Asus Motherboards for Intel 11th Gen - Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - updated January 28th, 2021
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The latest Z590, H570, B560 and H510 Intel desktop motherboard series has now landed in NZ it's all looking rather good with lots of features including USB 4 and WiFi 6e!

With the new Z590 motherboards we're happy to see these will maintain support Intel’s current 10th Gen Core processors, while still being ready for all of the next-gen features of the upcoming 11th Gen Core CPU code-named Rocket Lake. With powerful new processors needing plenty of juice to reach their full potential, the Z590 has been designed to support sustained performance that's ready for the most demanding overclocking enthusiasts.

Looks wise, the new ASUS Z590 lineup is looking really wonderful too, with all the new versions coming in ROG, STRIX, TUF & PRIME aesthetics, and we're in for a cutting-edge build experience no matter what style we prefer.

ASUS Z590 motherboards will offer up to 16 lanes of PCI Express 4.0 connectivity direct when used with an 11th gen processor, delivering up to 32GB/s of bandwidth for today’s monster graphics cards. The Z590 platform also taps four dedicated PCIe 4.0 lanes from the processor for maximum performance with the latest solid-state drives - such great news for anyone planning a new build!

Via Asus: On all of these enthusiast-friendly motherboards, our latest VRM cooling approach transforms the I/O shroud from a primarily cosmetic polymer element to a massive alloy shroud that’s fully integrated with the rest of the motherboard cooling system for lower VRM temperatures than ever. Our Prime Z590 motherboards also stand ready for 11th Gen Core CPUs with expanded VRM heatsinks covering all of their power-delivery circuitry.

Looking specifically at the new ROG Maximus XIII Hero we have a glimpse at the new generation of Wi-Fi which operates on the 6GHz spectrum, the first we've seen in the wireless networking airspace. This is cutting edge tech, but once Wi-Fi 6E devices are approved for operation by regulatory bodies, ROG Maximus XIII Hero Z590 motherboard WiFi will be ready to take advantage of this new technology thanks to integrated Wi-Fi 6E-ready wireless NICs!

Picture of Z590 Asus HERO motherboard at PB Tech NZ

With new PCIe 4.0 support activated with 11th Gen Intel Core CPUs, the ROG Maximus XIII Z590 HERO motherboard now offer up to two onboard Thunderbolt 4 USB Type-C ports. This standard offers up to 40Gbps of bandwidth over cables up to two meters in length, in addition to full support for the next-generation USB 4 protocol.

We'll continue to update with more exciting details as new motherboard specifications comes to us, check out the latest range of Intel motherboards today!

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Good to see the 590 MB's making their way to NZ...any news on when the AMD 590 motherboards are coming and when PB Tech might have the Ryzen 5950x's in stock?

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Ben B (Head Office)

Hi Michael, we're waiting for the go-ahead to share all details on new AMD motherboards, I'll be sure to get an article up like this one when it comes through. Next ETA for 5950X is showing as February 2nd 2021 (TBC), there's a little button just under 'add to cart' that you can set to 'stock = 1' and the system will auto email you when it's all stocked in too = thanks!

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