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Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - updated July 13th, 2023
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Having a power bank (aka portable charger or battery pack) is essential if you want to keep your devices charged up when you’re away from a power outlet. We are constantly using technology in our day-to-day lives - whether it’s a smartphone for Google Maps and messaging, a laptop for working on the go, or a tablet for digital note taking - and not much is worse than running out of juice when you need it most. In these instances, a power bank will save the day. 

Not only are power banks capable of charging a range of devices - such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, and laptops - but they can also charge multiple devices at once. No matter where you are, whether it’s on an aeroplane, camping trip, university lecture,or cafe, a power bank will ensure your day isn’t interrupted by a flat battery. Today, we’re sharing with you the Best Power Banks in NZ! 

What to Consider When Choosing a Power Bank?

For the most part, different power banks all work in the same way. However, there are variances that are important to be aware of. Depending on your needs and usage, some of these features may be more important to you than others. Let’s take a look at some of these factors!

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity in power banks, measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), indicates the amount of power it can store. This determines how much charge it can provide before it needs recharging itself. Most power banks will range from 5,000 mAh to over 30,000 mAh. Higher capacity power banks can charge your devices multiple times or power larger gadgets, while smaller capacity ones may charge a smartphone one or two times. If you want a power bank to charge your laptop, we recommend choosing one that's at least 20,000mAh.

Physical Size

Higher-capacity power banks are typically larger and heavier. Balancing capacity with portability is crucial to finding a suitable power bank for your needs. If you’re buying one to take to a festival for example, you don’t want to be carrying a large, heavy power bank with you. For this reason, you may opt for a 10,000mAh Power Bank (or less if it’s a one day event), and even opt for one with a compact and lightweight design.

Power Ports

If you want the ability to charge more than one device at once, look for a power bank that has at least two ports. You should also consider what devices you intend on charging and whether the ports available will be suitable for it. For example, if you are charging a device that requires a USB-C input/output for fast power delivery (such as a laptop), does the power bank have a USB-C port? 

Charging Speed

The charging speed in power banks are measured in watts (W) or amperes (A). The higher the output, the faster your device generally charges. Additionally, fast-charging technology, like Qualcomm Quick Charge (QC), USB Power Delivery (PD), or proprietary technologies, can also lead to faster charging by dynamically optimising the current of energy. This is provided the device is compatible and supports the charging standard or fast-charging technology. Beyond the power bank itself, you should also ensure you have a high-quality cable to minimise energy loss during charging, and increase efficiency.

Travel Restrictions

If you’re buying a power bank for travel, it’s important to take note of airline restrictions. Power banks for personal use generally must not exceed 100Wh, though most airlines allow power banks up to 160Wh with prior approval. Anything above 160Wh is typically prohibited. Additionally, you can only carry up to two power banks that exceed 100Wh and they must be packed in carry-on baggage, not checked luggage. While general restrictions apply to most airlines, individual carriers may have additional requirements, limits, or exemptions based on local laws or company policies so be sure to check to avoid any inconveniences! We cover this in more detail here

Wireless Capabilities

If wireless charging is a priority for you, keep an eye out for Wireless Power Banks. Keep in mind, your device will need to be compatible with the wireless charging standard used in order for this to work, so double check this before buying.

1. Xiaomi 22.5W Fast Charging Power Bank - 10,000mAh

Picture of Xiaomi 22.5W Fast Charging PowerBank - 10000mAh
Great value, fast-charging power bank
Picture of Xiaomi 22.5W Fast Charging PowerBank - 10000mAh
Holds enough power to charge a smartphone 2-3 times over

Xiaomi is a well-known brand for delivering reliable and durable products, all without breaking the bank. The Mi 22.5W 10000mAh Power Bank offers a decent amount of juice, capable of charging a smartphone 2-3 times over (depending on the battery size of your device). It features a Type-C port for fast charging of your high-power electronic devices, including the latest Mi smartphones, Apple iPhones and the Nintendo Switch, making it an effortless solution to your everyday charging needs. It is also able to charge three devices simultaneously with one Type-C port and two USB-A ports. Additionally, with a 22.5W MAX input capacity, the Type-C port supports two-way fast charging. 

The Mi 22.5W Power Bank is great value - offering a decent amount of battery, along with fast-charging abilities, at a reasonable price. The only potential con is that compared to similar Power Banks of the same capacity, it is slightly heavier. While the extent won’t be enough to bother most people, if you’re looking for something compact and lightweight, the next one on this list will be a better choice!

2. Momax iPower Lite 2 Ultra Slim Power Bank - 10,000mAh

Picture of Momax Ultra Slim Power Bank - iPower Lite 2
Ultra slim power bank with 10,000mAh of power capacity
Picture of Momax Ultra Slim Power Bank - iPower Lite 2
Up to 20W output, 18W fast charging output, USB-A output up to 22.5W MAX

If you need a power bank that is compact and lightweight, the Momax Ultra Slim Power Bank is a great choice! It has a 10,000mAh capacity, a lightweight body of approximately 188g, and an ultra slim form factor that you can comfortably grip in your hand and will easily slip into your day bag. With up to 20W output and 18W fast charging output, it's capable of getting devices up to charge rapidly. It includes a USB-C port, as well as a USB-A port with a single-port output power of 22.5W MAX. The built-in overheart, overload, short circuit and FOB protection also ensures safe operation.

The Momax Ultra Slim Power Bank a great choice for those who need a compact power bank that’s perfect to slip into a bag and take on the go. It also light weight and has fast charging capabilities! The cons are that it only has two ports (though realistically, this should be enough for when you’re on the go), and compared to the former option, it does come at a more premium price. That being said, less bulk with an ultra-slim power bank is certainly a worthy compromise in many cases.

3. Momax Magnetic Wireless Charger & Power Bank - 5,000mAh

Picture of Momax Magnetic Wireless Charger and Power Bank
Exquisitely and stylishly designed smartphone charger and power bank.
Picture of Momax Magnetic Wireless Charger and Power Bank
Features a stand on the back so your smartphone can be propped up.

Next up, is the Momax Magnetic Wireless Charger & Power Bank - this pocket-sized device offers 5,000mAh of capacity to power your smartphone. It's exquisitely designed with a transparent panel, ultra-thin body and magnetic design, which will conveniently snap on  compatible mobile phones to charge. Its standout feature is the Qi Wireless Charging capability (15W max), which allows you to charge Qi-compatible devices by simply placing them on top of the power bank. Additionally, this power bank supports USB-C PD 3.0 charging with a power of up to 20W for fast charging. This device also comes with a stand so you can have your phone propped up while charging. 

The Momax Magnetic Wireless Charger & Power Bank offers enough power to give most smartphones at least one full re-charge. It is ideal for anyone who owns Qi-compatible devices. It’s also compact, making it a great power bank to slip into your bag and take with you on the go; plus has the benefit of being a phone stand too. The con is that it doesn't have a large capacity and the price is premium considering; however, its impressive design and unique features help make up for this.

4. Belkin 15W Power Bank - 20,000mAh

Picture of Belkin Boost Up Charge Power bank
Add up to 75 hours of additional battery life to your devices!
Picture of Belkin Boost Up Charge Power bank
Charge up to three devices at the same time

If you need more power, Belkin’s 15W Power Bank offers double the capacity of the previous three! With 20,000 mAh, you can get over 75 additional hours of battery life for your devices, keeping you connected for days at a time. It provides power through its USB-C port and dual USB-A ports, allowing you to charge up to three devices at the same time. The LED battery indicator lights will let you know when it's time to charge or when you're good to go.

The Belkin’s USB-C 20,000mAh power bank has great capacity and is reasonably affordable considering. It is a good choice for those who like the idea of having plenty of backup power for their devices, without spending a whole lot of money. The con is that with 15W of output, it’s not as fast as the rest of the power banks on this list, so you'll find that it'll charge large devices like laptops more slowly.

5. Zendure 100W PD SuperTank - 26,800mAh

Picture of Zendure SuperTank 100W Power Bank
Zendure SuperTank can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously
Picture of Zendure SuperTank 100W Power Bank
A massive 26,800mAh capacity can easily re-charge your phone 7-10 times!

The Zendure SuperTank 100W PD power bank sets itself apart by providing both a large capacity and impressive speed. With a massive 26,800mAh capacity, it can easily recharge your phone 7-10 times or extend your 13" MacBook Pro usage by an additional 13 hours. Plus, with an impressively fast 100W of power delivery, just 15 minutes of charging can power up your phone for an entire day or charge your MacBook Pro from 0% to 100% in just 2 hours! 

Equipped with 4 USB ports, SuperTank can power up to 4 devices simultaneously. With the two USB-C ports, you could even simultaneously charge two laptops at 60W power delivery. This power bank is a great option for those after a high-capacity, high-speed power bank that’s safe for all airline travel! According to Zendure, this power bank has a 99.97Wh rating mean it just falls under the 100Wh limit.

5. Promate POWERMINE-130 Power Bank - 38,000mAh

Picture of Promate Powermine-130 Power Bank
Simultaneously charge up to 3 devices through the 1x USB-A and 2x USB-C ports
Picture of Promate Powermine-130 Power Bank
Features 100W USB-C Power Delivery and 22.5W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

If you’re looking for a power bank that trumps them all in both speed and capacity, Promate’s 38,000mAh Quick Charging PowerBank is for you! With 100W USB-C Power Delivery and 22.5W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, this power bank will charge your devices at 5X faster speeds than regular chargers. Additionally, PowerMine-130 features adaptive charging technology that delivers optimum current to your device, making it capable of fully charging  a MacBook Pro 15" from 0% to 100% in 1.5 hours. This power bank can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices through the 1x USB-A and 2x USB-C ports. This Promate POWERMINE-130 also features in-built circuits to protect your devices from overcharging and short circuit protection. 

This power bank is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a power bank that can easily charge larger devices, such as laptops, multiple times. Not only does it have a high capacity, but it also has speedy power delivery, enabling it to charge compatible devices at full speed. The con is that the capacity means that it's not suitable for airline travel but will be a hardy side-kick on all of your other trips!

We hope you found this list hopeful! Check out our full range of Power Banks here.

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