Smart Art - Meural Canvas II coming to NZ this October

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 3rd, 2020
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The Meural Canvas II brings a large library of the world’s most inspiring artworks to your wall, to enrich your home, enlighten your interests, and inspire your guests.

It’s a high quality digital canvas that’s powered by Netgear wireless technology, in a nice wooden frame, and it is special in the way that it can also tap into a massive range of art, over 30,000+ works of the world’s best, which you can then easily display on your walls thanks to this all-in-one, elegantly crafted, technological treat for the eyes.

First off and most importantly, it creates images that look sharp even very close up. The colours are vividly reproduced.

To avoid fingerprints on the artwork, waving gestures can be used with the frame sensors to cycle menus and select the next masterpiece.

You could also use your smartphone to select artwork of course, this Netgear enabled Canvas II has a very capable Meural companion app that gives us the ability to craft playlists, discover new works of art, upload our own. Setup is easy with QR codes aiding in the process. Because of this mobile connectivity we also have access to some additional smart voice assistant functionality too.

You’re certainly not locked into using all this smart wireless tech though, the unit has a classic SD card slot as well so you can pop in your own photos, or a visiting friend's photos with ease, and that’s a perfect time to use those gesture features from before, enjoying the best photos together or maybe just laughing at the worst ones, it’s art mate!

Picture of Digital Art Meural Canvas II at PB Tech

The Meural Canvas II includes the expected mounting kit and screws for the wall, but it’s a special one that allows you to rotate the art while it’s attached, so you can enjoy both landscapes and portraits, switching between horizontal or vertical will trigger the changes automatically as the frame detects its orientation.

Meural say that no two people are alike, and neither is taste in art. This Meural Canvas II Smart Art lets you curate and present unique artwork by style, season, time of day, or whim. With access to the world's largest art streaming service and its dynamic collection of old art, new art, everything in between, you can browse by museum, movement, artist, color, and more, swiping through iconic image collections from National Geographic and more.

Meural Canvas VS Canvas II - What's improved?

The Cavas II introduced the new 21.5” size option, a light birch frame colour options, improved the WiFi range and speed, added ethernet connectivity, updated sensors, used a new AHVA LCD (a proprietary technology like IPS monitors), and reduced power consumption.

Looking at the exact hardware used to make the new models we find a 1080p full HD AHVA LCD display with an anti-glare finish that uses patented TrueArt Technology, Dual Band AC WiFi 5. The brightness specification is slightly different between the two models however, showing as the 21.5” Frame having 250 cd/m2 and the 27” Frame having 300 cd/m2.

It is hard to tell, from a good viewing distance, that this is a digital canvas.

Thinking about updating the home with digital art? Remember that this is an electronic display screen and for it to look as good as possible in the home, you’ll want to run the power cable through the wall and out behind the frame, or use a cable cover.

Stocks for the new Netgear Meural Canvas II are expected to be available in NZ late October, so be sure to keep your eyes on Netgear Store for the latest.

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Looks Great, Any idea on price yet?

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I can see them on the pb website but no pricing yet

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I would be tempted to grab myself one but the big white padding between the frame and image is too off-putting and ruins it.

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3 years ago Reply Report


probably stupid expensive too

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