New Airpods Max - Wireless Headphones from Apple!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 16th, 2020
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Apple has just made a great new set of Bluetooth headphones - they named them Airpods MAX and they’re big, beautiful, with modular earpieces, noise-cancelling tech, and fancy fabrics.

They weigh in at 384 grams, for comparison that’s just under the weight of a can of coke, or just over three standard bananas. The anodised aluminium cups feature a revolutionary mechanism that allows each cup to rotate independently and balance the pressure for a comfy fit.

Via Apple: “AirPods Max are designed for an uncompromising fit that creates the optimal acoustic seal for many different head shapes - fully immersing you in every sound.”

Apple have used their H1 chip inside each cup, and this along with a custom engineered acoustic design and some advanced software, allows the Apple headphones to tweak the audio to the suit the users fit within the ear cushions, they will automatically create a custom listening experience made for the listener, with music that is rich, voice that is clear, and movie scenes sound like they’re happening all around.

Spatial audio is apparently possible using built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers, and the AirPods MAX along with an iPhone or iPad can track the motion of your head, so that could be very interesting as the sound in movies and games continues to develop.

Picture of Airpods Max Headphones and iphone
Just like Airpods, the new Airpods Max are best when paired with iPhones
Picture of Airpods Max Headphones in carry case
Included with each set on Airpods Max is a neat carry case of matching colour
Picture of Airpods Max Headphones volume knob
A built-in dial allows for easy access to a range of controls

The dynamic driver, which apple designed in-house, produces a wide frequency range that uncovers the rich details of every sound. Each part of their custom-built driver works to produce sound with ultra-low distortion across the audible range. These were apparently modelled on those found in high-end floor standing speakers, the driver’s motor uses dual neodymium ring magnets to minimise total harmonic distortion across the entire audible range. The result is consistently clear playback, even at full volume. Adaptive EQ tailors sound to the bespoke fit and seal created by the ear cushions. Inward facing microphones measure what you’re hearing, then adjust the frequencies of your music to deliver a rich, consistent experience that faithfully reproduces every note.

There is a knob dial on the earcup, which lets you adjust the volume of your headphones, quickly skip between tracks, answer phone calls and activate Siri without reaching for the connected device.

Beamforming microphones help isolate your voice on phone calls, even in windy situations. To help ensure clear communication when using the AirPods Max Headphones for calls, they utilise a total of six outward-facing microphones to detect noise in your environment, and two inward-facing microphones to measure what you’re hearing.

AirPods Max also features industry-leading Active Noise Cancellation, this counters external sound with equal anti-noise, allowing you to immerse yourself in what you’re listening to, delivering a wonderful listening experience free from distraction. You can press the noise control button to switch to ‘Transparency mode’, this lets outside sound in so you can interact naturally with your surroundings.

While expensive in comparison to some, AirPods Max inherit all of the wireless, effortless magic of the Apple AirPods family. From setup to Siri commands, they promise an excellent listening experience.

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