Introducing Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear True Wireless Earphones With Air Conduction Technology

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - July 17th, 2023
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Shokz is best-known for its patented open-ear headphones, such as the OpenRun Pro, which uses bone conduction technology to send vibrations through your cheekbones to your ears. The latest from Shokz, however - released just this month - is the OpenFit Open-Ear True Wireless Earphones and they work a little differently. OpenFit are the first earbuds to feature air conduction technology which directs sound vibrations towards the inner ear without any obstruction. These earbuds are ultra-lightweight with an open-ear construction that lets you comfortably hear both your own audio and every sound around you with total clarity. They’re engineered with a dual-layered liquid silicone that provides a flexible fit for all ear shapes while ensuring comfort even during prolonged use.  

“When setting out to develop OpenFit, we scanned a vast array of human ear data to create the most comfortable fit within our patented open-ear design,” said Vincent Xiong, Chief Executive Officer at Shokz. “We couldn’t be prouder of the natural sound quality, powerful bass and secure, ergonomic fit we perfected with OpenFit [...]”


How does it work?

OpenFit uses DirectPitch™ technology for an engaging audio experience, taking you deep into your favourite songs, podcasts, and audiobooks; while the proprietary Shokz OpenBass™ enhancement algorithm delivers low-frequency vibrations straight to your ear without blocking it. Additionally, OpenFit uses AI Call Noise Cancellation technology to provide optimal call quality, proven to filter out up to 99.7% of background noise in commonly noisy locations like stations and intersections. All around, it sounds pretty impressive! From what we’ve heard so far, the bass performance and volume steps it up a notch compared to its Bone Conduction sibling.

What are the advantages of it?

Situational Awareness

One of the key advantages of the open-ear design is it allows you to maintain situational awareness. By keeping your ears open, you can stay connected with your surroundings and rapidly notice any potential dangers or changes in your environment. The Shokz OpenFit allows you to listen to your favourite music and podcasts without jeopardizing your safety, whether it's hearing an incoming car or someone approaching you from behind. It also allows you to engage with your co-workers or friends without having to stop your music.

Unparalleled Comfort

Open-ear earphones also offer unparalleled comfort making them perfect for extended wear. With nothing obstructing your ear canals or placed over your head, there is no pressure or squeezing like you’d normally find with regular earbuds or headphones. This also means you won’t experience ear fatigue when you’ve been wearing them for a long period of time. Additionally, they feature an ergonomic dolphin arc ear hook that ensures the earbuds rest securely around your ears, allowing for natural airflow and minimising discomfort.

More Hygienic

While traditional earbuds accumulate dirt, sweat, bacteria, and earwax over time - impacting audio quality and potentially contributing to ear infections or discomfort - open-ear earphones are naturally far more hygienic and easier to keep clean. Because they don’t actually go in your ear canals, you avoid direct contact which reduces the risk of bacteria growth. As a result, they require very little maintenance and all they will need is a little wipe down every now and then. OpenFit are also water resistant, with an IP54 water resistance rating, meaning they’re perfect for sweaty workouts or even for use while out in the rain.

Picture of Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear Earbuds
OpenFit doesn't make contact with your ear canals making it more hygienic
Picture of Shokz OpenFit Open-Ear Earbuds
Perfect to wear at home, in the office and even during workouts

Shokz OpenFit Features

  • Open-ear design gives users all-day comfort, a secure fit and situational awareness. The ear cushion core is engineered with a dual-layered liquid silicone that gives a pliable fit for every ear shape while avoiding discomfort from even extended wear.
  • Optimizing the design and material of open-ear earbuds, OpenFit is compact and light, weighing at just 8.3 grams per ear. The ergonomic and flexible dolphin arc ear hook design with a built-in 0.7mm ultra-fine flexible memory wire provides an ergonomic fit that gently adapts to your natural ear shape.
  • Uses DirectPitch™, a brand-new audio experience made for OpenFit that allows for premium audio quality that perfectly balances bold highs, clear mids, and surging bass.
  • Listeners can enjoy a true audio experience by using Shokz OpenBass™, a proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm to carry low-frequency vibrations directly toward your ear without covering it.
  • Features a 18x11mm customized dynamic driver unit that is built with an ultra light composite diaphragm composed of two parts. The inner dome-shaped cap is made of a high strength, ultra lightweight carbon fiber that is 20 times stronger than steel, pumping every acoustic vibration with incredible accuracy.
  • Has AI Call Noise Cancellation technology to ensure call quality. This technology is tested and proven in common noisy call settings – such as stations and intersections – filtering out up to 99.7% of ambient noise.
  • Up to 28 hours of music-listening time when charged in the charging case, making it ideal for the athlete and entrepreneurs on-the-go.
  • Audio playback and calls can be controlled directly on the built-in touchpads, truly freeing your hands without additional phone operation.
  • An IP54 water-resistant rating was designed with a double-layer waterproof steel mesh and gauze for additional protection and enhanced sound performance.
  • Listeners can get a more personalized listening experience by using the Shokz App to select your favorite EQ modes and button functions.

Take a closer look at the new Shokz OpenFit Open-Eat True Wireless Earphones below or head over to the Shokz brand store!

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