7 great reasons to get an SSD

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - May 18th, 2015
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Every year computers get faster, thanks to more powerful internal components. Usually, these are only minor jumps - programs load a little faster, and copying files takes slightly less time.

With a component called a solid state drive (SSD), however, it's not uncommon for programs to load instantly, large files to copy in seconds and for computers to produce far less noise. Let's take five great reasons why you should consider using an SSD in your PC.

1) It makes your PC faster

Popping an SSD into a computer is perhaps the best way to improve speed across the board. After installing a drive, it takes seconds to boot into Windows, programs start instantly and games can see load times cut in half. What's more, copying files across an SSD takes no time at all.

2) Saves time and money

An SSD enables faster computer boot up time. Allows you to switch applications quicker and multitask faster, which leads to greater productivity and reduced costs.

3) Up to 20 times faster than a standard HDD

SSDs are up to 20 times faster than a standard HDD. No matter what operating system you use SSDs achieve up to 20 times faster data access, quicker boot ups, faster file transfer and generally achieve a faster, more rewarding computing experience.

4) Less noise

Everyone will know the sound of an HDD spinning up, and clunking along when it's about to fail. You won't find any of these sounds with an SSD, as they're essentially flash drives. That is, all the internal components are static. SSDs are quiet and fast.

5) Improved durability

Similar to our above point, as an SSD features no moving parts inside, there's a lower chance of drive failure. Traditional HDDs feature a spinning disk, and it's easy to see how these could be prone to failure over time.

This also means they're well-suited to laptops, as you won't have to worry about the drive moving constantly.

6) They're quite cheap

Back in around 2008, SSDs were rather expensive, with the dollar-per-gigabyte value far higher than standard HDDs. Now, they're a cheap upgrade that should not be overlooked when either building a new PC or simply upgrading one that's getting a little slow.

7) Improved gaming performance

Speed is always a priority in games - after all, sitting around for a few minutes while a game loads can be a real pain. Pop an SSD in and these times are almost certainly going to drop right down. This is really useful if you're frequently going in and out of a game.

SSDs can also be used for other purposes, like making a lightning-fast portable drive. In addition, you can stick one in a PS4 and make games load far more quickly.

If you'd like to hear more reasons why an SSD should be the next purchase for your PC, pop into a PB Tech store today.

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