Aerocool Menace Saturn PC Cases - Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - October 20th, 2020
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Aerocool have been making gaming PC cases for a long time, but soared to new heights recently thanks to a line-up of exceptionally great little cases, a bunch of which came pre-fitted with easy to use RGB features, and a low price, the most popular of which have been the Aerocool Bolt and Rift PC chassis.

Stocks for the first wave of the next gen Aerocool case designs have now started to land here in NZ, and we’re happy to see that the trend will continue into these new versions.

It does appear that Aerocool have found their stride, and looking at the new Aerocool Menace we can see they’ve continued to reduce the overall footprint of the case by closing in the gap previously used for 5 ¼ bays, while still proving standoff points for full sized ATX motherboards, power supplies and large graphics cards up to 317mm - so it’s large enough to fix a massive Gigabyte OC RTX 3090 for example, but this could get tighter should you fit a front mounted radiator - the Saturn Menace case supports those too!

The front IO consists of 2x USB 3.0 ports and audio IO, making it compatible with a massive range of motherboards. Storage support is ample too, with mounts for 3x 2.5” SSD or 2x 3.5” HDD drives inside.

Aerocool Menace with carbon fibre front pattern
A minimalistic front IO makes builds easier, while the carbon fibre pattern makes it look fantastic
Picture of Aerocool Saturn 12L fans
The Saturn fans feature multiple LED light bands, like the rings of the planet

A front mounted 120mm fan blasts air directly towards the GPU, and this can be further complemented with a 3x 120mm front cooling setup, or larger 2x 140mm for quieter performance. You can even mount an additional 2x 120mm up top, to further support the 1x 120mm fan that comes pre-fitted in the rear position. There are another 2x 120mm slots just under the GPU too, should you want to get as much air moving within your chassis as possible.

Those 2x 120mm pre-fitted fans are Saturn 12F multi-ring RGB fans, each with multiple RGB LED rings circling the sides and front of the fan, giving the Saturn fan a planetary ring effect to deliver a stylish yet otherworldly lighting experience. The RGB LEDs at the core of the fan creates a full and vibrant lighting effect, while translucent fan blades allow you to fully appreciate this fan’s beautiful RGB lighting.

And this is what gives the Aerocool Menace Saturn it’s name, it’s essentially an Aerocool Menace case that comes pre-equipped with 2x 120mm Saturn RGB fans to deliver a eye-catching look, bringing your build to life with a range of neat lighting modes that can be easily controlled via hardware, through the LED control button.

Framed in black metal, a tempered glass side window panel provides builder with a glorious view of the components housed within, the front of the Aerocool Menace Saturn has a carbon fibre like pattern that adds to the aggressive look. See all the latest gaming PC builds, cool cases and more in the Aerocool Store today!

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