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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated July 11th, 2023
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“The Finest Radio Control Models” is what Kyosho promises with each and every release. And the Mini Z 4x4 Jeep Rubicon is no exception, packed with tons of details and features just like the 1:1 scale.

The fully pre-painted body looks like a luxury diecast car replica. The thicker body material also provides superior durability. Succeeding through a series of grueling off-road tests, this Jeep® has earned the "TRAIL RATED®" badge it wears proudly on the left side as a mark of its proven off-road performance.

The signature seven slot front grille of the Jeep has been reproduced in immaculate detail, including back mesh netting. Original cut design of the headlight lenses, indicators and tail lights are reproduced as clear parts so you can incorporate the optional LED lights to enjoy an ultra-realistic car experience. Matte black coating enhances the texture of the overfender that wraps the trapezoidal wheel arch. The highly detailed finish is applied to mirrors, wipers, door handles, tail light protectors as well as the bonnet grille, bonnet hood catch and radio antenna, with the keyhole finished in silver.

It’s even more impressive on the inside though.

Solid front and rear axles feature links with steel rods and captured rod ends. Ring and pinion gears, in addition to other gears and components, feature metal construction to withstand the heavy loads under the toughest driving conditions. The upper A-arms and lower links that connect the front and rear axles to the chassis, feature strong steel links and captured ball ends. This is the ideal design for strength, maximum range of motion, and smooth operation.

A newly-designed one-touch body mounting system is used instead of the mounts commonly used on all previous Mini-Z cars and trucks. The new system uses spring-wire retainers to quickly and easily install and remove the body.

The gearbox features molded covers and includes 6 pinion gears that allow adjustment from ultra-low gearing for steep terrain, through to high-speed gearing for smooth running on flat roads. In addition, the need for annoying backlash adjustments has been negated with the special spacer mounted on the outside of the motor.

Picture pf Kyosho Jeep front details
Highly detailed, the black Jeep RC even has working headlights!
Picture of Kyosho Jeep Engine
A housed 130w motor with 6 pinion gears, ready to take on terrain
Picture of Kyosho Nitto Ridge tires
The exceptional details extend to the Nitto Ridge tires
Picture of Kyosho Jeep from back
It's even got a tire on the back!

The 4WD system transmits drive force to the wheels from the main gear unit in the center of the chassis through front and rear center shafts. The newly designed shock absorbers feature 360-degree spring retainers, which means they can't be lost on the trail and the springs are more likely to re-seat when the suspension settles after hard impacts or operating at the extreme limits of the suspension. The spring retainers simply cannot come loose.

This model features a scale reproduction of Toyo Tire's export brand "Nitto Ridge Grappler" tires mounted on custom wheels.

The included model KT-531P transmitter operates on FHSS 2.4GHz. The feel of the controller has improved with adoption of a sponge steering wheel, and, in addition to dual-rate adjustment of steering angle and LED control functions, a neat throttle trim allows for drivers to do some pro offroading.

This MINI-Z 4x4 version embodies the spirit and performance of the original Jeep® for us to enjoy, and you’ll want to grab 4x AAA batteries for the car, and another 4x AAA for the remote control.

Check out this amazing Kyosho Jeep and more of the latest in Toys, Hobbies and STEM today!

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