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Sarah Lin Turner By Sarah Lin Turner - October 31st, 2022
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I was drawn to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip from the first leaked pic of the first generation. Part of it was the pure wow factor of a phone that can fold in half - that’s definitely a conversation starter - and part of it was nostalgia. It’s impolite to ask a woman’s age, but I will tell you that like nearly all of my peers, my first phone was that Ubiquitous Indestructible Brick (those of you who know, know). And, like nearly all of my peers, what I wanted with all of my teenage heart was a pink Motorola Razr. 

I see you, Samsung. We’re millennials - we want something new and something old at the same time - and preferably shiny. And you came through for us. 

Of course, the Flip4 differs majorly from the ghosts of phones past because the lack of need for a physical keyboard means you get more phone on the same real estate. And that’s one of the major things that really sells me on it. Let me explain.

I don't know how much you know about women's clothes, but there's a certain important something missing on most of 'em. Something that could so easily exist, something so clearly desired that designers go the lengths of making fake, unusable ones just for the look of it. Yeah, you guessed it - I’m talking about pockets. 

Look, men have been benefiting from pocket privilege for hundreds of years, and it's still a pretty poor showing for us ladies. If we're lucky enough to get a real pocket - not a decorative seam - it's roughly half the size of any on a menswear garment. (And yet, they still ask us to carry their stuff in our handbags. Do men have secret purse envy?)

The main clothing category I have pockets in are pyjamas. I don't know about you, but apart from midnight snacks, I have next-to-zero use for a pyjama pocket. Sometimes I like to slouch the pants low on my hips, stick my fists in the pockets to make them look full, then swagger into the kitchen and ask my husband if he wants to buy some illegal contraband. (He’s not interested unless I have snacks).

If women’s clothes have pockets at all, they're likely to be no match for the length and breadth of today's smartphone. Tucking it in halfway seems an obvious shortcut to Cracked Screen City, which means our phones add weight to, and get lost in, the aforementioned handbag.

Enter: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4! Full sized smarts, pocket-sized imprint, and enough tech to impress, well, pretty much anyone. It’s a screen that folds in half, for crying out loud, what more do you want? 

If you’re not that easily seduced, don’t worry. Like I said, Samsung sees you.

With something that seems so delicate, it’s no surprise that durability’s been a focus for the Flip. This fourth generation model can be folded and opened 200,000+ times. The hinge has tougher aluminium, plus the latest Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. It’s IPX8 water resistant - shower with it, if that’s what you’re into - and of course the main screen is protected when closed. 

There’s a range of cases available for extra peace of mind (which are fascinating themselves).

The external display, an adorable and extremely useful ‘Cover Screen,’ gives all the info you need at a glance, removing the need to open the phone as often. A long list of customisable widgets allow you to add info and control functions, like quick reply and camera preview. 

Speaking of cameras, that folding screen means we get the amusingly named but actually fantastic Flex Mode and FlexCam. The hinge allows the phone to be positioned open at any point between 0° - 180°, giving it a built-in kickstand for anything involving video. It also makes it unique for getting difficult or unique shots and angles. In the FlexCam camcorder mode, you can easily hold the phone half-folded, giving extra stability as well as a preview of whatever you’re shooting. 

And if you’re into selfies (if you say you’re not, I call lies) there’s a 10MP internal selfie camera - but you can use the 12MP standard plus ultrawide to peep yourself and get the best quality pics. 

If you’re using the camera often - and trust me, you’ll want to - don’t worry about battery life. The Flip is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, promising increased performance, efficiency, and therefore: longer-lasting battery. 

So, with all of that, it’s fair to say I more than stand by all my early impressions. The Flip is ergonomic, light, pocket-sized but with all the screen you really need, and packed with features that feel useful, not gimmicky. 

Starting at $1699 for the 128GB version and going up to $1849 for 256GB, it’s not an impulse buy, but it is a solid, trustworthy, and fun investment. 

And hey - it’s conveniently Santa Stocking-sized. Just saying…

The Technicalities

Galaxy Z Flip4 - 4th Generation Flagship Foldable Smartphone

  • $1699 for 128GB, $1849 for 256GB
  • The latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, fabricated by TSMC for massively increased efficiency over previous generations, less heat, more performance, longer battery life
  • Customisable external display, can be synchronised with latest Galaxy Watch5 series
  • IPX8 water resistant, (not dust resistant given moving parts)
  • 4x colours: Graphite, Bora Purple, Blue, Pink Gold
  • 2x capacities, 128GB or 256GB storage, both have 8GB RAM
  • 2x rear cameras – 12MP standard, 12MP ultrawide. 10MP internal selfie camera, + use the rear cameras for selfies with the best quality.
  • Flex Mode: hinge allows the phone to be positioned open at any point between 0° - 180°.
  • FlexCam video camcorder mode: With the phone half-folded, easy to hold for video shooting, extra stability, preview on half the screen
  • 3700mAh battery with 25W fast charging (charger sold separately) + fast wireless charging
  • Side fingerprint scanner to easily unlock whether it’s open or closed
  • Single SIM + eSIM, Fold4 is dual SIM + eSIM

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