Lian Li Dynamic Mini PC Cases - Just Landed in NZ

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - December 15th, 2020
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The latest Lian Li Dynamic Mini PC cases have just landed in New Zealand, and these offer a clean styling and remarkable component flexibility, in smaller form factor than the traditional PC-011 Dynamic.

The flexibility comes from the use of modular, interchangeable back panels that support a range of motherboard form factors - going from a generous 3-slot ITX all the up to the glorious ATX 7-slot configuration.

This clever design alters the cooling options a little too, with mATX and ITX offering more space for a larger 280mm radiator placement on the bottom, in addition to the 360mm/240mm supported in all configurations, with additional placement available in the dual-chamber back panel, and along the top with a thickness ranging from 25mm (for ATX) all the way up to 85mm (mATX/iTX).

Custom water cooling has clearly been a big part of the design process, and included are three different water pump brackets/stands that can accommodate various layouts, attaching to the top of 120mm fan points for those using with a large 360mm radiator, or elevating for easy access with the 240mm savvy stand.

The chassis front IO is modern, with a USB Type-C port included along with 2x USB Type-A ports - so be sure to check your motherboard has a USB 3.2 Gen 2 header if you want to connect everything perfectly.

The space for power supply is very small too, an ATX sized power supply will not fit and you must use an SFX option to power you build. While this could have been an issue in the past, this Lian Li Dynamic Mini case finds itself pretty perfectly timed with another new arrival from Cooler Master - new CM V SFX power supplies!

Cable management is excellent, with the dual-chamber design housing the storage too, there are mounts for SSD and HDD. To keep things clean and tidy in the long run, all three of the ventilation locations are fitted with high-quality magnetic dust filters, with an easy to clear pull-out dust tray on the bottom.

Via Lian Li “The O11 Dynamic series from LIAN LI is developed in collaboration with DER8AUR, a world-renowned German overclocking, water cooling, and gaming evangelist. Always looking for ways to improve computer design and performance, DER8AUER volunteered his time to review and test the design concepts of the O11D series. Starting with the first O11 Dynamic and up until the most recent models of the O11D series, LIAN LI appreciates the input from DER8AUER which helped make the O11D series exceptional cases, especially in terms of custom water cooling compatibility, ease of build, and features offered. As a result, DER8AUER’s seal of approval is elegantly displayed beside the LIAN LI logo, standing as a statement of quality and reliability.”

The Lian Li Dynamic Mini is available now in Black & White, check out these and more of the latest in the fast growing Lian Li Store today!

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