New Logitech G733 Headsets - Quick Look

Staff Writer By Staff Writer - August 31st, 2020
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There is a range of new Logitech G Headsets coming soon and some of the new colour options amongst the new range are really quite eye-catching!

They call them the Logitech G733 headset, and it's looking like a new lightweight, wireless, gaming headset with a detachable boom microphone.

While G-series have traditionally focused on darker colours with the odd 'snow' special edition for the opposite colour, this new headset design comes in four colour options so you can still get that classic black or white, but also in a vibrant blue or soft lavender colour.

You'll see be armed with all the performance and competitive advantages they come with owning a Logitech G product, now you'll just enjoy having a new look and style... well, others will, you can't really see your headset while it's on you, but hey, it'll look great on the desk too!

Picture of G733 Headset in white with G203 and G305 gaming mice

With this in mind, Logitech announced a range of new mice colours that will also be coming soon to their G203 and G305 mouse series, following the same colour theme as the G733 headsets.

This can be further customised with two zones and the usual 16.8 million colours to make it your very own. With Logitech G HUB gaming software you can turn on preset or custom animations, make it flash to match the audio, or actually react in special ways to events that happen within certain games.

Featuring Logitech's Lightspeed wireless technology we can expect 29+ hours of battery life with the volume set to 50% and lighting turned off. The range excellent too, making it a great headset for those with a computer in the lounge.

It does make one wonder if we're going to see a range of new colours for Logitech G gaming keyboards and mouse pads soon too, we'll keep our eyes on the Logitech Store for the latest.

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