New RGB Water Cooling Kits - Stocks just landed in NZ

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 7th, 2020
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Stocks for the latest Cooler Master PC Water Cooling Kits have just landed in NZ, and wow these ones sure are looking nice, but it’s the low price that’ll have most looking twice!

The new ML120L V2 and ML240L V2 are an updated version of the previous best selling water cooling kits, sporting Cooler Master’s new minimalist logo design along with design changes and improvements for the pump, radiator and fan(s).

A new 3RD gen dual chamber pump aims to provide a quieter cooling performance with an improved design on the internal impeller and housing, both working to enhance the cooling performance and efficiency while lowering the noise level. It’s quite low profile too, measuring at just 47.1mm for superb clearance in small builds. The pipe layout, which is best suited to come left or right side depending on your desired layout, has a small step up in the output that makes the cables easier to get around tight components in close proximity to the CPU socket, such as RAM.

Cooler Master have also tried to improve on the already excellent radiator performance, adding more surface area the better the heat dissipation, apparently the ML240L V2 now enjoyed a more than 20% increase to the surface area of the radiator.

RGB is the classic kind, so you’ll be wanting a 4-pin RGB header on your motherboard to connect this one, rather the newer A-RGB 3-Pin we also see on most of the high end motherboards coming out recently. If you’re unsure which header you have on yours, or don’t have any header, those fine folks at Cooler Master have also included an RGB controller with both kits which can be used to change the colours in your build, both for the pump and radiator fans.

The new fan included is a Cooler Master SickleFlow 120mm RGB, with all new optimised Air Balance Fan blades, an innovative rifle bearing and more durable fan frame for quieter cooling performance. It can be set to run between 650 - 1800 RPM depending on what sort of load your PC is working with, and how much cooling is needed. What’s really great about the new SickleFlow fans is the semi transparent material used for the fan blades, it catches the LED lighting so well!

Picture of CM ML120L V2 RGB Water Cooling at PB Tech

The new CM ML120Lv2 & ML240Lv2 kits are available right now, and sure are looking good, so be sure check them out when you’re shopping the full range of AiO water cooling available today!

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