerous AI features packed into this phone and all the hype comes from here. My favourites are Translation, Generative Edit, Transcript, and Circle to Search. 

Circle to Search: you can circle any object on screen, whether it's a plant in a photo or an overpriced candle, and instantly find relevant options. I put it to the test when I spotted a friend wearing a new football club kit, and I found great online buying options in a snap.

Transcript: The AI integration extends to the voice recorder app, which not only transcribes recordings but also identifies the number of speakers and their respective dialogues. It's incredibly handy, especially for meetings, although the transcription accuracy, particularly with names, isn't perfect.

However, it's still a valuable tool for me, as it streamlines note-taking during meetings. No more scribbling on paper or typing on my laptop—I simply receive the transcript and organise it to my liking.

Translation: The AI translation features are quite remarkable, despite language translation being a familiar feature on phones. What sets this implementation apart is its compelling execution, with the added novelty of being entirely on-device.

 I recently experienced real-time translation during a phone call between myself speaking English and a friend speaking Portuguese. While the accuracy was only decent, I found text message translation to be more practical than calls. The interface is sleek, seamlessly integrated into the keyboard, and intuitively designed. However, the accuracy is notably better with text messages than with phone calls.

Generative Edit: Forget about needing fancy graphic design skills or using complicated tools. With the Generative Edit tool within Galaxy AI, removing people from the background of your images or eliminating unnecessary objects has never been easier. Using this feature is a breeze - simply long-tap on a subject in a photo to move, resize, or remove it. You won’t have to fret about leaving a blank space behind either. The tool smartly fills in the space with a background that matches the rest of the image. This is one of my favourite features with Galaxy AI, and I was surprised by how I could accomplish tasks and achieve professional-looking results.


Picture of Translation of GalaxY AI
You can effortlessly break through language barriers when making phone calls and sending messages with the Live translate feature on the Galaxy S24 series, S23 series, Z Flip5, Z Fold5, and Tab S9 series!
Picture of Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro
Transcript Assist can convert voice recordings into text transcriptions. Making your life much easier when taking meeting notes.

The Galaxy S24 Battery Won't Leave You Hanging

The phone batteries have undergone a notable upgrade, mirroring the expansion of screen sizes. The S24 boasts a 4,000-mAh battery, a 100-mAh boost from its predecessor, the S23. 

Meanwhile, the S24 Plus steps up with a 4,900-mAh battery, surpassing the S23 Plus by 200 mAh. The Plus model's battery capacity falls just 100 mAh short of the S24 Ultra's 5,000-mAh powerhouse, indicating a convergence between the two models.

In practical terms, during my initial usage, I typically rise at 5:00 am, starting to check emails around 6:00 am with a fully-charged battery. 

By 11:00 pm, after a day of moderate to heavy usage on 5G networks, often with the screen set to maximum brightness for pictures and videography, the battery still retains 25% charge.

This remarkable battery performance underscores Samsung's consistent delivery in this aspect. As someone who previously relied on the S22 Ultra for many years now, experiencing its enduring battery life, I can attest to Samsung's unwavering commitment to user satisfaction in this matter.


Picture of Generative Edit Tool of Galaxy AI
Generative Edit tool smartly fills in the space with a background that matches the rest of image.
Picture of Galaxy S24 Series
Galaxy S24 Series is here to stay with its innovative AI features, sleek design, and powerful battery.

So there you have it, folks - I've seen it all: the leaps, the stumbles, the "meh" updates. But the S24 Series has truly risen to the occasion, setting the bar high for smartphone users everywhere.

From the first grip, it wasn't just an upgrade; it was a revelation. Samsung's AI features aren't just empty marketing promises; they're here to revolutionise the way we communicate with the world, offering innovative strategies to streamline our daily routines and make life easier.

This phone is basically a pocket-sized personal assistant with a sleek design and with those clever ergonomic tweaks, Samsung gets major points. 

Look, if you're like me – a tech enthusiast craving the next big thing – stop searching. The Galaxy S24 is a lifestyle upgrade.

If you want to embrace the S24 revolution, and don't know which S24 Series is suitable for you, take a glance at PB's website today for more info about our deals and promotions.

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Sergio Filho

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