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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - March 21st, 2017
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A smartphone is your own personal communication device. Even though you might have the same phone model as the person next to you, what lies in the phone is solely your data and info. In the same way people use cases to personalise and customise the appearance of their phone you can customise the internal specs and display of your phone and tailor it to your own preferences.

Android phones in particular allow you to customize a number of internal display features. PB Tech have collated a guide to helping you discover the customisation options available to you right at your fingertips.


How to Move, Organise & Delete App Shortcut Icons

Home screen icons looking cluttered or irrelevant? Organise them!

  • Press and hold an app shortcut icon on your home screen to select it
  • To move, simply drag and drop icons to rearrange their position.
  • To organize, drag and drop an icon onto another. This will create a folder which you can rename.
  • To delete, drag and drop the icon into the ‘trash can’ icon at the top of your screen. Don’t worry – this won’t uninstall the app, it just deletes the shortcut. If you want to access this app in the future, navigate to the ‘Apps’ collection on your homepage.


How to Free Up More Icon Space on Home Screen

Not enough space for shortcut icons on your Android’s homepage? Don’t stress! There’s an easy way to fix this:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Tap ‘Home Screen’
  3. Tap ‘Screen Grid’
  4. Tap ‘5x5’
  5. Tap 'Apply' and voila! More space for shortcut icons


How to find, search, add, customise and delete Widgets

There’s a large range of useful widget tools for your home screen available to you as an Android user. To access, add and customise widgets:

  • Press and hold a blank space on your home screen
  • Tap ‘Widgets’
  • Scroll through the alphabetised list of widgets until you find one that you’d like
  • Alternatively, tap ‘More’ and ‘Search widgets’ to search for a widget
  • Press and hold the selected widget and drag it to a preferred blank space on your home screen
  • Place it on your home screen
  • If available, a blue border will appear around the widget. Use this to adjust the size of the widget on your homepage.
  • To delete, simply press and hold the widget and drag it to the Trash Can


How to Add a Theme to your Android Phone

Wanting a gorgeous integrated style to your home & lock screen that goes beyond a wallpaper? Install a theme!

  1. Navigate to 'Settings'
  2. Tap ‘Themes’
  3. Browse the various themes in ‘Recommended’, or tap ‘More Themes’ to browse the Theme Store
  4. When you see a theme you like, tap on the preview image
  5. To install, tap the ‘Download’ button


How to Install Icon Packs

Icon packs are a great way to add a little flare to your home screen without the use of a pre-built theme. To customise the way your shortcut icons look:

  • Download a Launcher app from the Google Play Store (such as ‘Nova’ or ‘Apex’)
  • Download your preferred Icon Pack from the Google Play Store – simply search ‘Icon Pack’ and browse the range available as you would an app.
  • Open the Icon Pack in your Launcher and install

To customise your icon pack:

  • Open up your launcher app and tap the ‘Settings’ or ‘Look and Feel’ option
  • Check and uncheck the boxes of the elements you wish to have installed (eg. Theme, Font and/or Icon Pack)

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