Samsung Odyssey Ark is the biggest thing in gaming monitors!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated September 15th, 2022
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Prepare yourself for the most immersive gaming adventures, there is a new gaming monitor named the Samsung Odyssey Ark, and it is unlike anything we have seen before!

Spanning our vision with a full 55” panel, matching the curve of the eye, this new Samsung Ark screen can be rotated into landscape or portrait (Samsung call this cockpit mode, hopefully, a nod to this mode being supported in the upcoming Starfield game) for an experience that's both new and exciting. Making this possible on a monitor of this size, Samsung ARK has a special height adjustable stand, with advanced tilt and pivot functionality.

Picture of Samsung Odyssey ARK Gaming Monitor in horizontal mode
In horizontal mode the Samsung Odyssey ARK is a gloriously large curved screen, and you can split this screen-space into four desktops with ease!
Picture of Samsung Odyssey ARK Gaming Monitor in cockpit mode
Flip it into cockpit mode and the Samsung Odyssey ARK is a display like nothing else, in this mode you can easily convert into three desktop spaces

It's not just all about size and curves though, those top techs at Samsung have ensured this monitor also ticks all the boxes a high-end gamer is going to be looking for, including high refresh rates and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for smooth sync - and this new Samsung ARK is capable of an incredible 165Hz at 3840x2160 resolution! Combine all this with a Sound Dome setup that includes four speakers, one at each corner, and two central woofers with Dolby Atmos to produce a top-tier all-encompassing experience with stellar picture quality and immersive surround sound!

While this screen is certainly designed with PC gamers in mind, Samsung knows this screen will be enjoyed in other use cases too so they've made it easy to use with multiple content sources with the included Ark Dial. This desktop controller is solar-powered and it can also be charged by a USB Type-C connection. Using this we can access and tweak a range of settings, including some neat ones such as Samsung Multi View which allows users to use the large screen for productivity to maximum potential by displaying up to 4x screens all at once while in the horizontal position, or 3x while in cockpit mode - eliminating the need for multi-monitor setups!

Picture of Samsung Odyssey ARK Gaming Monitor in horizontal mode
You can split the screen-space to suit, even while gaming! Enjoy your game, chat live and your watch your favourite streamers all at once
Picture of Samsung Odyssey ARK Gaming Monitor in cockpit mode
The ARK DIAL controller makes it super easy to set and change you spaces, it's solar powered but can also be connected via the USB Type-C connection

Via Pat Bugos, Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Canada. “We are thrilled to deliver a new gaming experience with the introduction of the Odyssey Ark. Featuring a superb form factor with a highly innovative and intuitive interface, this 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen represents a new frontier in gaming".

The Samsung Ark also sports their fancy Quantum Mini LEDs technology, with ultra-realistic details enjoying the densely packed LEDs with newly added 14-bit processing and a sophisticated lighting control, this comes into play within the brightest scenes, but also those which are darker, with a remarkable 16,384 black levels specifically counted by Samsung.

Have you been looking for an incredible new gaming monitor? The Samsung Odyssey ARK is the new option that ticks all the boxes for the big screen gamer, but it also excels for those who use their PC for movies and productivity tasks.

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Interesting that they've gone for less curve compared to the previous Odyssey G9 (1500R), wonder why. Keen to see Quantum Mini LEDs in person, maybe time for an upgrade.... unless LG has something cooking also.. c'mon guys!

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