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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - February 20th, 2020
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As a Huawei flagship device, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is packed with some of the best hardware available in the world today. Their partnership with high-end camera brand Leica and the fact they keep breaking records for the highest scores on the DXO chart for camera performance proves the intent to deliver customers the absolute best experience when taking photos in your day to day life, causing many people to abandon the bulk and weight of their traditional DSLR cameras, in favour of the much more convenient Huawei flagship phones.

The breakthrough of visual boundaries, the exploration of photography and videography, the liberation of power and speed, and the innovation of interaction are now ready to be discovered. Embrace the future with new possibilities.

Expanding Horizons

Expanding from edge to edge, the ultra-curved screen extends the horizon for an ultimate immersive viewing experience. The encircled glass curves, giving you a natural touch and hold in the palm of your hand. More than a piece of artwork, it is pursuing the balance of aesthetics and comfort.

The Magic of Side-Touch

The ultra-curved screen edges offer a wider area for interactions which also replace the physical buttons for a seamless design. You can naturally adjust the volume or enjoy quad-finger game control with this innovative side-touch interaction.

Welcome To The Evolution

The Kirin 990 has achieved significant improvement in overall performance and energy efficiency. Fast speed, low latency, long usage time and strong image processing capabilities can all be experienced in the HUAWEI Mate 30 Pro. The brand new architecture of Big-Core plus Tiny-Core NPU vastly improves AI capability for your intelligent life.

Cameras Are Your Smart Eyes

Take the new SuperSensing Cine Camera to discover the purity of nature, the exquisite art and the emotion inside every story. All the beauty and facts can be reflected and preserved in stunning images and vivid videos regardless of the time and position.

Your Powerful Mate

Inherited by the powerful DNA of Mate, the upgraded battery benefits from the chipset’s improved power efficiency and intelligent power management system to power you up even longer than before.

Refuel In Minutes

Offering the best-in-class 40W Huawei SuperCharge with TÜV Safety certification, Huawei Mate 30 Pro will never let you down. The upgraded Reverse Wireless Charging of Huawei Mate 30 Pro can help your mate whose phone is out of power or be used as a temporary charger for your electric toothbrush or wireless headphones while travelling, provided they have the Qi wireless charging standard of course.

More Cool Stuff

The Mate 30 Pro also comes with a bunch of other cool features such as dark mode for more eye comfort, battery saving, and cause it just looks way cooler; gesture sensing, cause touching your phone is so dated, or maybe your hands are dirty, or maybe you want to show off; multi-screen collaboration so you can keep using your phone from your laptop, things like music control, moving images to and from your laptop and obviously texting from the comfort of a bigger screen and keyboard; biometric security, for obvious reasons; oh and private view, for when you don't want 'colleagues' to see your messages or notifications. It can also be used to lock down individual apps so people can't access certain apps without you entering a password, great if you pass your phone around and don't want people digging into your messages or gallery

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Such an impressive phone to use, the battery duration and charging time is great. If you get the Huawei Car charger, it chargers faster than on a wall plug. Can get from low to max within the 30 minute drive to work.

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