Best Tech Gadgets and Devices for University Students

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - February 19th, 2024
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University life brings its fair share of challenges and having the right technology can make all the difference. From streamlining your study sessions to keeping your busy schedule on track, the best tech gadgets for students are all about enhancing productivity and convenience. In this article, we dive into the must-have devices that can help you tackle university life and your academic to-do list and maybe even have a little fun. Whether you need to block out the world with a pair of noise-canceling headphones or keep your notes organised with the latest apps, we've compiled the top tech picks to support the student lifestyle.

1. Laptop - MacBook Air

A laptop is essential for efficient note taking and study. Sure a pen and paper can do the job, but at much lower efficiency than a digital device like a laptop or tablet. You may find yourself scurrying to write as fast as possible to keep up, barely absorbing the content that’s being taught. A personal laptop also gives you the freedom to work on assignments, study, and watch remote lectures from anywhere.

When it comes to balancing power and portability, the MacBook Air is a great choice for university students. It effortlessly meets the demands of daily coursework, from writing essays to conducting research, all within a sleek design that won’t weigh down your backpack. It also has an impressive battery life of up to 18 hours, allowing you to work through the day without being tethered to an outlet. If you want to explore other options, check out some other laptop recommendations for students here. Check out more BYOD recommendations here!

2. Tablet - iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro 9

Tablets are a smart choice for students who prioritize portability and affordability over the power of a traditional laptop. They're the multi-tools of tech, able to shift from typing documents with a keyboard cover to jotting down handwritten notes with a stylus. Reading papers and digital textbooks, as well as annotating academic materials is often more convenient on a tablet's touch screen over a laptop too. These versatile devices are also perfect for creative work like drawing or design, or as entertainment hubs for streaming media after a long day of studies.

A popular pick in this category is the iPad. With its intuitive interface, expansive app ecosystem, and robust build, the iPad is an exceptional tool for students. Add a Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil to the mix, and you've got a powerhouse that brings a laptop's utility and a notebook's natural writing experience into one sleek package. The iPad is also perfect for group projects, with its seamless file-sharing features and compatibility with multiple user-friendly applications. If budget isn’t your concern and you want something that delivers a blend of laptop horsepower and tablet convenience, consider the Microsoft Surface Pro 9

3. Power Bank - Xiaomi 22.5W 10000mAh

Few things disrupt the university day like a device blinking low on battery when you need it most. A power bank ensures that your headphones, smartphone, or tablet never leave you hanging during study sessions or while you’re tracking your schedule on the go. For students who are constantly on the move, shuffling between lectures, study groups, and the occasional outdoor study session, a good power bank is a must-have utility in your backpack.

A popular lifeline in this category is the Xiaomi 22.5W 10000mAh Power Bank. It’s a compact and durable energy reserve capable of rapidly charging your smartphone, tablet, or other USB-powered devices multiple times over. With high-speed 22.5W charging output, it can power up your tech quickly between classes or during a short study break. So you can focus more on your academics and less on the battery indicator—think of it as a mini generator that fits snugly in your pocket. For more recommendations, head over to our article on Top Power Banks and Portable Chargers.

4. Headphones - Edifier WH700NB

Noise-canceling headphones are more than just a way to listen to music; for uni students, they’re an investment in an interruption-free study zone. The ability to dampen the clamor of a communal living space or the racket of a campus grounds means you can maintain focus and study without distraction. They also double as a mental health aid, blocking out the world so you can relax, meditate, or just take a moment for yourself amidst the chaos of student life.

The Edifier WH700NB headphones are an awesome choice for students. These over-ear headphones don't skimp on features despite their impressively wallet-friendly price! They even have Active Noise Cancellation technology to tune out distractions effectively. Comfort isn't an afterthought either, with cushioned ear cups designed for hours of comfortable wear—perfect for those extended library stints. They boast a generous battery life, ensuring you get through even the longest study sessions or back-to-back classes, and Bluetooth connectivity means no fumbling with wires. 

5. Earbuds - Apple Airpods

While over-ear headphones offer immersive sound quality and noise cancellation, they can be bulky. For those students who prioritize subtlety and portability, a pair of earphones is an ideal alternative. Earphones give you the flexibility to quickly grab them on your way out the door, stash them in your pocket between classes, or wear them during a workout without adding any weight. They provide the soundtrack to your day without the bulk, offering convenience without compromise.

For the student seeking high-quality sound and utmost convenience, Apple AirPods are an excellent choice. They offer a seamless wireless experience, quick pairing with Apple devices, and the Siri voice assistant is always just a command away. If you’re looking for an upgrade with noise-cancellation capabilities, the Apple AirPods Pro brings state-of-the-art active noise cancellation to the table, perfect for shutting out the campus hustle when you need to concentrate. Want other options? See more Top Headphones & Earphones here.

6. Printer - Canon PIXMA MG2460 Inkjet

Even in a digital age where online submissions are king, the need for printed materials still creeps up on university students. Whether it's a requirement for physical copies of essays, printing out slides for easier revision, materials for group assignments, or simply having a backup for those crucial class handouts, owning a printer can be a lifesaver. It means dodging the last-minute panic at busy library printers and the freedom to print whatever, whenever.

Cue the Canon PIXMA MG2460 Inkjet – a nifty ally for any student’s desk. This all-rounder doesn't just print, but also scans and copies, all while taking up minimal space. It provides crisp, clear documents and photos, along with high-yield ink cartridges meaning fewer trips to the store for refills. Compact, efficient, and budget-friendly, the Canon PIXMA MG2460 is a print partner that won’t let students down when deadlines loom. Check out some of our other Top Home Printers here.

7. Electric Scooter - Mi Electric Scooter 2 PRO

Say goodbye to rushed walks and sweaty arrivals; zipping across campus or through the streets on an electric scooter gets you from A to B with speed and ease. Not only is it a fun way to glide past pedestrian traffic, but in the long-run, it may also be easier on your wallet (and the planet), saving you from splurging on bus fares or gas for short commutes. For on-the-go students, an electric scooter is a game changer for punctuality, convenience, and adds an eco-friendly pep to your step.

We're giving the nod to the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2 PRO as the ideal pick for students. This scooter hits the sweet spot with its blend of performance and affordability – offering a breezy top speed of 25KMPH and an impressive max distance of 45KM on a single charge. Hills are a non-issue with its 20% hill grade capability. The Electric Scooter 2 PRO is sleek and lightweight at 14.2kg and folds down with a clever one-touch folding system, so you can easily carry it onto public transport or store it under a desk in a lecture. 

8. Bluetooth Tracker - Tile Tracker

For the scatter-brained scholar or the overbooked undergrad, a Bluetooth tracker is a small gadget that brings a big sigh of relief. Hook it onto your keychain, slip it into your wallet, or attach it to just about anything you fear losing, and voilà! Locating your valuables becomes as easy as tracking a pizza order. These nifty devices pair with your smartphone, allowing you to ring your belongings if they're nearby, or check their last known location on a map — quite the game-changer for those hectic mornings or when shifting between study spaces.

One option worth considering is the Tile tracker, which comes in several varieties to suit all your tracking needs. The Tile Pro offers a longer 400 ft range and is designed for durable use. For a more compact option, there's the Tile Mate, which is perfect for everyday items like keys or backpacks. And for those slim spaces like wallets or laptops, the Tile Slim is an ideal choice. Each version of the Tile tracker comes with a user-friendly app that helps keep tabs on your belongings and even aids in finding your phone with a double press on the Tile, ensuring peace of mind for on-the-move students. Looking for a tracker on the FindMy or Galaxy network? Take a look at our other Top Bluetooth Smart Trackers.

9. Smart Watch - Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3

A smartwatch does more than just tell time; for a student, it's akin to a personal assistant strapped to your wrist. It helps manage a busy academic schedule with calendar alerts, so you never miss a class or deadline. It also nudges you to stay active between study sessions with fitness tracking, and it keeps you in the loop by bringing notifications directly to your wrist so you can stay focused on your work without the distraction of constantly checking your phone.

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch 3 is an affordable entry point into the smartwatch world without skimping on functionality. With built-in GPS, a bright AMOLED display for clear visibility in all light conditions, a hearty battery life lasting up to 10 days, and an array of useful features and apps, it's designed to keep up with student life. Its 5ATM water resistance means it can handle a downpour as you dash across campus, and the health monitoring features ensure you're keeping an eye on your well-being during those stressful exam periods. 

10. Smart Lights - Yeelight

Switching off the lights used to mean stretching from the cozy confines of your bed with all the grace of a nighttime ninja. Now, with smart light bulbs like the Yeelight RGB Smart Light Bulb, you can indulge your laziness and simply tell your phone—it’s a student’s dream come true. Studying late into the night? Adjust the light to a cool white to keep you alert. Time to party? These bulbs bring strobing RGB effects that will make your dorm room or flat resemble a pumping night club.

The Yeelight RGB Smart Light Bulb offers a wide spectrum of colours and brightness levels, all adjustable via an app or voice control when linked with smart home assistants. Energy efficient and long-lasting, it’s an economical choice that provides both practical light for studying and ambient tones for relaxing or entertaining. With the Yeelight, personal spaces become more personal as it adapts to your rhythm and style with seamless ease.

11. Air Fryer - Ninja Foodi AF100

Gone are the days of surviving university on a diet of instant noodles and cereal. For students who want to elevate their culinary game without sacrificing study time, the air fryer is a serious game changer. It quickly cooks up a storm, serving everything from crispy appetizers to full-blown dinners, and it does so with minimal mess and effort. It's perfect for those who want more variety in their diet but have limited kitchen skills or simply don't have the time to cook complicated meals. Plus, with an air fryer, you're likely eating healthier too, since it requires less oil than traditional frying methods.

The Ninja Foodi AF100 is a solid option for students. This multipurpose machine is not just for frying; it also roasts, reheats, and dehydrates. Its 3.8L ceramic-coated basket fits enough food for a group study session, and it's nonstick for super easy cleanup. The Ninja Foodi AF100 is compact enough for a tiny dorm kitchen but powerful enough to prepare meals worthy of a dinner party. It's a wise choice for any student looking to add convenience and variety to their diet without breaking the bank or taking up too much precious dorm room space. Check out more Top Air Fryers!

12. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - UE Boom 3

Dragging your heels to start your study session? Nah, bring the vibes to get you in the zone with a trusty Bluetooth speaker that transforms any dull room into an acoustic haven. It's all about setting the right mood—whether you're smashing out an assignment or just lying back for some well-deserved R&R between cram sessions. And for those spontaneous flat parties or chill hangouts, a portable speaker is the social glue that brings everyone together with some good tunes.

The UE Boom 3 checks all the right boxes. It delivers bold, immersive 360-degree sound, making sure your tunes are heard from every corner of the room. Built to withstand the unpredictable life of a student, it's waterproof, dustproof, and crafted from high-grade materials – the UE Boom 3 won’t bat an eyelid at a splash of water or an accidental tumble. Its impressive 15-hour battery life keeps the music going as long as you do. We have a bunch of other Top Portable Bluetooth Speakers worth checking out here.

With these tech devices in your arsenal, you'll be well-equipped for your year ahead! Check out these and more over at PB Tech.

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