Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Four Features We Love

Jacob King By Jacob King - August 17th, 2023
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Last month, Samsung announced the latest generation of their Galaxy Z foldable smartphones. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 which sports a sleek and compact design, along with countless customisation options and powerful performance. A key feature is the new Flex Hinge, which underpins Samsung’s impressive fold experience, offering an aesthetically balanced and solid design. There’s more than meets the eye in this stylish, pocket-sized device, however, so we’re going to share some of the awesome features you’ll find in the Galaxy Z Flip5.

New Flex Window

The new Flex Window is almost 4x larger than the previous generation, and with it comes a bunch of new capabilities! This includes more customisation options, including informative and graphical clocks that can match the face design of your Galaxy Watch6 series if you have one of those, as well as stylish frames. Beyond that, all of the new capabilities mean that when closed, your Flip phone offers more usability than ever before. The Flex Window also allows you to quickly and effortlessly access useful information. You can even have this propped up thanks to the hinge and have all of this easily viewable at a glance, watch videos, and more.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone - Flex Window
The Flex Window allows you to quickly see and access useful information.
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone - Flex Window
The hinge design means you can prop your phone up to watch videos, use certain apps with ease, and more.

Customisable Widgets

Another perk of the new Flex Window is the greater access to widgets. Using the widgets on the Galaxy Z Flip5, you can check the weather, control music playback, catch up on the latest global or stock market updates with the Google Finance widget - that’s all pretty generic. But now, you also have access to a selection of widgets for various apps from Samsung, Google, and even a few third-party ones. Some popular apps even have compact versions that are suitable for use with the Z Flip5. You can view all Widgets at a glance and switch between them instantly with a pinch of the screen to activate Multi Widget View.

Gapless Hinge

The Galaxy Z Flip5 features a gapless hinge design meaning it folds completely shut with virtually no space in between. This results in a sleeker and more refined aesthetic. It also means that dust and debris are far less likely to make its way into the inner display, making your phone more durable. So if you’re heading to the beach, you can rest assured that the latest Z Flip5 is better-equipped to take on sandy environments. Plus, an IPX8 rating means it’s water proof too.

Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone - Camera
Dual preview shows the camera in FlexWindow to whoever you're taking photos of
Picture of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Smartphone - Camera
Capture selfies and group photos with ease thanks to FlexCam

Unique Camera Experience

With its design and form factor, Galaxy Z Flip5 also offers a versatile camera experience that you just won’t get on a regular smartphone. You can take high-quality selfies with the rear camera thanks to the larger Flex Window; and you can capture hands-free photos from creative angles with FlexCam - a feature that leverages the hinge design to make it possible for you to prop up the camera on different surfaces and capture selfies and group photos with ease. The smartphone comes with a bunch of other features that are awesome when taking photos too, such as FlexMode (to view and edit shots), Dual Preview (shows the photo in Flex Window so the person you’re shooting can see themselves), Super Steady (for camera stabilisation) and Auto Framing (which ensures no one is left out).

These are just some of the awesome features and tricks you’ll find inside the new Samsung Galazy Z Flip5. Learn more about what this phone has to offer here or head over to the Samsung brand store!

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