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Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated March 3rd, 2021
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EPOS has a wealth of experience in making awesome gaming headsets. Now they're looking to break into the true wireless scene, and aim to carry over what has brought gamers to EPOS previously. The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earphones are what they've come up with. With an included USB-C adapter, they’ll work great with USB devices, especially portable ones such as the Nintendo Switch.


With a clean and sleek, silver design, the EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid’s are low-key, yet packed to the brim with features. The earbuds are closed-back and in-ear to really drown out the background noise, allowing you to focus on the game! IPX5 water resistance protects the earphones from sweat or light rain, so they’ll easily survive a typical commute.

A compact and lightweight design makes these headphones really comfortable, even when wearing them over a long period of time. The unique ergonomic shape naturally adjusts to your ear. The earphones softness means it naturally adjusts to your ear, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable fit in-ear.

To control these earbuds, EPOS has placed a small button up near the top of the left earpiece. This button controls your play, pause, next track, as well as phone controls. They follow the standard controls, one tap for pausing or playing and accepting calls. Two taps skip to the next song. Three taps reverses the song. While pressing and holding the button will bring up your phone's smart assistant.


These earbuds were designed with noise isolation as a focus to deliver that signature, no compromise, EPOS sound in a mobile package. The dual microphones deliver fantastic audio clarity, while lasting for up to 5 hours, or 20 with the charging case. The EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid’s manage to deliver a surprisingly great audio experience for true wireless headphones, with solid bass and little distortion, even at the higher volumes.

Elevate your commute with some awesome earphones to game with.
Elevate your commute with some awesome earphones to game with.
The EPOS GTW 270 gaming earphones are great even just as normal earphones.
The EPOS GTW 270 gaming earphones are great even just as normal earphones.


These earphones have the standard Bluetooth connectivity options, working with any phone or tablet with Bluetooth support. The included USB-C dongle makes it stand out though, allowing you to use these headphones with a PS4 or PC, as well as with a Nintendo Switch. Portable gaming devices like the Switch really go hand in hand with these earbuds.

These earphones really are designed for the gamer on the go. They’re lacking some of the features you’d find on EPOS’ standard gaming headsets, such as volume control and the ability to chat in-game, as you’d expect. They do ,however, offer a reliable experience, with great sound and amazing portability as well as broad connectivity options. Check out everything EPOS in the EPOS Store!

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