Philips 55" 4K 120Hz Gaming Monitor with Soundbar - Quick Look

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - February 2nd, 2021
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Philips' new 55” 4K Momentum Gaming Display will take your console gaming experience to the next level! The new 558MM1RY75 is the largest console gaming optimized monitor coming in at 55-inches, with a 4K resolution, and an incredibly smooth 120Hz refresh rate.

While there are plenty of 55” television sets on the market, any gamer knows that monitors offer a number of distinct advantages for gaming such as improved frame rates, latency, and variable refresh. And while it does a superb job for PC gaming, the Philips 558MM1RY75 is actually targeted towards console gaming. Considering console gamers normally sit further back on a couch, a display of this size is really going to benefit them the most. And with the next-gen of console gaming upon us and 4K HDR gaming set to take the forefront, gaming monitors will become increasingly sought after by console gamers.

NOTE: Although this is a beast of a display, you won't be able to get 4K visuals at 120fps with the latest consoles due to the lack of HDMI 2.1 support.

The 558MM1RY75 is perfect for anyone who typically plays games on the TV, but wants something that can better keep up with intense and competitive gameplay. With a frame rate of 120Hz, this display will get those critical images you’d likely miss on a regular TV, showing enemy movement in ultra-smooth motion so you can easily target them. With an ultra-low input lag and no screen tearing, you’ll also see great improvement when playing fast-paced video games.

Choppy gameplay or broken frames is an issue you won’t have to worry about with this display. AMD FreeSync(™) Premium Pro provides true HDR gaming experience: a combination of smooth gaming at peak performance, and exceptional high dynamic range visuals while still maintaining low latency.

The new and improved gaming console experience doesn’t end there though. Ambiglow adds a new dimension to your viewing experience. The innovative ambiglow technology enhances the content on the screen by creating a halo of light from the monitor. It’s fast processor analyses the incoming image content and continuously adapts the colour and brightness of the emitted light to match the image. Ambiglow offers a unique and immersive viewing experience that’ll take your games or moves to the next level.

Ambiglow creates a halo of light the matches your image.
Ambiglow creates a halo of light the matches your image.
Built-in sound bar by legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins
Built-in sound bar by legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins.

Let’s not forget the sound. The 556M1RY75 has a built-in soundbar by legendary audio experts Bowers & Wilkins. It’s a 40W (RMS), 2.1 channel bar. Inside are two tweeters, two 10W mid-high speakers, with a 20W woofer. There are six sound modes available to optimize your gaming or viewing experience.

Sport & Racing: Create a realistic, being-there experience when enjoying sports or racing games.

RPG and Adventure: Immersive yourself in spacious and atmospheric sound. Shooting and Action: Experience punchy, impactful sound for maximum excitement and realism. Movie Watching: Enhance movie soundtracks for an immersive, cinematic listening experience.

Music: True Sound by Bowers & Wilkins, delivering the performance as the artist intended. Personal: Access the EQ menu to adjust the sound to your specific requirements.

The Philips 5581MRY75 is one hell of a gaming monitor that will take any gaming or viewing experience to the next level! You get a boost in everything including buttery smooth frames, clear and bright visuals, and impressive audio. Thinking of upgrading your gaming setup? Find the right Television for you!

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Weird that Phillips is selling this as a console gaming TV when it doesn't even have HDMI 2.1. You only get the 4K @ 120Hz off a Display Port which leaves them out in the cold.

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