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Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated May 2nd, 2022
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Have you ever thought about building your own PC? Maybe an awesome idea just hit you for a build to crank that new game you've been waiting for up to maximum settings... Perhaps it's about making something unique to fit in with the design of your home or office, or maybe it's just a treat for yourself or someone special!

In any case - if you can dream it - we can help build it!

PB makes it all very easy, you can use our Online Custom PC Building Tool to create your perfect configuration - and then have us build it for you!

You won’t need to be a hardware guru to design a system, we only provide options which are compatible with each other. The tool works by providing a range of fully functional base builds from which you can customise your system, changing the chassis, graphics or adding digital storage depending on your needs. You’ll be happily swapping out components to get the perfect build with no worries.

Optionally, if you're after something a bit unique, or just in need of assistance from our dedicated design team to turn your dream into a reality, you can contact our WebSales team here. Even if you're unfamiliar with all of the different PC components available, our team can fill in the gaps and recommend a custom configuration that will fit your needs and your budget.

On that note, let's take a look at a few of the stunning gaming PCs we've built in the past.

This epic build is a design by Jason "Bits" Lau from New Zealand. Jason’s concept was to make a special reflective gaming PC to celebrate the latest Mirror’s Edge game, Catalyst. This game series lends itself beautifully to custom rigs, thanks to it's stylistic flair. :)

Mirrors Edge Custom Gaming PC at PB Tech

The chassis used is the unique InWin S Frame, with only a small number available worldwide. The case’s original colouring is red & black, so to create the metallic shine effect, we called in some friends. The S Frame has been ELECTRO-PLATED to create the perfect look, making the already unique case even more special.

Beating at the heart of this build is an Asus Sabretooth X99 motherboard in a armoured gunmetal grey, which suits the build perfectly when kitted out with the extremely powerful and liquid-cooled unlocked Intel Core i7-5930K and 32GB of extremely fast Corsair Dominator DDR4 RAM - which has subtle white LED lighting inside each module. The twin EVGA Titan X graphics cards are fitted with EKWB water cooling blocks, which shine and reflect the components beside them. All while delivering all the power needed to provide extreme in-game performance.

On its own, the rig is stunning and looks extremely solid with the chassis' metalwork complementing the internal components nicely. But the way it catches reflections couldn't have turned out any better - it soaks in the world around it, and the build looks different depending on what room it is in or where you are standing. This one’s going to be eye-catching for a very long time!

Zazabi Neo Zeon Gundam PC at PB Tech

Another popular theme request here is a build themed around a collectable. For the build above, we were shown a Zazabi Neo Zeon Gundam Figure which we used as inspiration to create a Gaming PC with two-tone red base chassis with metallic silver and a little bit of gold highlighted from the components. The pilot figurine actually sits inside the build and looks great with his silver devil helmet and golden blonde hair.

Chassis chosen was the glorious Phanteks P400, great to take apart for painting and with the ability to mount the fans inside the front panel it provides a little extra room for diorama-rigs like these. Shout out to the team from Asus NZ for providing a shield for the Mark #1 motherboard - you guys are the best :)

These builds are extreme, of course, and you don't need to go quite this far with your own custom build :) Some of our favourite systems - and some of our in-house Gaming PCs - are about creating PCs with the best performance-to-price ratios.

Once you've got yourself that excellent base system, we can perfect it, with upgrades like liquid cooling, braided cables, LED lighting, and more.

Do you have a dream concept in your head that would make for a great PC? You can contact our custom PC team, or come and see us in one of our stores throughout NZ to discuss your own epic design!

Ready to Run - Good Gaming PC at PB Tech!

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