The Samsung Jet and Clean Station is perfect for people who really hate dust

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - March 29th, 2021
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There’s no better way to go into a new season than with a massive clean up and declutter. Cleaning is something most of us normally don’t get excited about - I know. But when you’ve got revolutionary technology on your side, things definitely get a bit more exciting - at least for us tech junkies here. Samsung is revolutionising the way you clean with their High-Performance Jet Cordless Vacuum and Clean Station, and as someone who’s all about having a clean and healthy home - I’m all for it!

It should come as no surprise that Samsung’s here to upgrade the way we clean - they’ve been taking home appliances to the next level for some time now from their intelligent refrigerators to their steam dressers. With all the bugs and pollutants that threaten the health of our homes these days, cutting-edge cleaning appliances are more welcome now than ever; and we know we can trust Samsung to deliver on quality and performance.

“Our strong commitment to create vacuum cleaners that offer a differentiated cleaning experience to consumers is perfectly represented in the Samsung Jet™ series,” said Eugene Chung, Vice President of the Global Product Management Group at Digital Appliances Business, Samsung Electronics. “Despite the Samsung Jet’s remarkably powerful suction capabilities, its body has been designed to be lightweight, allowing our customers to enjoy the Jet’s easy-to-use features more comfortably.”

A Powerful Cleaning Solution

This powerful cleaning solution that’s designed to leave your home spick and span is the Samsung Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner, along with a compatible Clean Station that can deliver the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution for the home.

Delivers the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution.
Delivers the ultimate end-to-end cleaning solution.
Industry-leading 200W of suction power.
Industry-leading 200W of suction power.

The Samsung Jet™ cordless stick vacuum cleaner adds new meaning to the phrase “powerful clean.” It’s capable of generating an industry-leading 200W of suction, which is more than enough power to remove dust and dander from shaggy carpets. It also has swappable heads that are perfect for cleaning soft surfaces like mattresses and drapes, where microscopic dust and pests are known to gather.

The Jet’s industry-leading capabilities are made possible by its Digital Inverter Motor and the Jet Cyclone system. The Digital Inverter Motor incorporates an ultrasonic welded cover and diffuser that optimize airflow. It allows Samsung Jet™ to maintain a high level of energy efficiency needed to generate a significant level of suction power. Meanwhile, the Jet Cyclone system features nine separate cyclones, each with 3-way multi-air inlets to minimize loss of suction power while securely trapping fine dust particles that are sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Unless you’re a vacuum connoisseur, all this technical talk probably doesn’t mean all that much to you. But as someone who likes having a clean and healthy home, you’ll appreciate that the Jet vacuum will likely leave your home more spotless than it’s ever been. Its high-performance power will suck everything right up, including ultrafine particles that normal vacuums will miss! You’ll get to have the peace of mind that comes with a clean home.

Bust the Dust and Breathe Cleaner Air

Now, although a home might look clean, the quality of air might not reflect that, especially when you’ve just transferred thousands of microscopic particles into the air after a clean. Thankfully, Samsung is committed to ensuring the safety and health of its users and has systems in place to combat this. The Samsung Jet Cordless Vacuum has a best-in-class 5 Layered HEPA filtration system. Verified and certified by the British Allergy Foundation (BAF), the high-performance filter traps 99.999 percent of dust and allergens that would normally escape back into the air with other vacuums.

Up to 400 times less dust emission when emptying dustbin!
Up to 400 times less dust emission when emptying dustbin!

All of this doesn’t matter much if you’re letting it all back into the air as you empty the dustbin, right? That’s where the Clean Station comes in. The Samsung Clean Station™ offers an innovative solution for emptying the vacuum’s dustbin. It’s roughly 400 times more hygienic than conventional dustbins, featuring an airtight design that automatically empties the canister and prevents fine dust from being released into the air. The Anti-Dust Emitting Structure has even been verified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to prevent ultrafine dust from escaping. The Clean Station also has its own 5 Layered HEPA Filtration System that traps 99.999 percent of fine dust particles, ensuring cleaner air in the room.

A Cleaner Home Without Getting Your Hands Dirty?

It’s pretty impressive how Samsung has taken cleaning to the next level, while keeping it so incredibly simple at the same time. The Samsung Jet Cordless Vacuum, and its companion - the Clean Station, really does upgrade the cleaning experience in a number of ways. It’s cordless and lightweight making it pretty low effort for the most part. Despite this, you know you’re giving your home an ultra-deep clean and clearing away even the finest of particles including allergens and other pollutants. To top it all off, you can extract it all from your floors and furniture and dispose of it in a secure bin without even getting your hands' dirty thanks to the Clean Station. You get a spotless home, but by quickly and efficiently eliminating all kinds of invisible irritants while you clean, you get the added peace of mind that comes with a clean and healthy home.

The Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Vacuum and Clean Station have just become available at PB Tech. If you’re looking to keep your home healthy, check out the full range of Vacuum Cleaners and find the right one for you!

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Great article! I completely agree that the Samsung Jet and Clean Station is a game-changer for people who really hate dust. I have always struggled with keeping my home dust-free, but with this product, it seems like the days of struggling are finally over. The fact that it can be used as both a vacuum and mop is fantastic and saves so much time and effort compared to using separate devices. I also appreciate the innovative features, such as the self-cleaning system, which makes maintenance so much easier. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to keep their home clean and dust-free. Thank you for sharing this information and I hope it helps others make the decision to invest in a Samsung Jet and Clean Station. Best regards,

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