PCMR Limited Edition - Stock Just Landed in NZ!

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - September 3rd, 2020
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Have you been looking for a dark chrome, mirrored gaming PC chassis for your next build? If so, great, this is the one for you! The already popular Lian Li PC-011 case just got a new PCMR limited edition makeover and now it’s a dark chrome beauty.

That’s right folks! Lian Li have teamed up with PCMR to bring us another unique special edition, one with more flair than most thanks to a coat so wonderfully reflective, it’ll have you thinking RTX ON.

Via Pedro Valadas, PCMR founder "It's amazing to work with LIAN LI and see this project come true. At PCMR, we're all about freedom, beauty, and quality. I believe that this limited edition case offers all three: The freedom to create a build that suits your style; the understated beauty of the case; and the unmistakable quality that LIAN LI is known for".

The premium look and feel of the Lian Li PC-011 PCMR case is achieved via a meticulous and rigorous crafting process. While the chrome panels undergo electroplating and extensive polishing for an impeccable finish, the glass panels receive a reflective mirror treatment, and the metal frame a space grey coating, resulting in its final, unique appearance.

Picture of Lian Li PCMR Gaming PC Case

It’s a genuine limited edition too, with a numbered plate inside counting ownership of 2000 pieces.

The Lian Li PC-011 has enjoyed more special editions than most, and that’s because underneath any special dressing you put on it, be that ROG, Razer or PCMR, the excellent dual chamber design makes for a pleasant building experience.

The chrome mirror finish and highly reflective glass panel lines work well together, and if you build with components that have RGB lighting effects, the internals will still shine through. It’s a wonderful collector's item, and because of the standardisation of PC chassis form factors, actually makes itself a really cool gift for a PC gamer. It’s a fine chassis for any member of the PCMR community.

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