10 Ways The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Is Better Than Your Average Smartphone

Jacob King By Jacob King - August 28th, 2023
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When fold phones first began appearing on the market, there were some people who were wowed by them, while others thought them to be unnecessary or gimmicky. Even if you're in the latter group, when you experience something like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, it all starts to make sense. It opened my eyes to the value of a good fold phone - especially for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other power users.

For one, the larger screen offers a better viewing experience, enhanced productivity and multitasking possibilities; and impressively, there’s no fold seam to distract you - it’s virtually invisible when the phone is unfolded! You essentially get a smartphone, mini tablet, and mini laptop all in one! A representation of the latest cutting-edge technology, the Galaxy Z Fold5 incorporates a range of awesome features to offer an innovative phone. Let’s take a look at some of the ways it offers next-level performance.

1. Better viewing experience

With a 7.6-inch display, you can see more of everything on your Galaxy Z Fold5. This can make reading a document, viewing a presentation, checking your emails, looking at a graph, or taking part in a video conference from your phone a greatly enhanced experience. The expansive display will also change the way certain apps and websites display on your phone. For example, you may not get the standard smartphone experience where menus are condensed. Instead, you would enjoy a user experience that is more similar to a desktop experience which can certainly have its perks!

2. Multitask with ease

One of the reasons the Galaxy Z Fold5 is highly recommended for entrepreneurs, business owners, and those with busy schedules is its effortless multitasking abilities. Thanks to Multi-Active Windows and personalised app pairings in the Edge Panel, you can easily split your screen and have multiple apps or windows open at once - simply swipe from left to right with two fingers to open a second window.

Now you can check your calendar while writing an email, write notes while watching a video, message someone while reviewing a presentation, or even have two browser windows/tabs open side-by-side. Your workflow becomes much more efficient and convenient when you don’t have to toggle back and forth between apps. To go back to full screen on a single app, swipe the app you want to close from the center of the display to the edge.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Multi Window Functionality
Multi Window lets you have two or more different apps open at the same time.
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Multi Window Functionality With Drag & Drop
Easily drag and drop media across different windows.

3. Drag and Drop

Another perk of the Multi Window functionality is the ability to streamline the way you work. With two windows open, you can drag and drop images and text between apps and windows just like you would on your PC. Quickly drop photos into emails, move graphs from one app to another, or copy and paste across multiple different apps at one time. This functionality can be a godsend when you’re building a presentation or editing a document on a tight timeframe.

4. Use the Microsoft Office Suite

There are more ways than one to stay productive with the Galaxy Z Fold5. It comes pre-loaded with the complete Microsoft Office mobile suite. This includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Teams. The user experience within these apps on the Z Fold5 will vary from a typical smartphone too. Office is optimised for expanded foldable displays and offers a user experience similar to the desktop version. You can view a full spreadsheet in Excel; add comments and redlines in Word; and create and arrange slides in PowerPoint. It’s now easier than ever to get work done from wherever you are - as long as you have your Fold with you!

5. Take notes with S-Pen

To really unleash the power of this productive powerhouse, add an S Pen. Use it to take handwritten notes during meetings, when you’re watching videos, or just whenever you need to quickly jot something down. Better yet, you can instantly convert your handwriting to text. Additionally, you can use it to draw, navigate through your phone, and annotate PDFs and images with ease. The 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity will guarantee a smooth and accurate experience.

If you have more than one Samsung device, you might want to pick up an S Pen Pro. This connects to multiple Samsung Galaxy devices, letting you take notes on different screens as needed. For example, you can start taking notes on your smartphone before switching to your Galaxy tablet using intuitive Air Actions.

6. Go hands-free with video

Whether you’re in a video conference or simply watching videos on YouTube, you can now do so completely hands-free with the Galaxy Z Fold5! Thanks to the zero gap hinge, you can prop your phone up to your desired angle and then sit back with your hands-free. Watching Netflix and videos on your smartphone becomes so much easier. Same thing goes for when you’re video conferencing - it’s just like having a mini laptop! Gone are the days of propping your phone up against your drink bottle, coffee mug, or whatever you have sitting around. With the Galaxy Z Fold5, you can do absolutely anytime, anywhere, with ease.

7. Capture the best selfies

The Galaxy Z Fold5 will change the way you take selfies or group photos. In the same way you use the hinge to prop up your phone for videos, you can do so for selfies too! Using Flex Mode, you can split the camera onto the top half of the phone and have the bottom half sitting on a flat surface, then, wave the palm of your hand to trigger the timer. This is perfect for taking solo or group landscape photos without a tripod!

For portrait photos, have your phone propped up on its side instead - with your phone opened to roughly 90-degrees, it’ll support itself standing upright with ease. Further, Dual Preview lets you display the photo preview on both sides of the phone, so you can use the front camera and still check to make sure everyone looks good and is in frame before the shutter snaps.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - Camera - Dual Preview
Dual Preview displays the photo preview on both sides of the phone.
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 - DeX
Use Samsung DeX for a PC-like experience with your Galaxy Z Fold5.

8. Get a PC-like experience with DeX

Sometimes, a comprehensive desktop experience is what you need to accomplish tasks efficiently, and the good news is, you can have exactly that with the Galaxy Z Fold5 due to the integration of Samsung DeX. This is great for lifestyles that prioritise convenience and efficiency, with the ability to travel lighter and optimise workflow. With the Galaxy Z Fold5, you can effortlessly connect wirelessly to a monitor or TV, synchronise a keyboard and mouse, and get to work in an intuitive PC-like setting. Whether your task involves finalizing a sales agreement or delivering a presentation to your clients, Samsung DeX lets you handle it all directly from your Galaxy Z Fold5.

9. Enhance your gaming

The Galaxy Z Fold5 takes your gaming experiences to the next level. Its expansive display and 120Hz refresh rate offer top-notch smartphone gaming.This high refresh rate reduces the chance of experiencing lag or stuttering, resulting in a smoother, more immersive gameplay with ultra-fast screen responses. Plus, the broad 7.6-inch unfolded display breathes life into your games and offers a more immersive experience. Additionally, with Flex Mode, you can game on the top part of the screen while utilizing the controls on the bottom half.

10. Screen mirror your phone

Even the expansive screens of the Galaxy Z Fold5 can sometimes feel small, and for those times, only the big screen will do. Samsung Multi View makes it a breeze to beam your smartphone screen to your Smart TV, without any interruption to your current viewing. You'll find Multi View compatibility in most recent Samsung Smart TVs, and it's a default feature in the new Neo QLED TV range. So, whether you're displaying an essential presentation or setting up the ultimate entertainment experience, tossing your favourite apps up on the big screen is easy as pie.

If you're a power user who is looking to get maximum productivity and performance out of your smartphone, you should seriously consider the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. Check out the entire range here or head over to the Samsung brand store!

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