Swiftpoint's innovative mice keep your hands healthy

Mitchell Courtney By Mitchell Courtney - updated December 17th, 2020
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Mice are an integral part of office work nowadays. Finding something that's comfortable for you, as well as functional can become a pretty daunting task.

SwiftPoint is looking to innovate in this space and create mice that will not only revolutionise how you work, they will also give you a far better ergonomic experience.

They intend to do this by moving away from the standard mouse design that utilises a claw grip, towards a more neutral grip, that provides comfort and precision. Through aligning your hand and wrist, SwiftPoint keeps away from unnatural positions, reducing pain associated with Carpal Tunnel and Tendinitis.

Let's take a look at the different options to see what's best for you!

A Fantastic Travel Companion

The TRACPPOINT is the ideal affordable travel mouse. Working on the move can be a challenge, luckily the TRACPOINT comes with some pretty nifty characteristics. It works on nearly any surface and can double as a presenter. The in-built gyroscope gives you absolute control, allowing you to easily navigate slides, or elevate your presentations with the new spotlight feature that allows you to pack some extra punch and highlight what matters. One of it’s most impressive abilities is the outstanding charging. The TRACPOINT can function for an hour on a 60-second charge! On a 2 hour charge, it will work for up to 2 weeks/

The TRACPOINT mouse.
TRACPPINT in action
The TRACPOINT is great for use on a plane.

Get More Out of Your iPad

PadPoint is one of a few fully functional mice with iPad support. The portability of an iPad is a critical element, disrupting that by lugging around a bulky, conventional mouse and keyboard ruin what makes them so great. Grab a PadPoint to link up through Bluetooth, then attach a keyboard, and you’ve turned your iPad into an all-purpose piece of tech that basically becomes a laptop.

The PadPoint mouse
The PadPoint mouse
The PadPoint with an iPad
The PadPoint is the perfect complement to the iPad

Stunning Comfort with Functionality

The PenPoint has an impressively small and portable design. It was rebuilt to enhance ergonomics and productivity. Made to simulate using a pen, the PenPoint will let you work all day in comfort, allowing your hand to rest in its natural position. This aims to reduce pain, strain, and discomfort. An impressive new feature that the PenPoint comes with is access to SwiftPoints new health software. This software reminds you when it's time to take a break and stretch, even allowing you to create a custom recovery plan based on your needs!

The PenPoint mouse
Long term mouse usage can lead to sore wrists
The PenPoint in someones hand
SwiftPoints PenPoint is designed to be held in a similar way to a pen!

The Ultimate in Ergonomics and Performance

The ProPoint is built upon three generations of feedback on SwiftPoint’s ergonomic mice. It has some pretty impressive features for something so comfortable and light. As this is the premier SwiftPoint product, it combines all of the features of their other products, along with some added benefits. The first is a third customisable button for a more tailored experience, and the next is that it’s USB charger also doubles as a Bluetooth receiver, allowing you to go wireless with almost any hardware. You can certainly tell this product is working to earn that premium price point, it's a fantastic mouse that isn’t just an all-rounder, its first class.

The ProPoint mouse
The ProPoint mouse is a great mouse for on the go.
ProPoint in use
The ProPoint has features to help aid aches and pains.

Are you looking for a new computer mouse? Want something small and comfortable to use? Of course you do!

Check out the latest range of Ergonomic Mice from Swiftpoint today!

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