The Best Products For An Aesthetic Gaming Setup

Jacob King By Jacob King - updated September 12th, 2023
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When you think about the ultimate gaming setup, it comes complete with an unbeatable gaming rig, killer peripherals, and aesthetic LED lighting. The complete combo can take time and money but it’s a journey that’s well worth it once you’ve perfected your setup. Today, we’re going to look at some must-have products for creating an aesthetic gaming setup. RGB LED lighting is often a staple in the most aesthetic gaming setups, so we’ve put them at the forefront of our selection. These are some of the best products for an aesthetic gaming setup!

Monitor Light Bar - Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro

Late-night gaming sessions are loads of fun until your eyes start feeling the burn from that glaring screen. That's where a Monitor Light Bar comes in, providing soft, ambient backlighting. This helps to reduce the strain on your eyes by minimising the contrast between the brightness of your screen and the surrounding area. They're not just practical; they're also about style. Monitor Light Bars are compact and unobtrusive, freeing up more room on your desk - more space for your snacks, collectibles or simply to enjoy a minimalistic setup. Plus, they also add an aesthetic appeal to your gaming set up.

Picture of Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro
Illuminates your screen while the 16 million colour.
Picture of Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro
Slick design, and low profile, taking up minimal room.

Yeelight’s RGB Monitor Smart Light Bar Pro is a sure-fire way to enhance your desktop lighting and gaming aesthetics. This premium screen bar – suitable for both flat and curved screens – has a slick design, and low profile, taking up minimal room while adding maximum appeal. The glare-free monitor light illuminates your screen while the 16 million colour. RGB Backlight lets you create the perfect lighting effects to match your every game move. This light bar is specially designed to create a more immersive gaming experience by offering interactive lighting for mainstream PC games. It can be easily integrated with major gaming platforms, including Razer Chroma and Overwolf. If you don't need RGB colours, check out this option from Yeelight instead.

LED Light Panels – Nanoleaf Tiles

If you want maximum impact, there’s nothing quite like Nanoleaf’s light panels which serve both as mood lighting, as well as eye-catching art. Nanoleaf panels are perfect for designing a statement wall or creating the right ambiance for your room. These modular LED light panels are available in various shapes (triangle, hexagon and lines) in a sleek ultra-thin design, complete with smart technology and controllable via the app.

A picture of Nanoleaf Tiles lighting a wall up red.
A picture of Nanoleaf Tiles creating an interesting pattern.

Each shape can be positioned to your liking to create the ultimate lighting and design experience for your setup. With the included software suite, you can sync the lights with your audio and devices for an awesome gaming experience, and even make it a multi-sensory experience with features like touch interactions. It’s likely you’ve seen a bunch of gaming setups rocking these light panels and you can add it to yours too!

RGB Light Strips – Yeelight RGB Light Strip Pro

RGB light strips are another great way to add ambient lighting to your gaming setup. Yeelight’s RGB Light Strip Pro is designed to create a more immersive gaming experience with interactive RGB lights. Integrated with Razer Chroma RGB, the LED strip enables responsive lighting effects triggered by game events. The strip can easily be automated with smart group controls, timers, brightness, and colour temperature adjustment, all via the Yeelight App.

A picture of a full gaming setup lit by LED light strips.
A picture of a TV and wall lit up with blue and purple hues.

There are a number of ways you can use LED light strips to enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup. You can place them along the back of your desk, on the back of your monitor, along the edges of your ceiling/floor, on the inside of your PC, and more! The LED light strip is flexible and can be trimmed/extended to fit into any place in your room or set up. Simply measure your space, cut the LED light strips to length, and stick them into place - or easily extend their reach up to 10m with Yeelight extension kits.

Desk Lamp – Mi 1S LED Desk Lamp or RGB Bulbs

Desk lamps are a great way to enhance your desk setup as well as add some functionality. If you’re not too keen on going all out with RGB lights, Mi’s 1S LED Desk Lamp will add a nice atmosphere while keeping things fairly minimal and it’s perfect for other activities such as studying or reading too. It produces a high-quality bright light that’s flicker-free with even and natural illumination, and you can adjust the brightness and temperature via the knob or Mi Home app.

Picture of Mi 1S LED Desk Lamp
Adjustable brightness and temperature.
Picture of Mi 1S LED Desk Lamp
High-quality bright light that's flicker-free

Alternatively, for ultimate control over the aesthetic of your room, fit a desk lamp of your choice with a Yeelight RGB light bulb. With 16 million colour options, you can select any colour to cater to your needs and can even synchronise them to music or special moments, all via the Yeelight app. With one of these bulbs fitted, you can also use your lamp to create a backlight on your wall.

Headset Stand – Wooden Studio Headset Holder

A headset holder is such a simple addition to your setup but keeps things looking clean and crisp. With the right headset stand, it can add an element of design and boost the aesthetics of your setup. Plus, if you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on your gaming headset, why wouldn’t you want them to be nicely displayed on your desk? The Wooden Studio Gaming Headset Holder is a stylish stand with a unique contemporary style and walnut finish. It’s 10-inches tall and fits almost all headphones and headsets, and its style will fit into just about any desk.

Mouse Pad – Playmax Surface RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

A good mousepad not only adds comfort, durability and greater functionality, but it can also add style – especially if you opt for an extra-large mousepad like Playmax’s Surface X2 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad. This massively sized surface will fit your Keyboard and mouse perfectly and provide a large area of space for movement. It has a micro-textured, smooth surface that enables precise navigation, and ensures your every mouse movement is translated into cursor movement.

Picture of Playmax Surface X2 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Massive surface size to fit keyboard and mouse
Picture of Playmax Surface X2 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
RGB LED backlit with 10 lighting modes

The Playmax Surface X2 is also RGB LED-backlit with 10 lighting modes that let you create a cool gaming environment for your PC gaming. It’s all powered by USB, plug and play, with no driver needed. It also has one-touch control to switch the light colours and turn it off making it very convenient to use. Check out the smaller Playmax Surface X1 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad if you have less space, and if you want to go extra-large, check out the Playmax Surface X3 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad.

These small details can make a big impact on the aesthetics of your gaming setup. For more products to add to your aesthetic gaming setup, check out our full range of LED Lighting and PC Peripherals & Accessories.

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