Samsung Q800T 8K TV - Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - November 10th, 2020
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The next generation of hi-definition QLED TV is here, and it’s 8K! This new 65" Samsung Q800T 8K is understated and practical, with a central stand that lets us to easily position this 65” monster in more locations throughout the home, it’s also wall mount ready. Featuring the newest generation 8K technology it’s ready to display content in this extremely detailed resolution.

With Samsung’s very advanced backlighting control, this QLED 8K display provides dazzling brightness and black levels, with superb contrast and striking detail even in dark scenes to help you ensure you don't miss a thing.

Picture of Samsung 8K TV in the living room
A small footprint stand design allows the new 65" 8K to be positioned in the home more easily
Picture of Samsung 8K TV that's wall mounted
You can also mount this 8K TV on the wall
Picture of Samsung 8K TV in a modern living room
The minimalistic style is ideal in the modern home

The Built-In Voice Assistant can be used to control your TV with ease, using nothing more than your voice. With Bluetooth connectivity for your compatible devices, you can connect a range of new options to your TV too, and enjoy them all without moving from the comfort of your couch. If you want a more classic experience, Samsung's One remote control can give you quick access to your favourites things, be it Netflix or Xbox.

Samsung's Anti-Glare Technology is designed to help you enjoy your favourite shows in a variety of conditions, day or night. So you won't miss the details, even in darker scenes. The wide viewing angle means you've got virtually the best seat, no matter where you are in the room, delivering vibrant colour while maintaining detail.

Beautifully integrate your TV's screen to suit your tastes and interior decor with Samsung's Ambient Mode +. Display art, photos, time and weather, or take a picture of the wall and set it on-screen, so your TV seamlessly blends in. Samsung's Intelligent Mode recognises its surroundings as well as the program you're watching. It then adapts the picture, sound and volume to give you an incredible entertainment experience.

Those in the know are quick to talk about how the main two sources for 8K content right now are PC gaming and YouTube, and they’d be right, to make the most out of this latest gen hardware right away you’re going to want to have it connected to an RTX 3090 Gaming PC via HDMI 2.1, but a lot of existing 4K content can be upscaled to look great on this new 8K TV too, it’s able to take your favourite content to a higher resolution using AI, so it can still be enjoyed with beautiful depth and detail. Designed to keep up with fast-paced action movies, Samsung's 200Hz motion rate helps you experience smooth, clear motion even through the most dynamic scenes.

It’s not about the high-quality picture though, Samsung has done wonderful things with sound too! They call it ‘Object Tracking Sound +’ and with it, you can enjoy a more realistic cinematic sound experience that tracks the motion in every scene. Dedicated up-firing and side-firing speakers create immersive sound, that puts you right in the middle of the action. If you’ve got a compatible Samsung smartphone, such as the Galaxy Note for example, simply tap your phone anywhere on your TV to mirror your mobile to the big screen. A multi-view mode can even split your TV screen in two, putting the content you're watching on one side, and mirroring your mobile screen on the other.

Thinking about upgrading to a new 8K TV? Be sure to check out the latest in the Samsung Store today!

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