Huawei FreeBuds Studio Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Quick Look

Kimmy Jo By Kimmy Jo - January 11th, 2021
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Huawei ventures into the headphone scene with the all new Huawei FreeBuds Studio. These over-ear headphones sport a simple and elegant outside, and a powerful and intelligent inside, making them on par for the modern lifestyle, and ready to take on headphones from the likes of Bose, Sennheisher, and Sony.

Huawei promises a Hi-Fi level of wireless audio quality performance, ground-breaking noise cancellation experience and interactive features that enhance both work and entertainment, and all-day wearing comfort. A quick look at the features makes these claims pretty promising.

The FreeBuds Studio headphones weigh just 270 grams, which is pretty lightweight, and make up part of the reason why they are perfect for all-day wearing. The leather ear pads are not only soft and comfortable, but also enable great sound insulation effects. They have larger ear cups to create a more spacious fit for more ear sizes, and the headband can extend to 150 degrees to fit different head shapes and sizes.

Thanks to a Hi-Fi level audio chip and professional acoustic components, the FreeBuds Studio supports an impressive frequency response of 4Hz - 48kHz (most headphones typically have a range of 20Hz to 20kHz), fine-tuned by audio experts to deliver great-sounding music with rich details.

Man using Huawei FreeBuds Studio while travelling
Ultra Mode - Lay back with deeply enhanced noise cancellation when traveling.
Women using Huawei FreeBuds Studio in a cafe
Cozy Mode - Keeps you focused by reducing noises from paper flipping, typing, and chatter in the workplace, libraries and other quiet places.
Women using Huawei Freebuds Studio in the city
General Mode - Enjoy the immersive music in hustling streets or crowded cafes as the ambient noises are greatly reduced

You can enjoy full immersion in all the glorious details, thanks to the intelligent dynamic noise cancellation, designed to deliver a next-level Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) experience. With a built-in IMU environment sensor, the FreeBuds Studio can accurately detect your sound environment and offer three ANC modes (Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode, and General Mode) that can adapt to the environment for better noise cancellation effects. If you’re wearing these on a run, you have the option to use awareness mode which enables hear-through so you can be more aware of your surroundings.

These headphones aren’t just limited to a top-notch listening experience. Voice Mode allows you to have clear conversations without removing your headphones - perfect for those who take calls frequently or will be wearing these at work. The all-new six-mic call noise reduction system can pick up voice more directionally, which effectively focuses on voices and cuts out background noise.

The battery life on the FreeBuds Studio will keep you going all day long. With ANC turned-off, a single charge brings you up to 24-hour listening, or 20-hour listening with ANC turn-on. If you find yourself with no power left, the quick charge will get music back in your ears in no time. Just 10 mins of quick charging gives you another 8 hours of music with ANC turned-off, or 60 minutes for a full charge!

Huawei has made an impressive entrance into the market with the FreeBuds Studio Over-Ear Headphones. They’ve got the right features, in the right places to meet users’ increasingly demanding audio needs. With quality audio, great noise-cancellation, a clear microphone, and pretty good battery life, they’re worth considering for your next pair of over-ear headphones; especially if you value a good-quality microphone just as much as the audio itself!

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