New NZXT RGB Water Cooling Kits - Available now in NZ!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 24th, 2020
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Awesome new AiO Water Cooling Kits for PC are incoming to NZ, and these latest designs from NZXT add even more glorious LED lighting effects to their already excellent X53 (240mm), X63 (280mm) and X73 (360mm) radiator sized offerings.

No matter which size you’ll be using, the NZXT Kraken RGB is a stunning must-have for any new build with the addition of NZXT RGB fans. With a re-designed cap and larger infinity mirror ring LED, the Kraken RGB series delivers an amazing CPU cooling that’s unrivalled in its luminosity.


  • Install your pump in any orientation and rotate the NZXT logo to match (lol Henry :P)
  • Easier installation with reinforced extended tubing (now 400mm)
  • All-new 7th Gen Asetek pump providing better cooling and 800RPM whisper-quiet performance
  • Includes an NZXT RGB connector for compatibility with AER RGB 2 fans or NZXT RGB accessories (NZXT AER RGB 2 fans are included!)
  • NZXT CAM - controlled pump and lighting effects

Compatibility wise you can use the NZXT Kraken series with the latest CPU options from either Intel and AMD, be it LGA1200 for Intel 10th Gen or AM4 for just released Ryzen 5000.

Picture of NZXT Gaming PC built with AER RGB 2 Fans

One thing to watch out for is the USB 2.0 internal header connection, this is what allows the CAM software to interface with the RGB CPU cooler rather than a traditional RGB header - so double check you have a spare on your motherboard.

If you’re using NZXT in your build be sure to down the CAM software suite as it provides a bunch of neat monitoring information on the performance of your system, along with extensive colour modes, along with custom fan curves for the quietest performance possible - tailored to your specific build.

There is another similar series of the Kraken Water Cooling Kits that have "Z" instead of "X" in their names, these don't have the RGB fans but do have digital displays on the CPU blocks.

Picture of 240mm NZXT X53 RGB Water Cooling Kit
The 240mm design is perfect for high performance small builds in the NZXT H210 series of cases
Picture of 240mm NZXT X63 RGB Water Cooling Kit
Use the 280mm X63 kits when building with the NZXT H510i, H511 or H510 Elite
Picture of 240mm NZXT Z73 RGB Water Cooling Kit
The largest X73 360mm Kraken RGB kits are ideal for the NZXT H710 case series

The new NZXT Water Cooling Kits are expected to be available mid-December in New Zealand, check out the latest in the NZXT Store today!

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