Samsung Galaxy Buds+ vs. Buds Live vs. Buds Pro

Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - May 10th, 2021
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Picking the perfect pair of true wireless earphones can be a challenge, it’s often as much personal preference as it is some of the more tangible features. Sometimes being in an ecosystem can feel like salvation from making this choice, but then Samsung comes along with three great pairs of earphones to keep that difficulty alive. So what do you do when you need a pair of earphones to go with the awesome new Samsung phone you bought in the PB x Samsung Livestream? Picking the right option for you out of the Samsung Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Live, and Galaxy Buds Pro is a toughie, that’s why we’ve compiled this comparison below to give you a helping hand!


Battery life is often one of the biggest considerations you’ll need to make when it comes to picking your Galaxy Buds. Not only do you have to consider the battery life of the Buds themselves, you also have to consider the battery life of the charging case. We‘ve put together a handy dandy table below to help with your decision.

Galaxy Bud Play Time (with case) Charge per earbud Charging in case Regular 10 min charge
Galaxy Buds Pro Up to 28 hours 8 hours per charge 10 mins charge for up to 85 mins of playtime Gives you 2 hours of playtime
Galaxy Buds + Up to 22 hours 11 hours per charge 10 mins charge for up to 85 mins of playtime Gives you 1.5 hours of playtime
Galaxy Buds Live Up to 28 hours 7.5 hours per charge 10 mins charge for up to 85 mins of playtime Gives you 1.75 hours of playtime

Any of the extra features that the individual Buds may boast will have an impact on their battery life too. All of them are capable of syncing up the Galaxy Wearable app, which will let you check the battery life of individual earbuds as well as the charging case. The cases are all rated for QI-wireless charging too, as well as wireless power-sharing with compatible devices.


All of the Galaxy Bud options provide great quality sound, however, they definitely all fulfil a different niche. If you’re looking for great quality sound, and you’re on a budget, grab the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. If you’re looking for a pair of earphones that will give you a highly optimised sound with a fit that lets in some natural sound check out the Galaxy Buds Live. The iconic, ergonomic bean shape is also very comfortable, great for longer listening sessions. If you want earphones that are packed to the brim with features and a bit more oomph, grab the Galaxy Buds Pro. Some of the more nifty additions include the Detect Conversations feature which allows you to participate in discussions without turning off your music, 360 audio allows audio to come from all directions so you can feel more immersed. Some of these more advanced features do require a device running One UI 3.1 to work, which could affect your decision.

Both the Galaxy Buds+ and the Galaxy Buds Pro have ambient sound, allowing you to continue to enjoy your music or podcasts while maintaining awareness of what is happening in your surroundings. The Buds Pro naturally features an improved version as the newer and pricier model. The Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Buds Pro both feature Active noise cancelling, which will block out surrounding noise leaving you with just the music. Once again, the Galaxy Buds Pro feature a better version, due to the nature of the design.
All three of these buds can be tailored to varying degrees in the Galaxy Wearable app, allowing you to customise the equalizer and play around with any extra features.


When it all comes down to it, much of the decision is going to come down to your budget, what your priorities are, the environment you’ll be using them in, and any other important factors for you.

If you want a pair of headphones that are great quality, while being slightly more affordable, grab the Galaxy Buds+

If you want a pair of earphones that are ultra-comfortable, iconic, and allow the music a bit of room to breathe, get yourself a pair of Galaxy Buds Live.

And finally, if you want a pair of earphones that will deliver a truly premium experience, grab yourself the Galaxy Buds Pro. Beware though, to access all of the premium features these bad boys have to offer, you’ll need to be rocking a device with One UI 3.1.

If you’re after a new phone, smartwatch, or quality pair of earphones, check out the full Samsung range at PB Tech!

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