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Ainsley McKay By Ainsley McKay - updated March 7th, 2024
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Robot vacuums have become a valued addition in households all around the world. These smart and innovative devices are more affordable and capable than ever, enabling people to keep their floors clean without even getting off the couch. Vacuuming (and even mopping) your floors can now be as simple as a voice command, a tap of a phone screen, or if you’ve set a timed cleaning schedule - doing absolutely nothing. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the Top Robot Vacuum cleaners currently available in New Zealand, including options from brands such as Xiaomi, Roborock, iRobot, and more! The robot vacuums on this list have been selected based on both price and performance, delivering a balance of both.

What Brand Should You Choose?

Before we jump in, you probably want to know - what is the best robot vacuum brand? The first thing to consider is budget. If you've got a smaller budget, Xiaomi is the best choice as they have great value options that won't break the bank, while still being super effective. The second consideration is whether your house is predominantly hard floored or carpeted. Roborock has fantastic mopping technology that does an impeccable job of cleaning up dirt, stains and mess on hard floors, so they may be the better option if you need great mopping capabilities. iRobot or Roomba on the other hand, has more of a focus on the vacuuming features, making it a great choice for those whose home is mostly carpeted. Ultimately, it's best to weigh up the individual features of each robot vacuum to decide which is best for you.

Top Robot Vacuum Cleaners

1. Xiaomi Mi S10 Robot Vacuum

Xiaomi is known for creating great value products without sacrificing on performance. First on our list and offering incredible value is the Mi S10 Smart Robot Vacuum. Equipped with 4,000Pa of suction power and a high-performance brushless motor, it delivers powerful performance cleaning dust, pet hair and crumbs from cracks, crevices and under beds; while the mop function supports three levels of water flow control to thoroughly clean floors throughout the home.

Utilising advanced 360-degree laser navigation technology, the S10 intelligently navigates your home and plans efficient cleaning routes. It automatically adapts to various surfaces, such as carpets and hard floors, providing customised cleaning. Equipped with a 3200mAh battery, it'll work for up to 130 minutes on a full charge. When it’s finished, it will automatically go back home to re-charge. With the user-friendly Mi Home App or via Alexa or Google Assistant, you can monitor and control cleaning tasks remotely, including scheduling, and no-go zones.

2. Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Roborock delivers an innovative cleaning solution with the Q Revo. The Q Revo isn't just a vacuum; it's a cleaning powerhouse. It boasts a revolutionary dual-spinning mop system that utilizes sonic mopping technology, scrubbing floors up to 200 RPM. This innovative feature tackles dried-on messes from everyday life, leaving your floors sparkling clean. For effortless dirt removal, the Q Revo packs a powerful 5,500Pa suction, ensuring a deep clean on both hard floors and carpets. Equipped with advanced LiDAR navigation and Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance, it intelligently navigates your home, mapping efficient cleaning paths and avoiding obstacles with ease. This ensures comprehensive coverage without any unwanted bumps or collisions.

Not only does the Q Revo boast impressive cleaning capabilities, but it also prioritises user-friendliness. The included multi-functional dock takes charge of emptying the dustbin, automatically refilling the water tanks, and even washing and drying the mop pads – all while you relax. Additionally, the Roborock app allows you to monitor cleaning sessions, schedule cleaning times, and even set no-go zones – all from your smartphone. The Q Revo also works seamlessly with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control cleaning tasks with simple voice commands.

3. iRobot Roomba Combo J9+

The best you can get from iRobot is the iRobot Roomba Combo J9+ - a premium robot vacuum that delivers outstanding cleaning performance and convenience, making it an excellent investment for maintaining a pristine home. Its superior suction power combined with an edge-sweeping brush ensures thorough dirt and debris removal, even along edges and corners. Rated as #1 in dirt pick-up, this robot vacuum is powerful enough to pick up even entrenched dirt, pet fure and debris from your carpets. Three levels of suction power and automatic Carpet Boost will ensure you are left with thoroughly cleaned floors. 

Utilising advanced PrecisionNavigation, the J9+ navigates and creates efficient cleaning paths while adapting to your home's layout. Dirt Detective, powered by iRobot OS, automatically prioritises the dirtiest rooms and selects ideal settings for each job. Topping it off, the Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal feature offers up to 60 days of hands-free maintenance, further simplifying the cleaning process. Additionally, its Anti-Allergen System with AllergenLock™ Bags captures 99% of pollen and mold allergens, providing a healthier living environment. While you’re paying a premium, the Roomba S9+ offers an exceptional, feature-rich, and smart cleaning solution that goes above and beyond to keep your home impeccably clean. The J7+ is a great alternative if this one is out of your price range.

4. Xiaomi Mi X10 Smart Robot Vacuum

Taking the spotlight as Xiaomi's top contender, that a balance of price and performance, is the Mi X10 Smart Robot Vacuum. With the ultimate combination of advanced technology and cleaning efficiency, it breaks the traditional limitations of cleaning, delivering an improved, automated solution for your home. Featuring 4,000Pa of powerful suction power and dual-pads that rotate 180 rpm when mopping, it'll pick up dust and debris and powerfully erase any stains or traces of dirt with ease! It has 4 suction settings for dust, hair, and crevices; and 3 water volume settings making it well equipped to take on a variety of cleaning scenarios. And to make things even better, the robot vacuum will self-clean, including the mop pads!

The X10 also comes equipped with an all-new S-Cross AI™ Advanced 3D obstacle recognition and avoidance sensor system with millimetre-level sensor precision that supports object and environment identification, controlled cleaning motion and stable obstacle avoidance. The Advanced AI camera uses an AI graphics algorithm to identify various obstacles on the floor and in rooms around the home. This allows for flexible planning of avoidance paths and cleaning sequences, for smart home cleaning without manual intervention. You can control cleaning tasks via the Mi Home App or use voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free operation. It has a 5200mAh battery that lasts up t0 180 minutes, covering larger areas without interruption. 

5. EcoVacs Deebot X2 OMNI Robot Vacuum

Finishing off our list with top-tier power and performance is the EcoVacs Deebot X2 Omni. This robot vacuum isn't just about brute force; it's a powerhouse with brains. The X2 Omni boasts a unique square-shaped design, ensuring it reaches every corner and delivers edge-to-edge cleaning. It's claim to fame, however, is its unmatched 8000Pa of suction power, making it the most powerful robot vacuum on this list. This translates to effortless pick-up of stubborn dirt, dust and pet hair. The X2 Omni doesn't stop at vacuuming. It also excels at mopping, featuring the powerful OZMO Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping System. This system, combined with an intelligent mop lifting function, ensures effective cleaning across both hard floors and carpets.

Equipped with Dual-Laser LiDAR, AIVI 3D 2.0 and TrueMapping 3.0 technology for AI-enabled navigation, the X2 Omni navigates your home with precision, avoiding obstacles and mapping efficient cleaning paths. It even identifies pets in the home and recommends the best cleaning solution with this in mind. All of this can be controlled from the dedicated app. Schedule cleanings, set no-go zones, and even monitor cleaning progress in real-time. But the true beauty of the X2 Omni lies in its self-sufficiency. It boasts an auto-clean function with hot-water mop wash, auto-emptying, auto-drying, and even performs self-maintenance. This robot vacuum is a comprehensive cleaning solution that gives you a clean home with minimal effort.

Robot vacuums are a game changer and there is one for a range of budgets! Still not sure if robot vacuums are for you? Check out this article to help you weigh it up. And if it sounds like something you need, check out our full range of Robot Vacuums here!

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