Heater Buying Guide: What's The Best One For You?

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - June 4th, 2024
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As winter rolls in and temperatures begin to plummet, a warm and cosy retreat is what most of us crave. Luckily, there's a wide range of heating solutions to chase away the chills and create a warm, cosy atmosphere at home. From low-profile panel heaters to quick-heating fan heaters, choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and living space. This guide will explore how to choose the best heater for your home as well as some of our most popular options!

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Things to Consider

Room Size

Not all heaters are created equal! The size of the space you want to heat significantly impacts the type and power of the heater you need. Match the heater's output to the room size for efficient heating. A heater too small for the room will struggle to maintain a comfortable temperature, while an oversized heater will be inefficient and waste energy.

Heating Needs

Think about how you'll be using the heater. Do you need consistent background warmth throughout your entire home, or are you looking for something more targeted? If you want consistent background warmth, a panel heater could be the best option for you. If you need something targeted, a fan or ceramic heater is a good fit.

Energy Efficiency

Heaters can vary greatly in their energy consumption, which translates to real money on your electricity bills. While the upfront cost of a heater might be a consideration, it's important to factor in long-term running costs as well. Even if a heater with a higher energy efficiency rating has a slightly higher initial price tag, the savings you'll see on your electricity bills over time can be significant.

Heat Output

When considering the previous three factors, the wattage is worth nothing. The wattage of a panel heater tells us the amount of electrical power it consumes, which directly translates to the amount of heat it can produce. Here’s a breakdown of what some different wattages typically mean:

  • 1500W: A good starting point for small, well-insulated rooms like bedrooms or bathrooms. It can maintain a consistent temperature in spaces around 9-14 square metres.
  • 2000W: This is suitable for medium-sized spaces like living rooms or larger bedrooms, typically ranging from 14-18 square metres.
  • 2400W: This is a powerful option for drafty spaces or larger rooms over 18 square metres. It’ll heat up a chilly room much faster and maintain consistent warmth in larger spaces.

Safety Features

Safety should be a top priority when choosing a heater. It could be worth opting for a heater with features that minimise the risk of accidents and injuries. A built-in thermostat helps prevent overheating, and a tip-over shut-off switch is crucial if you have pets or children in your home.  These switches automatically turn the heater off if it falls over, reducing the risk of fire.

Noise Level

Consider how much noise the heater makes, especially if you plan to use it in a bedroom or other quiet area. Some heaters, like fan heaters, can be quite noisy due to their fans. On the other hand, panel heaters operate silently and might be a better choice for a bedroom.

Different Heater Types

While heat pumps offer a highly efficient whole-home heating solution, they might not be suitable for everyone's needs or budget. But that’s why we’re here - to offer some popular alternatives to keep you warm and cozy this winter!

Panel Heaters

These flat, wall-mounted heaters provide gentle, radiant warmth. They're ideal for background heating in well-insulated spaces and offer good energy efficiency. Panel heaters are relatively quiet and often have built-in thermostats for temperature control. However, they might not be the best choice for spot heating or quickly warming up a large, drafty room.

Oil Heaters

These reliable heaters use oil stored inside the unit to generate heat. They radiate warmth gradually and can be quite effective for heating medium-sized rooms. Oil heaters often come with thermostats and some models even have wheels for portability. While offering good efficiency, they can take some time to reach their desired temperature.

Fan Heaters

Compact and portable fan heaters offer a quick and convenient way to heat up a small space.  Using a fan to circulate warm air, they can be very effective for spot heating or providing a quick burst of warmth in a chilly bathroom. However, they tend to be less energy-efficient than other options and can be noisy due to the fan.

Ceramic Heaters

These space heaters use ceramic plates to generate radiant heat. They offer a good balance between quick heating and energy efficiency. Ceramic heaters are often quieter than fan heaters and come in various sizes suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. Some models even include oscillation features to distribute heat more evenly.

Best Overall Heater

Noirot Spot Plus 2400W

The Noirot Spot Plus 2400W Panel Heater is our top pick for the best overall heater. This powerful 2400W heater delivers exceptional warmth output, making it ideal for large rooms or drafty spaces. Using the natural process of convection, this heater is effective, efficient, and 100% silent (not even occasional creaks and rattles), while the built-in digital thermostat allows for precise temperature control. Have a smaller room? This heater is available in lower outputs too!

Noirot Spot Plus Panel Heater mounted on wall
High wattage 2400W panel delivers exceptional heating power, even for large rooms.
Noirot Spot Plus Panel Heater on the floor
Lower outputs also available for smaller rooms.

What We Love About It

  • Powerful and Efficient: The high wattage delivers exceptional heating power, perfect for maintaining comfortable temperatures in even the largest rooms.
  • Rapid Response: Experience near-instant warmth thanks to the efficient heating element.
  • Advanced Comfort Control: The built-in digital thermostat allows for precise temperature control, ensuring you stay warm without wasting energy.
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities: No need to get up to adjust the settings! Wi-Fi capabilities means you can do it all from your smartphone.
  • Low-Profile Design: The sleek and simple design of the Noirot Spot Plus is low-profile and complements any décor.
  • Long-Lasting: Built with high-quality materials, this heater is a reliable investment for winters to come. It is even backed with a lifetime warranty!
  • Safety Features: Noirot Spot Plus heaters have safety in mind, featuring overheat protection, a child lock, a safety cut-off switch, and rounded edges.

Who Should Choose the Noirot Spot Plus Panel Heater?

This heater is ideal for those seeking a powerful and efficient solution for large rooms or drafty areas. It's perfect for living rooms, open floor plans, basements, or even workshops.

Best Value Heater

Olimpia Splendid Levante

If the Noirot Spot Plus is out of your price range, we have the perfect alternative for you! The Olimpia Splendid Levante Panel Heater is a value-packed heater that offers exceptional performance at a budget-friendly price. This is a great choice for student accommodation, rental properties and at home. This too, uses natural convection, to produce consistent warmth in silence. Plus, because there is no fan, the heater is allergy and asthma friendly. The 2000W heater is perfect for medium sized rooms but it is also available with a 2400W output for larger spaces.

What We Love About It

  • Excellent Value: The Levante Panel Heater offers efficient heating without breaking the bank.
  • Programmable Comfort: The programmable thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature and schedule for optimal efficiency.
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities: Control the heater from your smartphone.
  • Safety Features: Overheat protection and a safety cut-off switch ensure peace of mind.
  • Low-Profile Design: The space-saving design makes it perfect for smaller rooms or areas where floor space is limited. It also has a tough white powder coating to blend into walls.

Who Should Choose the Olimpia Splendid Levante Panel Heater?

This heater is ideal for budget-conscious individuals who want a reliable and efficient heating solution to maintain a consistent temperature in medium-large sized rooms.

Best Budget Heater

Sheffield Digital Ceramic PLA1706

Looking for a quick and convenient way to chase away the chill without emptying your wallet? Check out the Sheffield Digital Ceramic PLA1706 Tower Heater. This budget-friendly heater is perfect for personal warmth or providing a quick burst of heat in small to medium spaces. The ceramic heating element provides near-instant warmth, while two heat settings let you customise how warm it gets. The 1000W heat output is perfect for small rooms or targeted spot heating or use the 2000W heat output setting for medium rooms.

What We Love About It

  • Super Affordable: Affordable and easy on the wallet at less than $100! 
  • Quick Heating: The ceramic heating element provides near-instant warmth and will stay warm for a short time after switching off.
  • Adjustable Settings: Choose from two heat settings to customise your level of warmth.
  • Compact and Portable: The lightweight design and convenient carrying handle make it easy to move the heater wherever you need it.
  • Safety Features: Overheat protection and a tip-over switch ensure safe operation.
  • Remote Control Included: No Wi-Fi features here but a remote control lets you easily adjust the settings without getting up!
  • Oscillating Feature: The oscillating function ensures heat circulates quicker throughout your space.

Who Should Choose the Sheffield Digital Ceramic PLA1706?

This heater is ideal for those seeking a budget-friendly heater for small to medium spaces such as bedrooms or home offices. Perhaps you need something for multiple rooms without spending a fortune? This is a great pick!

Best Portable Heater

Delonghi 2200W Ceramic Desk Fan

The Delonghi 2200W Ceramic Desk Fan Heater is a great little heater for a chilly workspace or anywhere you need a quick burst of warmth. This portable heater combines efficient ceramic heating with a built-in fan for targeted heat distribution. With 2200W of heat output and oscillating features, it's great heater for bedrooms, home offices, and small workspaces. Because of it's small size, we recommend it for those who are more concerned with personal warmth / targeted heating in smaller areas. 

What We Love About It

  • Portable Convenience: The lightweight design and handle make it easy to move the heater wherever you need it.
  • Powerful Heating: The 2200W ceramic element provides quick and powerful warmth.
  • Adjustable Settings: Choose from two heat settings and a fan-only mode for customisable comfort.
  • Oscillating Feature: The oscillating function ensures even heat distribution throughout your space.
  • Safety Features: Overheat protection and a tip-over switch provide peace of mind.

Who Should Choose the Delonghi 2200w Ceramic Desk Fan Heater?

This heater is ideal for anyone who needs a portable heating solution for personal warmth in workspaces, bedrooms, or targeted areas.

We hope this guide has helped you get one step closer to a warm and toasty home or office this winter! If you want to create the ultimate winter retreat, check out 10 Ways to Make Your Home Warm and Cosy This Winter.

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