How to Protect Your Hearing at Live Concerts With SoundProtex

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - July 11th, 2023
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Nothing beats watching your favourite musicians perform live at a concert. There’s an undeniable thrill of being amidst the resonant boom of live music and the dynamic energy of a crowd. Unfortunately, this exhilaration comes with a catch - the risk of music-induced hearing loss. Consistent and prolonged exposure to loud noises, particularly at decibel levels above 85 dB, can lead to permanent hearing loss over time - a common but preventable condition. The new Sennheiser SoundProtex hearing protection earplugs curb this threat, enabling you to hear the best possible sound at concerts and loud environments, while keeping your hearing safe.

The SoundProtex earplugs aren’t like regular earplugs which tend to muffle sound and can make it feel like the band or DJ is playing under water, effectively ruining the concert experience. Making use of their extensive knowledge of sound, Sennheiser has managed to develop a pair that actually enhances the live music experience in a safe way.

These advanced high-fidelity ear plugs have patented membrane filter technology which allows you to enjoy perfectly balanced and full frequency sound without damaging your hearing. By reducing the sound pressure that reaches your ear, the filter lowers potentially harmful volume levels so that users can listen safely for longer, all the while, preserving the sonic details that make music brilliant and beautiful. The decibel level at many rock concerts, for example, often go beyond 100 dB - that’s some serious sound power! Exposure to those sound levels for more than 15 minutes, however, already puts your hearing in the danger zone, so SoundProtex earplugs are well worth the consideration if you frequent these gigs.

Sennheiser SoundProtex Hearing Protection Earplugs
Protect your hearing at live concerts without muffling music
Sennheiser SoundProtex Hearing Protection Earplugs
Perfect for all kinds of noisy environments

How do they work?

The dual-stage filters in SoundProtex have a unique edge - they're superbly designed to deliver only clear and balanced sound to your ears. How do they make this happen? It's all about the strategic blend of a tuned membrane and a sound-dampening mesh which holds back both high and low frequencies equally. Now, when it comes to having a conversation, we lean on higher frequency details. However, your average earplug tends to blur these details. Not with SoundProtex, though. These well-crafted filters retain sufficient high frequencies to maintain environmental awareness — meaning, you can comfortably engage in a regular chat, even in the middle of a pulsating concert.

Are they comfortable and durable?

SoundProtex isn't a one-and-done deal like typical earplugs. In fact, they have a long life-time so you can use them over and over again - a quick wipe-off or a rinse under water is all they need. They even cater to all different ear sizes with three variations of ear tips included, all housed in a handy pouch bag. No worries about comfort or fit here - SoundProtex ensures a snug, comfortable wear, even through extended use.

SoundProtex is also great to enjoy some peace and quiet on the road or in a noisy office when you need to concentrate. And whenever the goal is to eliminate as much sound as possible, pop in the included full block filter. It’s perfect any time you want complete quiet to relax or sleep and as it is air-and water-tight, it even protects ears from water when swimming.

Choose the level of filtering

Take everything that the SoundProtex offers and now imagine having even more control over your sound environment. That's the Sennheiser SoundProtex Plus for you. It comes with two extra acoustic filters, allowing you the flexibility to dial in just the right amount of sound attenuation. Be it reducing the hum of a busy office or the booming sounds at a concert, SoundProtex Plus has got you covered.  

The three filters that come with the SoundProtex Plus include: the strongest filter with an estimated single number rating (SNR) of 20 dB is ideal for loud music, motorsports, or powertool use; the medium filter with an estimated SNR of 17 dB is ideal for festivals, events, or travelling; and the low filter with an estimated SNR of 10 dB is ideal for quieter or non-amplified concerts, noisy offices, or visiting bars and restaurants. And of course, there’s the total block filter if you simply want silence too. 

Take care of your hearing today

Sennheiser’s SoundProtex and SoundProtex Plus offer a much-needed solution for protecting hearing without compromising the sound quality of our favourite music. Now you can savour your music and social situations without the worry of potential hearing damage, because with products like these at hand, you've got your ears covered. Check these out below or head over to the Sennheiser brand store!

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