Dell P2422HE 24" USB-C Hub Business Monitor – Quick Look

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - April 28th, 2022
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A computer monitor is one of the most crucial components of your work setup. It’s what your eyes are focused on for a large portion of the day, so it’s safe to say, even if you have the best of the rest, your productivity will suffer without a good monitor. Dell has been building award-winning monitors for years and their innovative technology, multitasking, and comfort features are great for productivity. Today, we’re taking a quick look at an example of that in Dell’s P2422HE 24" USB-C Hub Business Monitor.

The P2422HE features a 24” IPS panel with Full HD resolution, and a 60hz refresh rate, which is perfect for the average office setup. To ensure complete comfort on those long working days, you can tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust the monitor to an optimal position and height. For eye comfort, it features ComfortViewPlusi – an always-on, built-in screen that reduces blue light emissions while delivering excellent colour accuracy. The 99% sRGB coverage ensures you’ll get precise colours right out of the box. While it hasn’t been designed with serious design work in mind, the colour accuracy makes it perfectly fine for some casual editing work (though you’ll want something with a higher resolution for larger design tasks).

A picture of the front of the Dell P2422HE 24
A picture of the Dell P2422HE utilising the daisy chain ability.

The connectivity options let you transform this monitor into a productivity hub. There’s an RJ45 for wired Ethernet connectivity and a USB-C providing up to 65W of power delivery. The USB-C connectivity offers the flexibility of connecting to multi-vendor USB-C systems with a single cable, while saving a significant amount of time setting up the workspace, reducing cable clutter, and enabling quick transitions from the desk. This makes it especially ideal for hot-desking scenarios. It also offers extensive connectivity with a variety of other ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, DisplayPort (Out), and 4x SuperSpeed USB 5Gbps.

Beyond that, there are a bunch of productivity features available thanks to Dell Display Manager. There’s Easy Arrange that allows you to easily tile multiple applications across one or more screens (with 38 pre-set window partitions along with the ability to personalise some of them); Auto-Restore remembers where you left off so applications will go back to where you left them, even after you’ve unplugged; and you can even set shortcut keys that let you quickly configure your display management settings. If you’re in the IT department, you’ll appreciate the ability to configure multiple monitors at once through a single setup.

The Dell P2422HE is a premium business monitor with comfort and productivity front of mind. It has a premium design and high-quality build, along with a bunch of features to add productivity and efficiency to how you work. To check out Dell’s other business monitors, click here to browse Dell’s full range of monitors.

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