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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated March 3rd, 2023
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What is the best AiO water cooling kit? A very good question indeed! Luckily for us all, we’re taking a quick look at the range of AiO Water Cooling kits from Cooler Master, Phanteks, Corsair, Lian Li, ASUSDeepcool, and NZXT available now.

A quick note for those who are new to AiO (All in One) Water Cooling and why we want it; having a water cooling kit fitted inside your Gaming PC can reduce noise & temperatures not only on the component it's directly fitted too, but also the overall system due to the way the kits flexible radiator placement lets you move the heat away from other components. The smaller form factor of some AiO kits nowadays even allows us to squeeze better airflow into our tiny ITX Gaming PC builds too.

Also worth mentioning, some of the kits look absolutely fantastic, but that's subjective so for now...

Let's kick back and CHILL :P

1. Cooler Master ML240L V2 ARGB Water Cooling Kit

The excellent 240mm Cooler MasterLiquid Lite ML240L V2 ARGB is a popular AiO Water Cooler and for good reason - coming in both black & white versions, it's oh-so affordable, optimised for low noise, extremely easy to install with a 240mm radiator, and compatible with both the latest Intel and Ryzen sockets, as well as many older CPU socket types!

Installation is easier thanks to smart design, small touches like the way in which Cooler Master made the bracket attachment screws come in from underneath so they easily hold in place allowing you to use one hand to secure them, puts this kit ahead of the rest.

This cooler features a low profile dual chamber design, with PPS and glass fiber construction that makes it unaffected by immersion in water. The pump is lightweight and impervious to oxidation and corrosion.

Cooler Master also included an aRGB hub for users who do not have a dedicated aRGB header on their motherboard. This controller works with the included ARGB 120mm fan(s) and the addressable RGB lighting, which with the right motherboard, can also be customised in even more ways.

And speaking of RGB lighting features, it's also compatible with Asus AURA, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSi Mystic Light Sync and ASRock RGB LED making this kit pretty darn appealing for anyone that's working with multiple RGB components in their system.

Picture of Cooler Master ML240L V2 White Water Cooling Kit

There is also 360mm ML360L available for those looking for a larger water cooling kit at a great price.

Check out the full range in the massive Cooler Master Store today!

2. NZXT Kraken X53 RGB Infinity Mirror Water Cooling Kit

With the newest Kraken coolers all being digital, those wanting the original infinity mirror design should look to the Kraken X Series. They're a top choice for any build, providing better cooling along with improved visual effects, and very intuitive installation. The first update most people notice about the Kraken X53 RGB AiO Water Cooler is the addition of 2x 120mm RGB fans to the kit, but the re-designed cap now has a larger infinity mirror ring LED too.

The infinity mirror design is fitted with impressive multizone RGB lighting which you control with NZXT's own CAM software package. CAM provides sophisticated controls with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Now with better sync for lighting effects across all NZXT RGB devices, NZXT CAM allows you to manage your Kraken's performance and lighting with precision, making adjustments with the click of a button.

You can fine-tune settings with NZXT CAM's software interface, ensuring optimal performance in even the most intense gaming sessions. The new Kraken X series maintains the customisable lighting effects and quiet performance of previous generations and adds the NZXT RGB lighting connector for even more.

It's extremely quiet, thanks to the use of Aer P radiator fans which feature a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearings, so they deliver silent operation, durability, and powerful cooling performance. 

It even features fine nylon mesh sleeves to protect the rubber tubing, providing durability and protection against mishandling.

Picture of NZXT Kraken Water Cooling Kit rotatable Infinity Mirror Cap

Many will remember the excellent build Henry Cavill did and posted on YouTube, his build used the Z series NZXT Kraken Water Cooling Kit which is much the same, but swaps the Infinity Mirror Cap for a Digital Display! 

They’re all utterly awesome, check out the latest NZXT Water Cooling Kits today.

3. Lian Li Galahad ARGB AiO Water Cooling Kit

What really makes the new Lian Li Galahad AiO new is the addition of Lian Li SL series fans and with this in your system, it's going to turn heads. This kit is so attractive to the eyes (and ears, it's super quiet) that you're undoubtedly going to have trouble focusing on your screen.

Starting with the best features from a PC building point of view, it has to be the way Lian Li followed NZXT's lead and made the block housing rotatable. so pipes can be made to come out of the CPU block in whichever direction suits your current build best, but they went one step further and included the optional cap so if you don't want the Lian Li logo right there in the middle of your build, you don't need to - it's such a confident move and very much appreciated.

That cap for the cooler is magnetic too, so you can change on a whim, and with it fitted we still enjoy customisation for the ARGB light ring surround. The sides of radiator are lined with brushed aluminium shields further adding to the premium look of the kit.

Also, the included fans are high static pressure, and the sides are sealed. The bearings used are FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) to aid in the reduction of noise, with extra magnetic support in the center of the fan to further reduce vibration. An industrial grade motor is used to allow these fan to operate quietly, even at full speed, which is 1900RPM. 

There are 32 addressable LEDs per fan in the GALAHAD 360mm kit, allowing us to have true rainbow effects or solid colours. The tubing is both durable and flexible for perfect positioning within your system. 

The kit includes an ARGB controller, should you not have the required motherboard header to use with software suites, but if you do, these AiO kits work with Asus AURA, Gigabyte Fusion, MSi Mystic Light and Asrock PolyChrome Sync ready motherboards - so yep, that's everything we could want!

Picture of Lian Li Galahad AiO Water Cooling Kit with Pump Cap on

While this kit is ready for the latest 13th Gen Intel CPU on the LGA 1700 socket unfortunately the Lian Li Galahad AiO right now only contains brackets on the AMD side up to AM4, so it's not going to work with the new AM5 socket needed for a Ryzen 7000 build. 

The 360mm Lian Li Galahad ARGB water cooling kit is an exceptionally good kit, both in terms of quiet performance and eye-catching design, check out the full range in the Lian Li Store today!

4. Corsair iCUE ELITE ARGB Water Cooling Kit

Corsair well and truly jumped into the premium addressable LED all-in-one water cooling game. Refining their already excellent coolers legacy with a range of cooling options that feature exceptionally quiet fans, and signature Corsair RGB goodness.

Even the smaller Corsair ELITE 120mm AiO Water Cooling Kit enjoys 16 individually controlled RGB LEDs that light up the pump head to produce beautiful lighting effects to match your build., but this logo also locks you into mounting the CPU cover with pipes facing right - so things could get tight depending on your ram spacing, it's not a deal breaker just something to check when planning your upgrade or new build.

PWM controls means the fan(s) can literally not spin when temps mean they don't need too, for complete silence, and the ramp running from 400 (oh so quiet) to 1,500 RPM (Seriously chilling) while in operation is done really well by Corsair, without the jarring burnout effect previously experiences with 0DB modes. This, along with the low-noise pump design, make for a high performance, quiet cooling solution.

A Micro USB cable is used to customise the RGB and monitor pump speeds with on this one, and Corsair have continued to improve their already excellent iCue software suite. iCUE unites all of your compatible Corsair components and devices, making it easy to customise all connected components and gaming gears.

Picture of the Corsair H60X Elite AiO Water Cooling Kit

The Corsair Elite series is available in a range of sizes to suit a range of chassis, all with wonderful lighting so whichever water cooling kit you use it's sure to look good. If you're wanting the Corsair Digital Display on your pump these are available all-in-one, and also as upgade kits in black or white to suit. Check out the full range in the Corsair Store today!

5. Deepcool LE500 Static LED AiO Water Cooling Kit

Rounding off our top 5 list we have the very affordable Deepcool LE500 all-in-one 240mm Water Cooling Kit, and straight off the bat it's super important to know that you can't customise the RGB colours on this one - the LE series uses static six-colour LED fans for an eye-catching look that costs less.  If you like the way it looks, great, this is how it's going to look all the time! If you're wanting the same great looks and performance, but with full ARGB controls for the colours you'll be happy to know the Deepcool also have the LS series which offers exactly that.

Colours aside for now, this 240mm AiO water cooler offers efficient cooling, delivering a reliable upgrade in performance with cooling power at 220W thanks to an enlarged copper cold plate with highly efficient micro-channel waterways paired with high RPM fans for optimal thermals. Additionally, those static LED fans also give high static pressure for good cooling performance at low noise levels.

The Deepcool LE500 is equipped with in-house developed Anti-Leak Technology that helps regulate and relieve internal pressure build up caused by the expansion of liquids and gas within a contained environment, helping to keep this kit working well in a system for longer.

It's the easiest modern AiO kit to install, not needing any USB ports or controllers. The Pump connection is a standard 3-pin, with the two fans enjoying 4-pin PWM connections so your motherboard can adjust speeds to suit - with a range of 500 -  2250 RPM.

Picture of DeepCool LE500 All-in-One Water Cooler

The included mounting brackets make installation easy, and this kit is compatible with the latest CPU socket platforms, namely Intel LGA1700 and AMD AM5, so you're good to build with the latest available. Deepcool have continued to expand there water cooling range some some very cool Infinity Mirror options too in the new LT Series - see them all in Deepcool Store today!

WOAH! So many amazing AiO Water Cooling Kits already... better cool off for now :P 

These are just a small slice from the massive PC Component range available today, with even more new options incoming we'll continue to update this article with the latest and best!

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