Top 7 Appliances for a Clean and Healthy Home

Ainsley McKay By Ainsley McKay - updated October 19th, 2023
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There’s no doubt that having a clean home is important to our health. If you experienced a flooded or leaking home due to recent weather events, it’s even more imperative to stay on top of it. Damp and dusty homes can not only lead to respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies and asthma, but it can also impact your immune system. Thanks to innovative modern technology, it’s a lot easier to maintain a clean home and better yet, it takes much less effort than it used to. If you're looking for the best home appliances to keep your home clean and healthy, these are our top picks!

Air Purifier - Samsung AX60T

Samsung AX60T Air Purifier
Captures up to 99.97% of particles in the air
Samsung AX60T Air Purifier
Conveniently control and monitor the AX60T from anywhere

We’re constantly exposed to dust, bacteria, gasses, chemicals and various allergens. While it’s impossible to completely avoid these air contaminants, you can ensure there’s significantly less of them in your home with an air purifier. Samsung’s AX60T Air Purifier provides cutting-edge purification capabilities including filtration systems that guarantee 99.97% of particles in the air are captured - this is backed by independent testing. With one of these running in your home, you can rest assured that you’re breathing in clean, pure air.

With 3-Way Airflow, this unit is powerful enough to purify medium-large living spaces, yet flexible and compact enough to move from room to room with ease thanks to the concealed wheels. The purifier works quickly and effectively, leveraging a comprehensive detection system with advanced sensors and a display that provides precise information about current indoor air quality conditions. It’s also Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to monitor indoor air pollution levels from anywhere, and conveniently control it remotely using the SmartThings app.

Stick Vacuum - Samsung Jet 90

Bacteria, dust, and allergens can also get trapped in carpets, floorboards, and other cracks and crevices around the home, so a good vacuum cleaner is a must-have. If you’re after a stick vacuum that’s super powerful and effective, take a look at Samsung's Jet 90 Cordless Stick Vaccum. This vacuum offers advanced and powerful cleaning performance, featuring a digital inverter motor that generates suction power of up to 200W. An aerodynamic air system also optimises the airflow, while multi-cyclonic air filtration traps fine dust particles.

Thanks to a Turbo Action Brush, the Jet 90 is super effective at picking up fine dust particles in the carpet as well as on hardwood floors (and right in those cracks and crevices). The bursh rotates around 3,750 times a minute and can clean various types of flooring. It also has a 180 degree swivel head so you can easily change direction and clean every corner. All of this dust and fine particles get filtered through a 5 Layered Filtration System, which helps to keep the air clean by trapping 99.99% of dust and reducing allergens. Additionally, the Jet 90 provides a convenient way to empty your dustbin. Simply detach and place the vacuum bin on top of the Cleaning Station, which will automatically empty out the dust, without you having to separate the pipe or the cyclone or let any dust escape into the air.

The Jet 90 features a powerful 21.9V lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 1 hour of continuous suction which is the perfect amount of time for most households. You can double your cleaning time without recharging simply by using a spare battery (which can be charged at the same time as your vacuum thanks to the dual charging adapters). You can check the vacuums power level, machine status, and brush type on the integrated digital display. 

Stick Vacuum (Value Pick) - Xiaomi Mi G10 Plus

Picture of Xiaomi Mi G10 Plus Handheld Vacuum
Mi G10 Plus includes two brush types and two additional nozzles.
Picture of Xiaomi Mi G10 Plus Handheld Vacuum
Delivers up to 150AW of powerful suction for a flagship cleaning experience.

Not everyone has over $1000 to splash out on a stick vacuum. That's why we wanted to include a great value pick as well. Introducing the Xiaomi Mi G10 Plus Handheld Vacuum & Mop. Yup, you heard that right, this one even has a mopping function! This stick vacuum features a high-speed digital motor which delivers up to 150AW of powerful suction to remove fine dust, hair, and dust mites, providing a flagship cleaning experience. Additionally, its distinctive wheel design aids in effortlessly gliding over carpets, further improving its functionality and effectiveness.

The thing with cheap vacuum cleaners is their lack of filtration can cause secondary pollution, releasing dust back into the environment. Not with the Mi G10 Plus! This machine uses a five-stage refined filter system, which can effectively lock particulate matter as small as 0.3µm, with an overall filtering efficiency as high as 99.9%. In addition to the large high torque ground brush, it also comes with a mini electric brush. This specialised mite removal brush can effectively remove dust mites and dandruff from deep within bedding and sofas, keeping your home's microenvironment clean. There's also the Crevice nozzle and the 2-in-1 Brush nozzle to help you effectively clean furniture, crevices, and surfaces too. 

The Mi G10 Plus has a long battery life so you won't have to worry about it dying mid-clean. A 3000mAh extended battery will last you up to 65 minutes on a single charge (the nozzle you use and suction power will have an impact on this). You can also purchase additional batteries that you can swap out with a single touch, allowing you to clean for double the time without the need for a re-charge. Emptying the dustbin is super convenient and requires a single press of a button - no need to get your hands too involved, keeping them clean and hygienic.

Robot Vacuum - Roborock S7 Plus Smart Robot Vacuum

If it doesn’t take long for your floors to get dirty, vacuuming and mopping daily is a sure fire way to keep your floors clean and your home healthier. Luckily, it can be done without taking any of your time. You just need a good friend like the robot vacuum. While there are a range of robot vacuums to suit different budgets, for the best balance of price and awesome features, we recommend the popular Roborock S7 Plus. This robot vacuum features 2500Pa of intense HyperForce suction to be the scourge of dust, getting hard to work lifting out dirt from cracks, carpets, and floorboards. 

To finish the job right, the S7 Plus will also get hard at work mopping your floors. With VibraRise™ sonic vibration technology, it scrubs your floors up to 3,000 times per minute. Got carpets too? The mop intelligently lifts when carpet is detected, so you can get mopped floors and vacuumed carpets in one single clean. When it’s finished, it’ll return itself to the dock and automatically empty itself, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty! Able to hold up to eight weeks of dust, it makes keeping your floors clean easier than ever. Plus, an onboard filtration system captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. When it's time to empty, a swift pull of the dust bag seals it shut, ready for instant disposal.


Smart Window Cleaner - Winbot W1 Pro

The Ecovacs Winbot W1 Pro is a revolutionary window-cleaning robot designed to make your life easier and more efficient - especially if you have large windows in your home. The thing with cleaning windows is that you have to do it twice - once on the inside, and once on the outside. That sounds like a timely and tedious task! So you're left with three choices: just do the damn thing, have streaky and spotty windows, or get yourself a Winbot that'll do it for you! With its cutting-edge technology, the Winbot W1 Pro guarantees a thorough, mess-free, and efficient window cleaning experience that guarantees a polished result.

The Winbot securely grips to your window using a strong suction system that delivers 2,800Pa of suction power. And then, using intelligent pathfinding technology, it ensures complete and efficient coverage of your windows, no matter the size or shape. It even has a coupler sensor which detects edges and smartly adjusts the cleaning route, allowing it to easily clean frameless windows. The Winbot uses dual direction cross-spray technology to ensure all dirt is removed by dissolving stains for easy wipe-off. The wide range spray angle keeps the cleaning area wet, offering the ultimate spotless cleaning performance. It then absorbs and cleans without any water streaks using a large microfibre material.

This robot is designed for various glass types, such as framed, frameless, frosted, and even decal-covered windows, making it adaptable to your specific requirements. It is super easy to set up and operate, with a minimal learning curve. For ultimate control, you can even control it remotely from anywhere using the Ecovacs app. So, have windows to clean? This window cleaning robot will save you time and effort while delivering exceptional results!

Dehumidifier - Olimpia Aquaria 24L S1 24 P

As we head into colder months, a dehumidifier is a must-have, especially if your home is prone to getting damp and muggy. Dehumidifiers help to draw moisture out of the air and lower humidity levels - this will make your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mould, and mildew. It could even pay to pick up a Temperature & Humidity Monitor to check your humidity levels and ensure it’s safe. 

The task of dehumidifying a room can be left to Olimpia’s Aquaria 24L S1 24 P - a high-performing smart dehumidifier that’s capable of taking on large rooms up to 100m3. It combines a high dehumidification capacity (of 24L over 24 hours with a tank capacity of 5L) with a triple air filter (antidust, activated carbon and HEPA), a temperature & humidity indicator, a motorised flap and a touchscreen and remote controls. With integrated Wi-Fi, you can manage all functions from your smartphone, even if you're away from home.


Steam Mop - Shark Corded S1000 Steam Mop

If you want clean hard-sealed floors, the traditional mop and bucket isn’t going to cut it for very long. The mop can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew, plus, the entire process often takes a lot of effort (compared to this next solution)! A steam mop is a much better option and you don’t have to splash out hundreds on one either. A great entry-level steam mop is Shark’s Corded S1000 Steam Mop which uses hot steam to sanitise your floors and lift away bacteria, dirt and grime. Simply pump the handle when you need some steaming action! It’s easy to maneuver, allowing you to clean in hard-to-reach tight spaces; and has a large removable water tank so you don’t have to constantly refill it. The Dirt Grip™ Pads that absorb and trap dirt while cleaning are removable and washable so you’re not spreading bacteria each time you mop.


These home appliances will not only keep your home cleaner and healthier but they'll make the job easier too thanks to their modern innovations! To check out some more great tech to have in the home, browse our full range of home appliances here.

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