New Bose Frames - Tenor, Soprano and Tempo

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 28th, 2020
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Bose have just updated their sunglasses range with new options named the Bose Frames Tenor, Soprano and Tempo. All of these new options offer users a high-quality audio experience, without actually popping speakers into the ear canal.

Bose Frames are unique, they don’t cover the ears or pop a speaker into them, instead a directional speaker projects sounds into the ear, a position made possible by the sunglass frames being shaped in such a way, and it’s really wonderful to enjoy personal audio in this way. This becomes more remarkable when you start asking people if they can hear it too, and you get confirmation that it’s only for you.

The exclusive, wafer-thin acoustic package hidden in the temples produces lifelike sound that’s fuller and deeper than the original Bose Frames, while an innovative design drastically reduces the spread of sound beyond you. It all comes together for a jaw-dropping experience that only you’re aware of, so you can hear and interact with the world around you, all while discreetly listening to music, enjoying a podcast or taking a call.

Most people will think you’re just wearing a nice set of glasses!

Picture of BOSE Frame Soprano
Soprano frames have a delicate sloped browline
Picture of BOSE Frame Tempo
Geared for sports, Tempo features an IPX4 rating
Bose Frames Tenor have a strong, square look

And they really are a nice. Bose sunglasses are crafted from modern materials to both look and feel luxurious. Set in high-gloss black with stainless-steel hinges, with polarized lenses that won't easily scratch or shatter. The fit is great too, much like the original Bose sunglasses, they'll match a wide range of face shapes, even more so now with the new Frames coming in three styles.

The Tenor & Soprano - Everyday Style & Smart Functionality

Bose Frames Soprano are the most like the original 'Alto' design in terms of looks, but are fully updated with the latest technology. Tenor adds a more rounded look to the top of the frame, with a distinctive keyhole bridge.

Looking at the essential specifications, the Bluetooth connection for Bose Frames is capable of stable operation at up to nine metres distance. The battery for Tenor & Soprano will last for around four-five hours of continuous music playback, though it does depend on volume as to which side of that you’ll end up on.

Double-tap on the right temple of the sunglasses to access Siri on an iOS device or the Google Assistant on an Android device.

A capacitive touch bar and an integrated motion sensor allows us to slide a finger along the right temple to adjust the volume. Double-tap to access your phone’s voice assistant. Neat motion based functions still remain the same as the original, with a quick pause on removal, and if take them off and place them upside down, they’ll sense that specific movement and turn off. When listening to music and audiobooks, the multi-function button allows for play (single press), pause (single press), track forward (double press), and track backward (triple press).

With Bose Frames you can take calls too, these latest audio sunglasses feature an advanced microphone system, designed to focus on your voice while reducing the sound of the wind and noise around you. When there is an incoming call, pressing the multi-function button once will answer the call, while pressing and holding it will reject the call. During an active call, pressing the button will end that call.

The Bose Frame Tempo - Made for Sports with IPX4 Rating

The Bose Frames Tempo is a more sporty setup. Designed for performance, Tempo features a sweat resistant design, a lightweight, aerodynamic nylon frame and soft, silicone nose pads for comfort.

Looks aside, it’s the IPX4 water-resistant sport rating (Soprano and Tenor are IPX2) that makes these sunglasses really sport savvy, they’ve been designed for those who want to workout, the TR-90 nylon frame is rugged and durable. A specially designed acoustic mesh in the ports helps keep out water and debris. The polycarbonate polarised lenses are scratch and shatter resistant.

Three sizes of soft silicone nose pads come with the Bose Frame Tempo glasses, further improving the fit for those who want to wear them while they run. It's the sound you expect from Bose, with everything you need from sport sunglasses.

The original Bose Frames made Time’s Best Inventions of 2019 list, and these latest version look to continue the legacy with thoughtful refinement of their already excellent design. , Bose Frames Tenor flaunt polarized lenses and premium craftsmanship, while exclusive Bose Open Ear Audio™ technology produces sound you’d never expect from sunglasses. It’s a jaw-dropping experience that leaves you free to engage with the world around you, all while discreetly listening to music.

Set to release on October 5th here in New Zealand, be sure to keep your eyes on the BOSE Store for all the latest frames and lenses.

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